A wish? No love, no money, no harm, I smiled inwardly, seems like they got something right in the fairytales.

I took a deep breath and thought hard, what do I need? Heck, what do I want? I've never been asked to make a wish before and I hadn't really thought about it until now, I mean I did have one wish but I think that I'll  have to savet, until I know how to word things better."Okay, I  wish that my black stallion, Shadow, now lives here in my stable by the pool"

Rosella smiled and did something with her hands, after a moment of waiting I had to hold back a chuckle when Sophie said "Nothing happened"

Rosella smiled "Wait for it...." the sound of hooves began and I was started by how close he was, jus beyond the oak tree.

"Shadow" I whispered knowingly, Alex knew how attached I was to Shadow but it confused a lot of people, since I was supposdly the bad boy type, they didn't expect me to have compassion for other animals.

Shadow trotted over to me and I kissed his nose, Shadow had been a gift when I was litle, a way my mother told me she loved me without being there, she raised Shadow while she was pregnant with me, she wanted me totake care of him when I was old enough and I did, for her and for Shadow.

"Thank you Rosella" I hugged Shadow's neck

"Okay, Okay, stop getting all cuddly with the horse" Alex laughed

"So is he the only one who can make wishes?" Sophie asked and I knew she wished she was Rosella's charge thingy

"Yes" she smiled

"Thats pretty cool"

"Rose, thank you for this, I honestly mean it"

Rosella smiled "No problem Felix"

"Um, I was wondering, did you want to be called Rose?" I smiled at her "Since your gonna be staying here, I thought you should have a nickname"

Just like Soph or whatever Alex alows us to call him.

Alex smiled "Yup, your a part of the family now"

The End

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