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Rosella is a 1476 year old genie who seems matter of factly 16.
One day when she's trying to find her next charge she's dragged halfway across the world to meet three halflings.
They all have a gift each and Its Rosella's job to not only teach but too help them in life as well. But will they except someone who seems their own age.


"Oi, you" The deamon turns and I catch the spark I light in my hand. The flame burns in my palm not hurting it. "Get off that mortal" I hiss.

The deamon crouchs angrily. Hmm, must admit I thought he would do that. I sigh heavily then flick the flame at the deamon. He tries to dodge but the fire still strikes him in the chest.

The deamon yells out in pain. To any human that scream would have been frightening, it was so full of agony that it would of caused anyone normal to turn and run. But I'm not normal.

My name's Rosella and I'm a 1476 year old genie, although I look 16 years old.  I walk over to the mortal whose pastout on the cold ice and kneel down next to him. I'm in iceland I think and this young boy came from a village just seeable off to the right.

I can already see people running over now. "Time to leave" I mumble straightening up having checked his pulse and seen it to be fine, then the fact he aint the one. I click my fingers and feel the warm energy travel through my body.

Then I'm wizzing through space. I stand completely still as I travel then suddenly...... I'm yanked off track. I'm pulled towards a new destination. "What no?!?" But I'm just snapping at myself and having moved my hand suddenly out either side of me I've lost my balance of power and go tumbling through space until I land down into a..... Swimming pool?

I look around not having to hold my breath. They forcing my arms down I break the surface of the water taking in the fresh air. Then I see the three mortals staring shocked from the side of the pool.

"Oh" I mutter. Now I've broke my cover.

The End

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