Three HalflingsMature


I swim to the edge and pull myself out. I try to find a logical reason I fell in their pool.... or one of theirs pool. Reason I say that cause the only girl who seems the youngest is sitting in the lap of one of the boys, the one with Honey blond hair.

"Uhh" I mumble as I stand in front of them, in my short pixie looking dress soaked to the core. Its crystal sparkling white and has a bell skirt then the top half has sleeve that get wider the closer to the wrist they get.... the chest part is sparkled with diamonds and is a sort of boob top styled.

"You fell from the sky" The girl squeals. She clamps a hand over her mouth and smiles from behind it after both of the boys have looked at her, sighed heavily and then shaken their heads.

"Um.... actually I did" I say smiling sheepishly and reaching back to scratch my head. My ringlets are sticking to my face. Uh, I can't stand this. I wave a hand over my hair making it dry instantly. All the mortals gawk.

"I thought weird things might stop happening with us" The other boy with spikey jet black hair whispers. When I look directly into his eyes something strikes me deep within my core and I gasp.

"You're my charge" I say realising it instantly. He seems bewilded and sits bolt up right like a startled cat ready to run.

"Your his what?" I turn to look at the girl who spoke then back to my new charge. I curtsie arms out wide legs crossed slightly then straighten up. They are all staring eyes wide.

"My name is Rosella and I'm a Genie. If I am correct I believe I am here to protect you" I say calmly.

"Isn't it to do with our gifts?" I look at the other boy.

"What gifts?" I ask calmly.

"Yeah like Alex said we have gifts" The girl says. "I'm Sophie and I can see peoples past and see future events"

"My names Alex and I have the gift of Telekinesis" I look at the blond boy. Then finally my charge speaks drawing my eyes to him instantly.

"My names Felix and I have the gift of telepathy" He seems calm and I know he truely is but..... why have I met all these gifted children??

Then it hits me and I gasp. "Oh My God!" I gasp. "Your my charge but I'm here cause you lot are halflings and I'm going to be genie teaching all of you"

The End

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