Luca: Intimidated. By an old guy. Cringe.Mature

Is it really not intimidating enough to be dragged to another country, find out Gemme used to live in a huge old mansion and meet her dad? And now I'm being dragged off to his study to be interrogated?

This can only be bad.

Only time I've been questioned by a guy who looks this stern was when I got caught by the police taking drugs when I was younger. That was not a fun questioning, I can tell you that much.

I've never been questioned by a girl's dad before, though, let alone one that lives on his own in a fucking mansion in the middle of nowhere. In a bog. This place is literally a bog. It's soaking. It doesn't look like it's stopped raining for years.

I hope Gemme didn't hear that.

Her dad indicates for me to sit down on a sofa in the corner of the room surrounded by all these book shelves on the walls. He takes a seat in an armchair opposite me and I try to smile, but who can blame me for not quite succeeding? I wait for him to talk first, not knowing what I should say.

"So, Luca. What do you do?" he asks. Oh good. You had to ask, didn't you? I pause, trying to think of a good answer. I can't think of one.

"I don't really have a job. Just help out a couple of mates sometimes," I shrug, trying to relax a bit, but I know the guy's gonna go off on one if his precious daughter is going out with a drug dealer. He'd go off on one even more if he knew I'm a user, too; I don't care what Gemme says about him being an ex junkie himself, he still ain't gonna like it.

"Ahh, so let's get straight to it; how serious are you about my daughter?" Uh... How are you supposed to answer a question like that?

"Umm, pretty serious, yeah. Serious enough to have moved town and given up all my old friends and stuff for her." I hope that's the kinda answer he's looking for.

"Have you...slept with her?" wow, how personal does the guy wanna get? I sit back and fold my arms across my chest.

"Would it be a problem if I had?" I ask, trying to keep my tone polite.

"No, just curious; she was so innocent when she left."

"Well, I didn't pressure her, if that's what you're worried about," I mutter, getting kinda uncomfortable talking about having sex with Gemme's dad. I don't even know the guy for fuck's sake!

"Hmm," he pauses thoughtfully and the look on his face begins to worry me. "You plan to marry her?" he asks and it takes quite a lot of effort to stop my jaw hitting the floor. Gemme comes in, but I barely notice.

"Father!" she exclaims.

"I- I'm seventeen...! That kinda thing hasn't crossed my mind yet." I stutter. Seriously? Marriage? I'm not even old enough to drink yet!

"Father, stop this!" Gemme growls at her dad and I look up, hoping she'll be able to persuade him to shut up, ‘cause he's really beginning to freak me out.

"Fine, but don't go throwing your heart around, Luca you probably don't realize how special she is," he warns me and I nod. Of course I know how fucking special she is. She can - more or less - put up with me. That's pretty epically special just on its own.

"Father, he would never do that to me. Nor do I think we will get married any time soon, if at all. We are immortal, remember?" Gemme reminds him, and he nods slowly.

"Yeah, I just want to see you happy before I die," ooh. Morbid old man.

"I am, I love him, too much to simply say." I blush slightly, not sure what I'm supposed to be saying, if anything at all.

"Gemme, your old room is ready," he turns to me, "Luca, take care of my angel." I manage to smile properly this time as I nod.

"I will," I say, getting up. I stand behind Gemme, putting my arms around her waist and kissing her cheek, "I definitely will."

"Thank you," he murmurs, getting up. I smile as he goes past and when the old guy's disappeared, I let out a sigh of relief.

"I'm sorry about that," Gemme mumbles, but I just kiss her again, turning her around so I can see her.

"S'ok. I mean, I have no idea what he thought of me, but I'll live, I guess."

"He likes you," she says, kissing me back deeply, "else he wouldn't have asked about... marriage." Well that's... comforting to know. Only I can't help feeling he only likes me ‘cause my temper and drug habits didn't come up.

"Right," I smile. "Well at least he likes me, I guess. But I think I'll choose a police interrogation over a father-boyfriend interrogation any time."

"Yes well, it could have been worse I guess. He could have asked if you slept with me." She laughs. Oh, you weren't listening, then?

"Yeah, I guess," I mutter, "so do I get a tour of your mansion, then?" I ask, looking around the study again. It's still intimidating. So many books. I don't think her dad would be too impressed if he knew I don't do books on the same scale he does. 


The End

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