Luca: Forgiveness doesn't need words.Mature

I just sit there hugging her for what feels like ages, but when I open my eyes again, the sun's hardly moved in the sky.

Does forgiveness need words? Do the words ‘I forgive you' need to be spoken for it to be known? I don't really think that they do, but I s'pose if Gemme needs to hear them, I'll say them, for her.

But I think this is my forgiveness, in a way. Realizing how much I love her, how much I need the support she somehow manages to give me.

"I love you," I whisper into her hair quietly. My phone buzzes in my pocket at that point and I sigh, trying to ignore it.

"I love you too," she smiles and I pull back enough to kiss her on the forehead.

"One sec," I mutter, taking my arms from around her. Using telekinesis to dig a hole in the sand next to me, I pull my phone out of my pocket and press the ignore call button, dropping the phone in the hole. Filling it back in, I turn back to Gemme. "Don't let me forget that's there," I say with a slight laugh. She laughs too.

"Who was it?"

"Benny," I roll my eyes.

"Well, he would be worried..." She shrugs and smiles, "but still."

"Let him be worried," I say. He was the one that fucked things up in the first place. She doesn't say anything for a while, pressing up against me, as I return my arms around her waist.

"I promise never to do anything like that again, I will always be with you and to do something like that is horrible and I don't know why I did but I did and I'm sorry." She says eventually and I sigh.

"It's okay. I shouldn't have exploded the way I did," stupid temper.

"It's fine. What matters is I'm here for life, even if you might not want me that long."

"How is it fine, though? I don't... understand, how my temper is okay. I hit you, and I promised before that I wouldn't..." I mumble, kinda disgusted at myself for letting myself get that pissed off about it all.

No one deserves an abusive boyfriend.

"Okay, it's not, but like everything, I'll learn to live with it. I can even help you with it." I nod and rest my chin on her shoulder, staring along the beach behind her as the sun stains it dark oranges and red.

"How can you cope with putting your head so low down?" she asks, laughing as she kisses my head.

"Easily," I smile, even though she can't see it, "sleep on the floor of a drug den for four years and you can sit or lie down in almost any position." She nods slightly.

"Does this mean tonight, we can actually sleep with each other without wanting to be on separate sides of the bed?"

"Yeah," I murmur quietly, still smiling. I close my eyes and shift my position slightly, kissing her shoulder before returning to resting my chin on it.

"Comfy?" she asks, leaning her head slightly on mine.

"Mhm," I hum. I'm just glad we're getting on again.

The last few days have been like a living hell.

Gemme doesn't say anything and I force my eyes open again.

"I don't want to go back to the house... I'm tired," I moan after a while. But I don't fancy the idea of falling asleep here when the tide's coming in.

"I'll drive if you want, you can sleep in the car," Gemme offers, but I shake my head.

"I need to get the other car back to Newberry somehow, though."


"It might be hotwired, but I borrowed it from the guy that hotwired it," I smile wryly.

"Fine, what if I control his mind when we get back to get a bus from Newberry and get it himself?" That could work. I'm too tired to argue, really.

"Yeah... okay," I mumble sleepily with a small smile.

"Umm, you gonna wait here till I get the Ferrari, or you gonna walk with me?"

"I'll walk with you," I say, pulling away and sitting back. The cool evening air rushes in, chilling my torso where I was so close to Gemme. Shivering slightly, I stand up.

"Phone?" she says and for a second, I look at her like she's a crazy, but then I remember burying it because Benny was annoying me.

"Oh yeah," I mutter, pulling it out of the sand with telekinesis. I shake as much sand out from between the buttons as possible and shove it in my pocket. She rolls her eyes and laughs at me. I'm too tired to glare at her for laughing at me.

"You should call him, you know," she tells me as we walk, her slightly in front, me following her to where she parked the Ferrari.

"You can call him. I'm not calling him." I know. I sound like a stubborn kid. Do I care?


"Okay. I don't want another fight over this." She sighs, "In fact, I'll just wait till we get home." I nod and get in the car, settling in the passenger seat.


Night, night. 


The End

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