"Uh, guys, I hate to ruin this, but I have to go now. My mum will kill me" I said, standing up.

"I'll go too" Alex said, standing up too.

"You don't have to"

"I do"


"Bye Soph. Bye Alex" Felix said.

"Bye Felix. Bye Rosella" I smiled.

"Bye Sophia. Bye Alex" Rosella smiled too.

"Bye" Alex said. He took my hand as we rounded the corner and I smiled at him.

"Soo" I said "Think you could do your power the Matilda way?"

"Like a six year old super-intelligent girl?" he asked jokingly, grinning.

"No" I laughed, swinging our arms. "With your eyes, silly"

"Yep. You have a text, by the way" he said, looking straight ahead. I followed his line of sight.

"Hey!" I grabbed my mobile from where it was suspended in mid air. "People might see!"

"Seriously Sophie. You think I'd do that if someone was looking?"

"Well, no, but still" I smiled "Ah shhhhhhhsugar"


"I'm dead" I muttered, then more loudly "My mum reckons I was meant to be at home an hour ago"

"You're dead"


Alex sighed "Here's my house. Bye. And good luck with your mum"

"I'll need it. Bye" I kissed him. He kissed me back and walked down his garden path. I walked the rest of the way home pondering an excuse to give my mum, and I was just about to turn the door handle, when

There's just blackness. It's pitch blackness. I can't see anything. And there's so much worry. Something bad...

I blinked a few times and let out a long breath. That was not nice. There was no hysterical screaming inside so I figured it was safe to just sneak up to my room and worry about... well, whatever we might have been worrying about in my vision.
So I opened the door.
And there stood mum. In the hallway. Looking straight at me. With a face like thunder. 

The End

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