Gemme: ReunionMature

The phone, Benny, for me, huh, what did he want I wondered. “Umm, hey Ben,”

“Where are you?” He asked, sounding a little frantic.

I swallowed, try not to be too pessimistic, “England, why, what’s wrong?”

"Oh, you won't get my postcard, then... Never mind. Anyways, I was out taking photos, and I didn't noticed until I printed it out later on, but there's a woman in the picture that looks like she might match the description you gave me. It's not that clear but it freaked me out, I guess."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Just don't sleep with her. How's your trip going anyway?"

"Sleep with her?"

"Yeah, you only die if you take her home and sleep with her."

"Hey I know I'm a flirt, but I’m not a man-whore," he laughed. "And apart from freaking over a picture I took? It's pretty good. Not seen any pandas yet, though."

"That's a good thing." I laughed, "Oh, I got to go." I mumble as a flash of thunder sparks across the sky.

"Yeah, okay. Sorry I just called you so randomly."

"It's okay, Love you bro."

"Love ya sis," he said, hanging up. Luca looked at me questioningly.

"What?" I wondered.

"Nothing, just wondering how the hell you can stand out here and not feel like you're freezing your ass off," I smiled, looking up at the giant, old mansion.

"Come on, we're here." I grinned, grabbing his hand and running, tugging him down the large courtyard, up to the house.

He looked up at the house and his mouth dropped open a little. "Fuck me, what is your dad? A king?"

"No, silly, he's a bank manager... well, was, he's retired." I laughed, knocking on the giant door; it was opened by a butler, whose name I couldn’t quite recall.

"And I thought our house is excessive."

"Well, it was better when mother was here, and we used to play in the courtyard, so full of life then..." I trailed and then shook my head. "Dad!" I called stepping into the hall.

"A courtyard?" Luca repeated, incredulously.

A man with a head of grey, comb-backed hair ran into the hall, embracing me warmly. "It's you! You came back to me!" He cried, literally sobbing as tears fell onto my shoulder. I smiled, hugging him back. "I said I would father, I said I wouldn't leave you." He nodded, then looked up, "wait, who's this?”

"Cancer- I mean, Luca. I'm Luca." he muttered.

"Cancer... you're a zodiac too hmm?" He muttered, pulling away from me so he could size him up, "hmm, so, Luca, you treating her well? No heart-ache... making sure you're fed?" I sighed, "I'm fine-" Dad cut me off; "no, I want him to answer."

"Yeah, yeah, we're fine." I noticed that as soon as father had something to distract him he had wiped away his tears and began his role again. Luca, I could see, hated it and I knew he would loathe it even more when he would hear what he has to say next:

"Gemme, go get some tea, I want to talk to him." I stuttered for a moment, looking from father to Luca. "Oh, umm... okay." Luca shrugged and smiled at me, glancing back at my father.

"Come, sit with me." He mumbled, walking into the study. I smiled to Luca before disappearing into the kitchen, even when the tea was made I waited there, I knew he really wanted to talk to him.

The End

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