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I nodded, he thought I was something. Well, I guess I already knew that or else he wouldn’t have forgiven me.  I lay down beside him, trying to find what was so good about the ceiling. I pushed myself back so my head was level with his, my legs dangling off the edge of the bed. “I love you.” I whispered, turning my head to look at him, it was much better than the ceiling.

"Yeah," he murmured, his eyes still fixed on the ceiling.

I moved my gaze back to the ceiling; I guess I was a little hurt. But, it was understandable. I shook my head softly, wiping away the thoughts. "Luca... do you want me to clean the bed in the spare room?"

"No, it's okay. I'll sleep in here. It's not the spare room after all, it's Benny's room."

"He's in hospital... but if you'd rather, I could sleep downstairs."

"You can sleep in here too... unless you want to sleep somewhere else, obviously."

"No, I just don't think you've quite got over it as quick as you said you did."

"I'm fine. Let's go get Benny," he muttered swiftly as he rose to a sitting position.

"He hasn't been discharged yet."


"So, you can't just discharge him like that!" I sighed, sitting up. "Why d'ya want to get Benny anyway?"

"Sure I can," he lifted his hands, "I'm a healer, remember? I don't have to go get him out of the hospital if you don't want me to. Just thought I should maybe start... I dunno, making amends for what happened. Whatever," he sighed.

"Don't you think it would be a little suspicious?" But I guess...

"Sure. Not the first time I've done it though."

"Okay, come on then." I sighed, still unsure about him. "Luca, do you think I could..."

"Could what?" he asked after a moment. I shook my head then kissed his cheek softly. He half smiled and took my hand, leading me back down to the car. I squeezed it firmly, "How long will it be till things are back to normal?"

"I dunno. Sorry."

It took a while but I finally managed to dismiss it. "Don't be."

"I shouldn't have lost it like I did, though," he muttered, "If I'd kept calm, Benny wouldn't have to be laid up in hospital like this at all.

"But, the situation would be the same."

"Yeah, I guess."

"This just... doesn't feel right."

"Well I s'pose after me nearly killing Benny and calling you a whore, things would feel a bit weird." He shrugged, lighting a cigarette.

"No. I mean, everything feels so tense, so cold."


"You aren't the one that needs to be apologising! I'm surprised if you would even want to touch me again after what happened." He shrugged.

"Well, I'm a slut. That's great, goo to know." I mumbled, pulling my knees up to my chest.

I sighed. "I'd say sorry, but I dunno if you're gonna let me apologise for that, either."

"But I know it's true."

"Hmm... Oh look, we're nearly there," he said, attempting to change the subject. I pushed my head into knees, and mumbled a "yeah," I really don't think we'll get past this. He glanced at me awkwardly as he pulled into the car park, saying nothing.

"Come on then," I sighed, pushing out of the car, I slammed the door behind me. Nodding, he got out, threw his cigarette butt to the floor and closed his door noticeably quieter than I did.

"Brother!" I laughed, pushing my way through the door again.

Ben smiled and looked up from the book in his hand, his eyes flickering between Luca and me tentatively. "Hey, Gemme," he said. Luca looked confused.

"Brother?" he asked.

"Yeah, I discovered that I loved Ben, but in a different way." I hugged him gently.

Ben put the book down and lifted his arm around me. "Right..." Luca muttered.

"What he means to say is he's sorry." I grinned.

"Of course," Ben laughed weakly. "Cancer doesn't do apologising, do you?" he looked up at Luca as he spoke. Luca shrugged. "Whatever, man. I'm just here to get you out of hospital," Luca mumbled uncomfortably.

I looked at Luca, a puzzled look on my face. It didn't lift as I nodded. "Yeah, we're here to take you home."

"What?" he asked, moving forward to sit next to Ben.

"He said you didn't do apologising."

"And he would be right," he said, putting a hand on Ben's forehead.

"Oh. Well, thank you." I smiled weakly, gathering up Ben's clothes from the table.

“Mmm," he grunted, closing his eyes as he concentrated on healing Ben. I stood idly by, watching him intently. As I watched through our connection, I was dragged around Ben's body, Luca's technique much like his driving. Fast, seemingly out of control with no messing around. He pushed Ben's ribs back into place, the bone fusing together as if it had never been broken, and travelled through his body like a well known route around town. When Luca finally opened his eyes, it was like being dragged backwards out of a lake after being underneath for too long. He lifted his hand and picked off the stitches in Ben's forehead and sat back. "I'm gonna get something to eat," Luca muttered, getting up.

I nodded, kissing his cheek softly, using it as an excuse to whisper in his ear. "Thank you, Luca. I'm sorry for all this."

"S'ok," he shrugged, opening the door. "I'll be back in a minute."

"Yeah, okay." I smiled, turning to Ben and sitting on the edge of his bed. "So you're better?"

"Good as new," he grinned, sitting forward, pulling the backless gown off, "pass my clothes?" I diverted my eyes, handing him the clothes I had folded and held in my arms.

"Cheers," he said, pulling his jeans on first, quickly followed by his shirt. "S’good to be rid of that stupid gown thing." he smiled.

"I'm not surprised." I smiled, peering through my fingers before pulling my hand away. "I hate them too."

"Ah well, I've had less comfortable nights," he laughed, glad he was able to do that without it hurting now.

I nodded, wrapping my arms around him tightly. "It's good to have you back."

"Nice to know I was missed," he smiled, hugging me back.

"Of course. I regret what's happened dearly and I'm sorry for essentially putting you here. I hate hospitals... so I know how you must feel."

"I don't mind hospitals. I'm friends with half the nurses at the hospital back in Cameron, I've been there so many times. Good old health insurance, eh?" he grinned.

"Hmm, ever the woman’s man, aren’t you?" I laughed, loosening the embrace slightly.

"Definitely. No point being alive if you're not gonna live, right?"

I raised a brow at him. "I guess, but I guess I have a long time to experience everything, no point in rushing."

"I don't," he smiled, "but hey, maybe if I age well, I'll push it to around sixty. See how it goes, eh?"

"I thought you had no plan to live past 50?"

"Depends on how long I end up spending in places like this. Talking of which, where'd Cancer get to?"

"Dunno, he said he'd gone to get something to eat."

"Doesn't take that long to get something from the cafeteria...?"

"I dunno, I'll leave him to it. I've upset him enough. Although, we should be going, the less time I spend here the better."

“Want me to go look for him? Or...?"

"I don't want you hurt. I'll go."

"C'mon, what's he gonna do in a place like this?" he laughed.

"No, he has powers too." I reminded him.

"Yeah, he can heal people and move things around by thinking it. The first he wouldn't let any nurse or doctor see, ever, and the second is way too obvious." he shrugged, "he didn't even seem pissed off."

"I dunno I’d still rather go myself. What sort of girlfriend would I be if I allowed someone else to look for him?"

He shrugged again and settled back on his pillows. "I'll wait here then," he smiled.

"Why, in fact, come with me. Please."

He got up and I smiled weakly. "Come on, I'm starting to hate these places again."

"Hospitals aren't something to be afraid of," he grinned, giving me a quick hug before opening the door.

"Trying going through a surgery without any anaesthetic."

"Much harder than having half your ribcage caved in?"

"When people are messing with your heart. Yes."

"Fair enough. Where's the cafeteria in this place anyways? I've not left that bed since they dumped me in it the other night. Not even for a piss. I don't even know what floor we're on..." he half laughed, looking around for signs as we walked.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "We're on the third floor, cafeteria is on the first in the left wing." I pressed the button for the elevator.

"Well why leave a comfy bed when there're nurses to flirt with?" he chuckled, shaking his head. "I'm joking. They wouldn't let me move."

"Yeah, how you gonna have sex when you can't even sit up?" I sighed, stepping into the elevator. "Oh! Luca catches up quickly by the way, you're becoming more like a 6 now."

"Hah, at least I'm over half this time. So where's Cancer then, on the scale?"

"About an 8."

"An 8?" he asked incredulously.

"Oh you're so full of yourself!"

"Am I not allowed to have an ego?" he laughed

"Be careful, one day someone will knock you off your perch." I grinned evilly.

He patted his repaired ribs with a grin. "I have no perch. I sit on the ground. Not quite so far to fall."

I rolled my eyes. Be lucky it was Luca that did that, not me." I grinned still.

"What's the difference? A broken rib is a broken rib."

"I won't be able to heal you." He just smiled, following quietly as we walked towards the cafeteria. "Then again, more nurses for you to screw." I sighed, pushing open the doors to the cafeteria.

"I don't screw them when I’m in hospital," he rolled his eyes, "I just get their numbers and flirt a lot." he laughed as we walked in. Luca was sitting at a table outside with a cigarette and a packaged sandwich that he hadn't touched.

"Stay here." I mumbled as I saw Luca, "go discharge yourself or something."

He looked up as Luca flicked his cigarette away from him and nodded. "Yeah, I'll wait... um. What car did you come in?"

"Umm... black Mercedes I think."

"Okay, I’ll wait by a black Mercedes, then," he smiled. I nodded and walked toward Luca, taking a seat at the table I simply looked at him, saying nothing.

The End

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