Gemme: Outta ControlMature

The thoughts in his head disturb me slightly and he wasn’t the only one about to snap. I shook my head slightly and took a step forward, away from Ben and toward Luca. “Luca, Emily was weak. If you want to attack me, then go for it.” I snarled; I knew he hadn’t forgiven me, I knew all he wanted to do was to attack me and I dared him too. I had enough emotion to fuel my powers enough to make a whole street’s heads implode. He seemed really, really tempted but he took a step back and I laughed. “Now I dare you to do it.” My eyes flashed, egging him on.

 He gritted his teeth, but still managed to speak. "I said I wouldn't hurt you, didn't I?" he growled.

"But you want to and that is bad enough!" I snapped, my hand balling into a fist. "You haven't forgiven me and I don't think you ever will! So don’t lie about it!”

“You were the one who said I could change, that if I tried I'd change! I'm fucking trying and now you're daring me to hit you? Do you want me to just undo everything I've attempted to repair?"

"You've attempted to repair? Damn it Cancer every time something happens I've been there for you, every time I pick up the pieces; when you're high, when you're upset. You've attempted to change?" My hands became white as they clenched into fists. "You want nothing than to hit me! You make that all too clear."

"Does nothing I've done fucking count?" he shouted, "moving house, trying to stay sober for longer, hell just talking to you in the first place was a pretty big change for me! Fuck you. If you don't think I've tried, then fuck you!" He changed direction, stalking over to the garage.

I stopped him in his tracks, not physically. "Cancer, you keep running away! Damn it! FACE ME!" I shouted, I don’t know why I keep calling him Cancer, I guess I finally found out why he was called that.

"I know when I'm not wanted, Gemme,” the roles had almost reversed as his voice became calm and mine rose with each word.

"I want you more than anything in the world. I just don't want every time you to see me, you think of hitting me. Every time you touch me you recoil. I know it's hard but just face it! I'm not perfect either!"

"Oh, believe me. I know you're not perfect." His voice was low and spiteful.

"Oh, I'm imperfect in every way but just stop it! Find out what you want and choose I can't live in this purgatory you’ve created for me!"

"How the fuck did I create this 'purgatory' for you? You're the one that fucked Benny behind my back."

"You’re the one that can't let me go, yet you want nothing more than to hit me. I told you to tell me to go and you couldn't. Damn it I love you but I can't do this." My voice broke and I willed myself not to start crying over this.

He walked back over to me, the anger burning through him almost tangible. His hand reached out and wrapped around my throat. "You should have thought about that before you cheated on me then, shouldn't you," he snarled, shaking me slightly as his furious eyes held mine.

I looked down at him and a laugh bubbled to my lips. "I'd promise you I'd never do it again but, it won't mean a thing, because I don't mean a thing to you anymore." The shaking had dislodged a tear and as it spilled down my cheek I still did not break eye contact with him. "In fact, if I had the power I would turn back time, but I can't and I know." I coughed slightly. "I know it's just ruined my life."

"You know I cared about you in a way I'd never cared about anyone else? You know that right?" his tone didn't lift out of the angered snarl as he spoke, "Because we're both going to have to live with what this has done to that."

I closed my eyes, the only time I broke eye contact with him, I didn't fight it anymore, I couldn't. The tears just spilled out over my cheeks as I opened my eyes again. "I cared about you too. I wish I didn't do that, I love you too much to give you away but I feel it's best." I choked.

He let go of my throat and stayed silent, moving back a step. For a moment I thought he would leave it at that. But then his fist flew into my stomach before either Ben or I could stop him. As I gasped for breath, Ben grabbed Luca, wrestling him kicking and screaming to the floor.

I gazed up at the sky and shook my head slightly. "I deserved that... I deserve more than that." I paused, my hands on my stomach and I coughed and spluttered.

"Damn fucking right you do!" Luca screamed from underneath Ben.

"Ben, let go of him."

"No way!" Ben protested, covering Luca's mouth with his hand. He flinched as Luca bit down on his hand hard, but he didn't move.

"Don't make me make you let go of him."

"You've both completely lost it!" he muttered, exasperated.

"What can he do? I've killed myself once over him; he's tore out my heart as I have done with his." I pushed myself to my feet, staring at Luca, fear, anger and sorrow in my eyes.

"I told you not to let him hit you!"

"Why!?" I raged, trying not to destroy anything.

"Does a brother normally let his sister get beat up by a complete nutter?"

"He's not a nutter." I wobbled, falling to my knees again. Ouch. "I love him." I shook my head furiously; I could feel myself grow hot again, sorrow and anger igniting my mind.

"If it was possible to contain him, he'd have been put in a padded cell a long time ago." He muttered, looking back at Luca. When he took his hand away from Luca's mouth, he was bleeding.

"Fucker!" Luca yelled, spitting in Ben's face.

"STOP IT!" I yelled, my face contorted into one of anger as the high pitched noise returned in my head. I could feel the ground quake beneath me as I knew if I let my power get out of control we would no longer have a place to live. The noise shot through Ben and Luca's heads and Ben cried out, letting go of Luca. Seeing his chance, Luca took advantage of the moment to shove Ben aside, standing up. I raised a hand slowly. "You're not going, anywhere." My body felt so hot and I shook with the anger that raged through me.

"Are you sure about that?" He challenged.

I smirked, "you want to try it?" I laughed, using his own power against him to bring him to his knees. At least I managed to channel my power to somewhere other than blowing up the house. He tried to stand up but I shook my head, "you shouldn't have hit me." I seemed to snarl, keeping him fixed on his knees. You see, I said seemed to because this wasn’t me, I was being held prisoner by my own mind. You ever seen X-men’s Phoenix? It was like that. Luca flexed his power, invading my body, squeezing my heart till it felt like it had stopped.

“Now you're attacking my heart? How ironic,” I seemed to cackle, using my mind to force him out. "" While my mind fought me back, I found I could still talk to him using my telepathy.

"You shouldn't have invited me to hit you," he snapped, receding for a moment as I pushed him out, before redoubling his efforts. "Don't make me rip your body apart from the inside out," he snarled.

"Try it." I seemed to laugh, "Why won't you help me?" I whined. He gritted his teeth, glaring up at me and as our eyes met, it felt like someone had just slapped my brain.  I managed to somehow make myself whimper, but I got forced back again. "What was that, Cancer?!" I seemed to shout. "I love you...Luca.” I whispered, giving up. I couldn't fight this, I never could.

"Why?" he asked almost too quiet to hear.

"I don't know, I just do... you know, they say love conquers all..." I whimpered weakly, hoping I could just lose my power, possibly without breaking anything. "What are you waiting for Cancer? Attack me!"

He fell silent, thinking, though I couldn't catch his thoughts. He was hiding them somehow, just like earlier. Half-heartedly, he prodded my brain, enough to make me wince, but despite all my yelling, he wasn't doing anything. A moment later, he pulled out of my head altogether.

I still seemed to rage on and I couldn't stop myself as the Earth began to quake again, but I channelled the energy somehow, sending it toward the garage. The place caved in, as if the Earth opened up beneath it and I collapsed on the floor. Damn it, I need to work on my control. Luca looked over at the garage and the black car peeking out from under the rubble. The debris shifted, falling off the car and he sighed - it was pretty much ruined.

"I'm sorry. I'll get you another one." I mumbled my voice still weak. Ben crouched beside me, offering a hand to help me up. I lifted my head to look at him and growled, shaking my head as I pushed myself up, trying not to put any weight on my grazed hands. Luca stood too and shot a glare at Ben, avoiding looking at me at all. His mind was blank, despite the expression on his face. After a while I managed to get up to my knees at least. "Luca... I'm sorry, you too, Ben."

"I'm okay, I just need some ice for my hand," Ben smiled. Luca glanced at me and sat on the wall, lighting a cigarette. He didn't say anything.

"What about your head?" I mumbled, talking to Ben, but glancing at Luca.

"You could’ve warned me about that," he laughed slightly.

"Sorry." I pointed to the Garage, "that's about the worse of my power."

He looked at it and nodded. "Fair enough, I'm gonna go find some ice..." he looked at Luca doubtfully, "I'll be back in a minute."

I nodded and cursed as he left, running a hand through my hair. I really didn’t mean to do that. I sighed, taking a silent seat on the wall beside Luca, a little bit away from him I began to pick the stones from my hands.

The End

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