Gemme: Growing or Shrinking?Mature

"Just you," I smile, "But no, I’m not hungry. Thank you."

 "Okay. I'll be back in a minute" He got up and I nodded:

"Okay." He disappeared downstairs and in a few moments he returned, with a piece of toast. I bit into it and mumbled with my mouth full, "You’re back."

 "Well noticed," he laughed.

 I swallowed, "I need more paintings, do you mind sitting for me today?"

 “Uhm, yeah, sure."

 “You don't sound so sure."

 "No, I'm fine. I'll sit for you."

 "Don't worry, I'll wear my t-shirt. You'll have plenty to look at." I laughed, and he smiled. At that point I got up, deciding to hunt for some clothes. “Hmm, do you think I've grown?"

 "I dunno... why?"

 "Because all my clothes have gotten smaller." She muttered, putting on her t-shirt and seeing that it came to her waist.

 "Mmm... you didn't just like, I dunno, shrink them in the wash?"

 "Possibly," I sighed, realising, "now I'll have to wear trousers with it. I don't have any old trousers."

 "You can wear a pair of my jeans if they'll fit," he shrugged.

 I laughed, "but you're like ten times bigger than me!"

 "I'm not that big. Have the skinnies," he muttered, unbuttoning his jeans.

 I giggled, I couldn't help it. "Thank you." He pulled them off, shook the sand out of them and handed them over. I stood there for a while, just gazing at him and smiling before taking them from him.

 Smiling slightly as my gaze wandered, he sat on the end of the bed. "Now, to bother getting my other jeans, or not." I giggled, slipping on his jeans, seeing if they fit, but my gaze was still transfixed on him. "Do you need my belt?" he asked, watching as I zipped up the fly.

 I shook my head. "Umm... nah."

 He smiled, "they're too long for you," he noted, trying not to laugh.

 "As I said, you're ten times bigger than me." I mumbled, slipping off the trousers again, tripping over as I shimmied them off and falling onto the bed. "Oh...”

 "Just roll the ankles up," he grinned, "Or you could just not wear them at all."

 "I guess, it'll only be you staring at me for hours anyway."

 He lifted me onto his lap, his arms around my waist.  "So how do you want me?" he muttered after a moment.

 "Oh... well, I guess..." I mumbled, slightly taken away.

 "Guess what?" I giggled, shaking my head. *kisses her on the cheek*

 "If I told you where I want you, I'd never get any work done."

 "And we couldn't have that now, could we?" I could hear the smirk in his voice as he tightened his grip on me slightly.

 I shuddered slightly, but shook my head. "But all work. And no play, makes...very boring.” He laughed softly, pulling me backward with him as he laid down, one of his hands straying to the hem of my shirt. I smiled, kissing him as softly as he had laughed and I twined my arms around his neck.

 "Mmm, I know I should tell you to get on with some painting but..." his hand lifted the bottom of my shirt, sliding underneath the material, "this is more fun."

 "Painting can wait, I don't think you can." I smiled, lifting his top over his head. His smile turned crooked as I spoke and he pulled my top off, kissing my torso teasingly.

 "I have missed you, Luca." I whispered, my hands snaking beneath the fabric of his boxers.

 "I missed you too," he groaned slightly as I taunted him. I slowly withdrew my hands, pulling down his boxers. As I threw them to the floor, he put his hands on my waist, pulling me down so that I was underneath him.

 I reached up, kissing him passionately, my hands on my bra as I slipped it off. He kissed back forcefully for a long moment before breaking away to pull my pants off. When they were on the floor too, he spread my legs, holding them apart as he ducked his head down and began to tease me with his tongue. I tried to wriggle away as he moved, but my hips arched toward him, willing him on. As he teased, he pushed a finger inside of me, taking me by surprise.

 I moaned and pushed myself deeper into the bed. Relentlessly, he kept this up until I was on the edge of a climax and when I tensed, he redoubled his efforts.

  "Luca..." I moaned, my arms round his neck again. He moved up to kiss me hotly as I shuddered beneath him. I kissed him back, pulling him closer to me, guiding him to me. "Please." I begged.

 He sunk into me hungrily, powerfully, breaking the kiss as he moved. I moved my hands down to his back; I smiled up at him, my hands moving down to his hips as I moved my legs further apart. He smiled back, his hands on my chest, his lips brushing mine.

  I moved with him and moaned, not able to tear my eyes from his as I kissed him again. He groaned, breaking our kiss again as he flipped our position, sitting me on top of him. As our positions reversed my movements slowed as I began to tire, but I pushed onwards, I could feel myself come to the edge.

  He pushed into me, moving us together as he noticed me slow. "Luca, I don't think I can hold any longer." I gasped. The only response he was able to give was a growl as he moved me beneath him again, our movements speeding back up again.

I couldn't hold on as he moved and I began to shudder beneath him. A grin flickered across his face as he came to a finish with a groan. He kissed me before letting out a satisfied sigh as he lay down beside me. I wrapped my arms around him, kissing him softly, but still hotly with the remaining passion I had in me. He kissed me back just as hotly, returning the hug as he smiled. "I hope I didn't tire you out too much. Still got a painting to do," he winked.

"I don't think I'll be able to move." I muttered, getting up to a sitting position with a moan.

He chuckled, "you don't have to," he said as a paintbrush tapped me on the leg.

 I bent down, picking up the brush. "I'm hungry though, I'll be back." I mumbled, not bothering to get dressed as I ran downstairs.

The End

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