Charges, Teaching and Genie'sMature


"Well, A charge is some one a genie grants wishes for and protects...... I've been looking for my charge for 1000 years although I have served others a genie only has one charge... one true charge. Its sort of like soul mates except it doesn't always end with love"

Both the Sophie girl and the Alex boy look at Felix. Sophie raises her eyebrow and looks sort of smug and slightly bitchy. Hmm, she has a pure soul yet her attitude is strong.

"What about the teaching?" Felix asks. He still remains calm but I notice the slight shift in his body movement which shows his uncomfortable attitude to the situation.

"Genie teaching is where I teach you to control your gifts and teach you all about the magical realm hidden in this one. Weather you use them for good or evil is up to you" I say giving a faint smile.

"Wait a sec" Alex says causing me to turn and look at him. "If you're a genie where's you bottle?"

I burst out laughing and the halflings watch me confused and sharing annoyed looks. I stand and wipe the tears that sprung to my eyes and letting my laughter slowly dissolve. "Thats a fairytale" I say giving a smile. "A magical being born a true one gets the choice to choose weather to be a genie or a deamon on their 16th birthday. If you become a genie you are bound like this"

I hold up my arms, my palms facing to me but my hands clenched in fists. My sleeves slide down to my bent elbow to reveal my bracelets. They look like metal arm guards and are tightened perfectly to my skin not moving on my arms then on the metal braclets is an intricate vine detail which is formed by a blue gem molded into the bracelet.

I smile and lower my arms to my sides again allowing my sleeves to recover my bracelets. "Deamons get sort of chokers which are more like collars with a red gem at the front" I say waving my hand.

"Those things are beautiful" Sophie whispers. I smile at her and then walk over to the table the are at. I motion at the chair looking at Felix.

"May I?" I ask.

"Sure" He mumbles. "You don't have to ask.... even though this is my house"

I smile at him allowing brightness to fill it. "Of corse I do. So..." I say leaning forward. "When do you guys want to begin?"

Its then that Felix's Dad I guess decides to arrive home. Hmm, I might have to manipulate his mide so I can stay here.

The End

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