Mind PowersMature


I stand up suddenly and everyone looks at me. I smile at Felix's dad then catch his eyes with mine. Once they lock he can't look away and is what you would call a mental Zombie.

"You know me, I'm staying at your house. I'm a family friend" Then I blink completely the whispered words that have been placed in his head. I sit down before Felix's dad has time to notice it.

"Ah, yes I remember now. Sorry to forget you Rosella...... Annie would have been so happy to have met you" Felix's dad says and walks off. I look across at Felix's sad face.

"Is Annie your mum?" I ask softly. Felix nods then looks up at me.

"She died a year after I was born...... How did you just do that?" He ask seeming intrigued.

"Yeah, that was quite cool" Alex says leaning forward. I smile nicely then ruffle my hair slightly.

"You, Felix, with practice can do that but on a lesser scale. You can plant thoughts but not as strong as mine which have to be believed your's can be pushed away with consentration" I explain. I look across at Felix. "You know what I think its time for?"

"What is it time for?" Sophie asks. I look at all of them smiling then focus on Felix.

"I thinks its time for Felix to make his first wish" I say. "Rules, its has to be resposible, no forced love or money or harm to anyone or for a large gain and also this aint no three wish thing but you do have a four hour time limit between each.... also word your wish carefully, deamons can come and twist it if they notice the wishes breakages"

The End

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