Gemme: Déjà vuMature

I don’t know; I’m so confused about everything. I’m currently sat on the beach, looking out over the horizon, the beach is empty and there is a no swimming flag up. It was perfect, peaceful. I got up, dusting myself off I walked to the car park. There I waited for Luca, my mind still a tangled mess of thoughts. I don’t know; I was overwhelmed that he had tried to find me and what was more; he knew where to find me. I guess Ben was right. I had parked the Ferrari in the car park a few blocks away, I wanted to walk, clear my head. It allowed me to ignore Luca, but now I was here, waiting for him and I don’t know why, I didn’t know what I was going to do when I found him.

The car spun round the corner to the car park, skidding to a halt at a weird angle, black tire marks on the floor. Luca flew out of the car, his arms wrapping tightly around me. His movements were so fast I wasn’t quite able to comprehend them for a few moments. But I finally managed to bring my arms up to hug him back; it was a weak hug though. I still didn’t know what I was going to do.

"Told you I'd come find you," he smiled weakly as he pulled away.

My head hung, staring at the floor, it seemed too heavy to lift. "Some part of me, it knew you would." I matched his weak smile, but it didn’t last and he couldn’t see anyway.

"I'm sorry, Gemme," he murmured, "I'm sorry I'm such a nutcase that you've been trying to run away from me..." I shook my head softly, my hair floating from side to side as it moved. I still however could not bring myself to lift my head. He hooked a finger under my chin, gently tilting my head up.

I gazed to the floor, looking slightly to the side. "It's okay; I'm here now, right?" I whispered, he’d been crying, as he tilted my head up I saw the sun shimmer off the little watery paths that lined his cheeks.

Sighing, he dropped his hand back to his side. "But do you even want to be here?"

"Under different circumstances," I explained.

"Do you want me here?" He asked I wasn’t ready for that question yet. Yes, I did, but I wanted the Luca I knew here, not the Luca I have seen over the last few days. But as he acted right now, I was convinced this was the Luca I knew.

"You've been crying." I muttered, wiping the last remnants of water from his cheek with my thumb.

He coughed awkwardly. "Hay-fever," he smiled.

"Lying," I smiled back a slight laugh bubbling through my lips.

He nodded, still half smiling. "I was afraid you'd never want to see me again, I guess."

"That's foolish." I didn't let my smile drop and I even let my hand linger on his cheek. I was ready to answer that question. "I always want you here. Just I want this Luca, not the one I've seen these past few days. I want my Luca."

"It's not foolish. I've been a dick," he shrugged, "I've been Cancer, the guy you first met, I guess. Looks like you're not the only one with a weird personality thing going on, eh?" he half laughed.

"I blame the zodiac." I laughed too, falling into his shoulder softly, my arms snaking around his waist loosely.

"Yeah... The zodiac has a weird way of fucking us all around, doesn't it?" he mumbled into my hair as he linked his hands in the small of my back.

I nodded, tightening the embrace slightly. "Want to go to the beach?" I asked, "It’s almost the sunset."

He kissed the top of my head softly, "yeah." I pulled away, holding his hand as we took the short walk to the beach. He squeezed my hand slightly; staring at the sun as is began to sink below the horizon. I sat down on the beach, my legs stretched out in front of me and he took his seat next to me, crossing his legs. I turned my head to the side, looking at him for a few minutes before turning back to the sunset, my arms around his waist as I tucked my legs behind me. "I wish, this time, forever is longer than a few weeks."

"Yeah, me too," he agreed, not taking his eyes from the blazing sun.

"Do you think I could... kiss you this time?" I felt so awkward for asking, but I didn’t want to be rejected like this morning. Not now.

He glanced at me sideways for a moment and I turned to meet his gaze before he leant in, grazing his lips against mine

I smiled, kissing him back. "Thank you."


I half-laughed, "I felt so awkward when I asked." He said nothing, I guess, I didn’t really expect him to but instead he put an arm around me, hugging me close to him tightly. I smiled, loving the warm sensation that filled my inside and the warmth of the sun’s rays that tingled on my skin. It looks like I got my beach back. No. I have more...

I have my Luca back.

The End

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