Luca: you know you shouldn't listen to me, right?Mature

I still can't believe she moved her head when I went to kiss her! She's never done that before and suddenly I realize just how I must have made her feel when I snubbed her like that too.

And it's not exactly the least logical conclusion to jump to that she didn't want me to kiss her - or fuck her - because of what I said to her when we fell out because of what she did with Benny. I mean, she was talking about how she figured she's not a slut if she's being faithful. But she's not a slut anyways. I just say really, really stupid things when I'm angry.

I sigh and tilt my head backwards to look up at her. "You shouldn't think you're a slut, Gemme," I mutter, "not ever."

"Okay," she says and I'm not convinced I'm getting through to her. I put my head back down, resting my chin on my knees again, staring out of the window.

"I didn't mean to even say it, let alone mentally scar you the way I clearly have," I mumble the words under my breath. If she hears them, it's because she hears them in my head. I'm so much like my dad it makes me feel sick.

And I know I'll never get rid of it either, because I can't even die.

"It's okay, Luca. Don't worry about it. Also, you haven't mentally scarred me."

"Then what was that earlier?" I ask quietly, "what was that you said earlier about being a slut?"

"If you remember, I called myself a slut before this even happened." I didn't remember, not before she mentioned it. But now I do, and...

"I said you weren't a slut then, too."

"I know, I'm sorry," she says and I frown. What's she apologising for anyways? I turn around, shuffling so I'm facing her and I put my arms around her, holding her loosely, in case she pulls away again.

She hugs back.

"I love you," I whisper, tightening my grip on her slightly.

"I love you too," she replies, and I don't say anything. I already ruined one moment, I'm not about to ruin this one.  "You okay?" she whispers after a while. I just nod, not saying anything.

"Are you sure about not going to England, now?" I ask after a while, curious. She'd seemed so insistent on it before. That and I'd kinda got my head around the idea of flying to some rainy little island on the other side of the world.

"I still want to, but not if you don't want to."

"I guess I don't mind going there as such, it's just the flight." I don't do flights.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, really. I just don't like flights, that's all."

"Oh... we could go by boat..." I smile and pull back enough to kiss her on the cheek quickly.

"We'll go by plane, but you'll have to keep me entertained." Last time I was on a plane was, admittedly, a long time ago - when I moved to South Carolina with Rayn. Me and Rayn sat in one pair of seats and unfortunately for everyone else, the bookings had been fucked up, so Rayn's parents were sat way back away from us.

And so I started moving things, opening people's luggage, burning stuff with a lighter I'd found in the departures lounge. Y'know. Irritating things a kid would do if they could. And having telekinesis, I definitely could.

It was fun up til I nearly made us crash.

Which, naturally, was a traumatic experience.

For, oh, about ten minutes.

"I'll try... dunno how, though."

"Oh, you'll think of something."

"Like?" She prompts and laughs, "when you talk like that I can only think of one thing."

"I'm just that good," I laugh, too and then stop. "But seriously. You'll think of something."

"I hope so," she says.

"Hows about if I tell you that I will be a huge embarrassment otherwise, is that some kind of incentive to think hard for something to keep me busy?" I grin.

"Why, what will you do?" she asks dubiously and I shrug in answer, smiling. "Tell me," she says in a warning tone.

"Okay, okay. The last time I was on a flight, I got bored and started moving stuff around, only I nearly crashed the plane. Except that was ages ago, I wasn't very good at using my powers." I relent, trying not to smile as I mention the bit where I nearly crashed the plane, but hey, it was funny. Kinda.

"You are kidding, right?" I never knew the term jaw drop could be so literal.

"I can pretend I'm kidding if you like."

"Well, that's a really good incentive. Entertain me... or die." She mumbles.

"Apart from the bit where you can't die," I mutter, "and anyways, I can control my power now. Won't stop me from getting bored and spilling drinks on people five rows back, though." She giggles at that and then shakes it off, still smiling a bit.

"Yeah, I will entertain you, somehow. I don't even know what entertains you." Y'know something? I'm not sure either. I mean, sex and playing guitar or drums, sure. And drugs, obviously. All of which are frowned upon in a plane.

"Yeah, well, the only reason I get bored on a plane is because most of the things I enjoy aren't normally accepted on a plane." I smile, wondering if there's anything that would keep me entertained for that long. "Maybe if we're quiet we can fill up a little of the time having sex in the toilet?" I suggest only half jokingly.

"The toilet? What's the point? I could just create a vision; we could do it in our seat." She laughs. "I can muffle sounds too." I grin. I'm surprised by her answer, but hey, I'm not gonna complain.

"Are you horny, by any chance?" I mutter in her ear, with a quiet laugh.


"Just wondering," I smile.

"And if I was to say yes?" she blushes and I don't need to ask. I lean in and kiss her hotly.

"Maybe we should get in practice for the flight?" I smile crookedly. She closes her eyes and nods, kissing me back. I run my hands down her back, pushing them under the bottom of her shirt, and back up against her skin.

"Is there nothing new to try?" She wonders aloud, helping as I take the shirt up over her head.

"I dunno. We never did get any handcuffs," I laugh slightly.

"I completely forgot." She laughs, unbuttoning my trousers.

"Next time, maybe. But... what else is there for us to do that's new that we can do now?" I ask, trying to think. Kinda hard when you have a girl's hand in your underpants though.

"Hmm, I just don't know." She shrugs, and I smile.

"Ah well. Save it. We've got a pretty long time to experiment, after all," I murmur, beginning to find it just a little bit harder to talk.

"Feel free to experiment with me all you like." She whispers, getting totally undressed and standing before me, opening her arms. I stand up, pulling my shirt off and kicking my boxers aside, and smile, putting my arms around her, my hands on her ass as I kiss her. Like I said before. A week is a real long time when you're in a good mood. So naturally, there's probably just a hint of total frustration and built up energy in my movements.

As we make out, I walk her backwards into the wall, holding her up against it forcefully. Her hands stray between her legs as we kiss, her breaths becoming shorter. I slide my hands up to her chest, breaking the kiss for a moment as I watch her working out her own frustration. I put a hand on her shoulder and force her down onto her knees in front of me.

"What do you want from me... master?" She whispers, adding a short giggle onto the end of her words.

"I think you know," I smile.

"Then... do it," she says.

And I do. 


The End

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