I try to logically process all the information that was coming across, it was all confusing, but I could see the answeres to those questions we had that we could never answere ourselves.

"When do you guys want to begin?" She asks just as the door opens and Felix's dad heads in. Sophie gets off my lap quickly knowing his dad would probably wouild make some sort of fuss about teens,and showing affections.

"Hey Felix, and friends." He says walking through the back door to the pool," And who may this be?" He looks directly at Rosella. How were we going to go about answereing such a question when we hardly know her.

"Uh Dad this is Rosella, We just met her when we were out and about." Felix says quickly, but a little nervouse.

" I see." He says with a cocked eyebrow ,watching us over the table.

The End

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