Oh great.Mature


"Uhh" the girl mumbles, she's wearing a short pixie looking dress soaked to the core. Its crystal sparkling white and has a bell skirt then the top half has sleeve that get wider the closer to the wrist they get.... the chest part is sparkled with diamonds and is a sort of boob top styled.

She is deffinately not mortal

"You fell from the sky" Alex and I look at Soph and shake our heads: state the obvious much?

"Um.... actually I did" she smiles and waved her hand over her head making her hair dry. Crud.

"I thought weird things might stop happening with us" I whisper, really wishing it was true

"You're my charge"  I stiffen and postion myself so I'm ready to bolt, no way am I gonna take another round with  a demon

"Your his what?" she turned to Soph then back to me and guesse wha she does?curtsie arms out wide legs crossed slightly then straighten up.

"My name is Rosella and I'm a Genie. If I am correct I believe I am here to protect you" why does she sound so calm?

"Isn't it to do with our gifts?" Alex suggested

"What gifts?"

"Yeah like Alex said we have gifts I'm Sophie and I can see peoples past and see future events"

"My names Alex and I have the gift of Telekinesis"

"My names Felix and I have the gift of telepathy" I forced myself to sound calm, why the hell is this happening?

. "Oh My God!" she gasps. "Your my charge but I'm here cause you lot are halflings and I'm going to be genie teaching all of you"

Every one is silent and I scowl when I hear their thoughts, so I'm the one who has to say it? "Okay, slow down, what do you mean teach us and I'm your charge?"

"You don't know" she stated

"Obviously" I spoke Sophie's thought aloud and waited,  this explanation should be good.

The End

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