After kissing Sophie goodbye I lingered out side for a bit trying to put everything straight, but of course nothing did so I forgot about it , and went up to my door. Upon opening my door was i attacked by my younger sibling Mike. He clung to my torso hoping I would topple over but instead I gave him the I'm not in the mood for play eyes. He lets go and lands quietly to the floor. For a six year he was pretty damna sneaky, aggressive,and very child like.  He gave me the puppy dog eyes.  I turn away trying to ignore the look.

" I watched a spy movie today." His young voice piercing the air.

"Cool, did you like it?"

" Ya there was tons of ninja's and...." He continued on as I pretended to listen all the way into the kitchen.

" Where is Mum, are you hungry?"

"Mum left saying something about dad."  They left him home alone again. I sighed in my head.

" I see, are you hungry?" I ask.

"Nope, I had Ice cream." He said happily.

"You brat." I chuckled. 

"I'm gonna make some perogies, okay then we are going to buy Ice cream so Mom won't yell at you for eating ice cream for dinner." I say. I know I should be saying something like don't eat ice cream for dinner, but I'm not going to parent my half brother because my step dad is to lazy to and he will take advantage of like he has taken advantage of the fact my mom can cook even though she is busy and too tired to do anything when she gets through the door. Anyways I wondered why both them had disappeared tonight?  After fixing up dinner Mike had agreed he was still a bit hungry and helped himself out to the extras I cooked.

"So Mike seems like Mum, and Dad aren't home still. Lets get another tub of ice cream , and a movie, any thing you want to watch in particular?" I ask.

" I want to get Teenage mutant ninja turtles!" He said determined to get his way because Mum always made him watch something dull and educational.

"Sure." I said knowing  I was treating him big-time.

On the way to the small strip mall down the street I kept thinking about the appearance of Rosella and how she invaded his Felix's dads mind to let her stay. What if she meant more harm than good. I began to worry about Felix for a bit then realized he could probably protect himself but I might have to be careful around Rosella maybe I just being paranoid but still it just didn't seem right.

The End

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