Luca: Tired.Mature

I look up at the ceiling, avoiding her searching eyes. "You love me, you hate me, you want me and you ask where you can go that I won't follow. I'm just a bit confused," I can't help the slight growl that slips into my voice as I speak. Everything is so fucked up in my head right now that I don't know whether I'm coming or going and I know it's not just the jetlag that's to blame for that one.

"Sorry, I'm just like that I guess. I do want you. I really want you. I love you. I really love you. I just, it wavers sometimes and that's all. I suppose I get scared easily." What. The. Fuck? If you love me so much, then why d'you say shit like "I hate you, I don't love you"? Why? I look back at her.

"Is love meant to waver?"

"I don't know. I guess true love never wavers, but that's only from what I've seen in movies. It's not like I stop loving you! It's just there are moments where my heart stops, where I look at you and I think. 'God, I'm lucky.' Then there are others were I just think, 'I love you.'" I shrug. Why's that so confusing? Isn't that how everyone feels?

"Life isn't like a movie, though. Not even for those of us with powers." Sorry to break that to you Gemme, but you can't hold romantic ideals that belong in a film and expect me to be able to live up to them. You hate my self-doubt, but we all know I'm about as far from perfect as you can get.

"Well, I want... I don't know." I give her a questioning look, "I want you, but I don't know what I want from you." Helpful, Gemme. I don't say anything for a while. What is there to say?

"Isn't wanting just me enough? ‘Cause you already know I love you," I say eventually.

"Yeah and I love you too. So, I think we're okay," she replies and I manage a smile this time.

"I hope so."

"Yeah." She mutters and for some reason, I'm still not convinced. I'm too tired to question it, though, so I keep my mind blank and put my arms back around her, closing my eyes with a yawn. "I wish we didn't have to sleep," she says. Why, though? We already have immortality, what's the point in being awake for every single minute of it too?

"Mmm," I hum, but it's not in agreement or anything. I'm just too sleepy for talking anymore. She rests her head on my shoulder, whispering into my ear, and I can almost hear her smile as she speaks, "Because I want to spend every waking moment with you, if we don't sleep, I get to spend longer with you." Sure about that one?

"I love you," I mumble, opening one eye long enough to kiss her quickly and gently on the lips before closing them again. She rests herself on my chest.

"I love you too." She mutters back, linking her arms around me. I don't even have time to process her words before I'm asleep, and dead to the world. I even sleep through the turbulence this time and the next thing I know, I'm being shaken awake by Gemme and the airhostess is glaring at me for holding her up. The rest of the plane is nearly empty, the last of the passengers filing out of the door.

"Come on, Sweet. You have to go," Gemme murmurs.

"Sir, you have to get up now," the airhostess says irritably as she sees me open my eyes. I manage to remember just in time that Gemme's using her vision thing to make it look like she's not there. Which leaves me looking like a complete idiot, asleep on my own.

"Right," I mumble and stretch slightly, before standing up and pulling my bag up off the floor from between my feet.

"Come on, I'll appear again outside." She smiles, reaching out her hand, but I don't take it.

"I'll look weird if I'm holding your hand and it looks like no one's there," I tell her inside my head as I walk down the plane, not looking at the angry airhostess.

"But I'll make it seem as though you're walking normally." She shakes her head and sighs before reappearing, making it look as though she ran down the plane after me. I shrug and take her hand with a tired smile.

"You're still tired?" she asks incredulously.

"I dunno how long I was asleep for, but I feel like I need to sleep for about another week," I moan as we walk into the airport.

"You've slept for over twelve hours." I mumble an "oh" through a yawn as I follow Gemme through the airport.

Finally we get out of there and I realized while I was in there that I am at least a head taller than most of the Japanese people in there. It was disconcerting. I felt like a bit of a freak.

I look around at the hundreds of Japanese people swarming around us and then at Gemme. My first thought is whether she'll let me go find a hotel and sleep some more, or if she wants to find Benny first.

"Where now?" I ask.

"You pick up your phone?" Benny, then. I get it out and turn it on, handing it to her.

"Believe me, he'll appreciate our visit more if he hears you first," I say, yawning again.

"How come?"

"He just will," I shrug, "he likes you more than he likes me." That's not self doubt, mind, that's just the truth. Like I've said before, we fight as much as we get on.

"Okay..." She nods, dialling Benny's number. As she talks to him, I kinda zone out and try not to fall asleep standing up. Wow, my body clock is fucked. When she finishes she nudges me slightly. "Luca, Luca sweet. Come on, you can sleep at the hotel."

"Mmm," I mumble, looking back at her and smiling. "Where's the hotel?"

"Not far apparently, come on." She smiles, taking my hand. I return the grip and we walk quietly, though the people around us are about as noisy as they could be, I think. 


The End

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