Gemme: Cherry BlossomsMature

“Huh, you’ll have to kill me first.” I grinned, perhaps there was a hidden statement to that, I dunno. He thought I was too much trouble, that he did all that for sex that was never any good. That he could sleep with loads of other girls, then, if that was the case, why the hell didn’t he just leave me and get another girl that was just as good as me and easier to keep? He was silent at my statement and I pulled out the gun again, I pulled the gun out again. "Whoever loses will have to do what the other wants."

 "And, hypothetically speaking, if I were to lose, what would you want from me?"

"You'd have to lose to find out, Master."

"I won't be losing though, so you might as well indulge me."

"I wouldn't be so sure; I can control your power. You can't say the same. I could make you forget about everything and turn you into a zombie for the rest of your life; forever suffering for the craving of sex and drugs with no satisfaction." I smirked, "Still convinced you'll win?" That and I would erase everything except your knowledge of me.

"Fairly sure," he smiled, heh, and he said I was up myself.

"Well, fight me then. I know how you have longed to kill me. Oh! But first, indulge me if I was so annoying to keep and the sex wasn't that good, why didn't you get someone who could give you better sex and was easier to keep?"

"It was something to do. Something different. I was bored."

"Hmm, I always thought I was good at entertaining you. Fine, if you will not fight me, allow me to flip a coin."

He laughed, "Flip a coin?"

"Yeah, slave or master. Whoever wins gets to choose who is who?"

He rolled his eyes and sighed. "Whatever if it'll make you fuck off already."

"Okay, heads, or tails?"


“Heh, tails.”

"Ah, shit," he sighed again.

"Okay, I'm master. Stop." A smile tugged at his lips and he kept walking so I gave him brain freeze and made him stop. "Luca, please, then I'm gone. I swear of it." I placed myself in front of him, my hands on his shoulders as I unfroze him. He glared at me, shrugging off the contact. I sighed, but continued anyway. I kissed him sorrowfully, remembering how I taught him to be soft, making his life with me flash before his eyes like I did with Ben. "I guess," I murmured, pulling away, "even though I was a toy, I'll miss you."

"No you won't. You hate me, remember," he growled.

"Oh yes. Of course." I smiled, "it was fun, See ya!" I tilted my head slightly as I laughed at the anger on his face before running off amongst the blossoming trees. Hmm...Cherry blossoms are so beautiful. He said nothing and I continued running and as the cherry blossoms fell like snow around me, almost camouflaging me. Only then did I let the facade break and the tears to run down my face. I knew this story wouldn’t have a happy ending.

The End

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