Gemme: PreparationsMature

When Ben awoke I was still by his side, I manipulated the nurses to think I had walked in earlier, but in reality I just re-appeared by his side. “Good morning.” I whispered, lifting my head from his lap. I had talked to Luca when I was asleep; Cosmo had also sneaked into the hospital and was sat in the chair in the corner of the room. I looked at him, he looked better or at the least he looked happier.

"Hey," Ben croaked with a smile and I couldn’t help but smile back.

"How're you feeling?" It was a stupid question, he was in hospital, I know, but still...

"Thirsty," he said, looking at the water on the cabinet beside him and wondering if he could reach it from where he was.

I rolled my eyes and poured him a glass, handing it to him. "I'll be going to see Luca today. Depends how it goes, depends how soon you'll see me again." I sighed, pouring a glass for myself.

“Thanks," he muttered, draining the glass. "Good luck with that. Hope he's calmed down."

I nursed mine for a little while, running my finger round the rim of the glass. I nodded as he spoke, "Oh, me too." I smiled weakly. "I hope you get better soon."

"Mmm, thanks." he returned the smile and pushed himself up in bed, grimacing at the pain. "Any idea what you're gonna say to him?"

I shrugged, draining the glass, "none at all.”

Then he said something I didn’t expect him to. “Don't let him hurt you, okay?"


"Hit you. Don't let him hit you."

"I'm surprised he didn't when he did this to you."

"Me too," he chuckled weakly and instantly regretted it. "Just stay safe for me, yeah?"

"Sure. I can defend myself quite well; even against Luca."

"Good," he smiled and let his head rest back on the pillows behind him.

I smiled, "I must be going though." I stood up, leaning over him so I could kiss his cheek. "You stay safe too, hmm?"

"Well what's gonna happen in here, eh?"

"I dunno you keep putting yourself in pain by moving." I rested my hands on his shoulders before I pulled him into a loose hug.

"Well yeah. He did snap three ribs," he muttered, returning the hug with one arm.

"Oh, don't make me cry again." I sniffed, shaking my head softly. Just the thought of what I had made happen to him was enough to induce tears.


"It's fine." I smiled weakly, shaking it. "but I have to go, he's gonna meet me at the house, I don't want to be late."

"Yeah okay, see you later," he smiled back, "good luck."

"I'm gonna need more than that." I sighed; picking up Cosmo and making him disappear. "I love you, brother."

"Love you too, sis." I smiled, blowing him a kiss before walking away out of the hospital. I didn’t mind hospitals, when I knew I wasn’t there for surgery. Also, Luca helped me conquer my fear...Luca. I shook my head, hastily walking to the house. I missed him so much and it had only been a day. As I arrived outside I perched myself on the wall, allowing Cosmo to run off. I waited and waited, at first I thought he wouldn’t turn up. Then, I saw it, a black mercedes and in it was Luca. He had come after all.

The End

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