Gemme: I love you... Ben?Mature

I run upstairs and grab Cosmo, well; he more really jumps on me. He licks my face and I see that he isn’t all that skinny and then he tells me he’s a good hunter. I apologise for not feeding him but he’s like Luca, he shrugs it off and tells me to stop apologising. Huh. Anyway, I ask him if he can hunt some more till I stock up on food and he nods, asking if I could get fish instead of that ‘horrible canned stuff.’ Fair enough, he runs off and I sigh, I can’t be bothered to change so I just run back downstairs.

“So, does anybody have an agenda for today?” I query, looking around at the room that seems half-asleep.

"Not really. Izzy might call and tell me to go get to work. I might introduce her to Benny. It'll get her off my back at least. You?"

"Probably paint, I do need to finish that series after all... which reminds me, Ben, are you doing anything?"

Ben looked up at me and blinked. "No, not unless Cancer really wants me to go see this Izzy..."

"Could I borrow him please?"

He shrugged, "sure"

"You are with me today then." I smiled. Benny nodded sleepily and I continued, despite the fact he probably wasn’t listening. "Hey, I need you awake... actually... no I don't, I need you asleep, preferably in bed though."

"Fine by me," he muttered, half smiling.

"You don't mind your picture in galleries do you? Good." I grin, not waiting for him to really answer.

He looked at me confused for a moment before he moaned: "can I go back to bed yet?"

"Sure, go ahead." It was a while before I got any ideas and started painting and even then the painting was weak. I wanted my muse. When Ben awoke he looked confused as I was painting him. "Sloth," I mumbled.


"Seven deadly sins, my new series for my gallery," I motion to him, "sloth," I repeat.

He yawned. "I'm not a sloth," he moaned

"You disagree? What do you think your sin is?"

"I have no sins. I'm perfect," he grinned

I laughed, "yeah, right." I pulled my top down, exposing more of my flesh.

Though he tried not to stare, his eyes kept wandering down to my cleavage. "Lust, maybe," he muttered with a smile.

"heh, see." I grinned, "But I've already painted lust."

"So I'm sloth instead. Just because I don't do mornings," he laughed

"rather be vanity? Gluttony?"

"no. Being the model for sloth involves staying in bed." he mumbled with a smile.

"WELL, Bad news, i'm finished."

"I wanna see,"

"Then look."

"I don't wanna get out of bed," he scowled, I turned the canvas round and he laughed. "It's really good. Looks like me on a weekend."

"Mmm, four left. You can do what you want now, Luca's not back yet either."

"I'll have a shower, in a bit."

"You never said anything about my new tattoos."

"I didn't?" he blinked, trying to remember, "Mmm, you're right. Sorry. I like them. I'm sure I said something..."

Last time you saw me you were more interested in actions."

He nodded slightly, "yeah, true." he grinned

I kissed him softly, but something within me wanted so much more. "Thank you." I smiled, picking up the canvas carefully.

"No problem," he said, pushing himself up out of the bed at last.

"Ben, I love you."


"I love you."

He raised a brow, "You love Cancer, not me."

"No... Something, inside me, my heart, I like you more than a friend."

"...What about Cancer?”

"I don't know..."

He shook his head, biting his lower lip. "Y'know, usually I'd jump at the chance to ask you out, but I can't do that to Cancer. he can be a little shit, but at the end of the day, I'm his friend. Sorry."

"I know. I don't what I was thinking." I laughed, shaking my head. "Sorry." He gave me a concerned look and it was my turn to raise my brow."What?"

"I'm trying to figure out why you would tell me you love me... "

"Maybe because it might be true, you've always been there for me and helped me and I don't want to see you with someone else." I paused. "But hey."

He frowned. "Maybe you're just confusing gratitude with love," he muttered.

"I wish."

"I hope you are," he mumbled, "I think Cancer's been fucked over by girls enough in his lifetime, even if he can't remember the first time now."

"What about me? I don't my heart torn in two either!"

"Of course, sorry," he sighed.

"It's fine, I'm used to my feelings being overlooked." I shrugged.

"I didn't mean to, I just know Cancer better. It's a weak excuse, I know."

"I know, although I think I should tell you something."

He gave me a questioning look, "Me and Luca, we have these powers, you know that right? Well, we get another bonus with that... or curse."

"I knew about Cancer's powers. I kinda figured you had a similar thing, being psychic 'n' all. What's this bonus then?"

"We can't die and after our 18th birthday, which mine has already gone, we won't age either."

"Can't die?" He looked at me in disbelief.

"Nope, unless we both get killed at exactly the same time," I mumbled, not telling him about the other zodiac’s.

"...That would explain a /lot/ about Cancer." he laughed slightly.

"I'm sorry."

"Sorry, what for?"

"I don't want to see you die."

He smiled wryly. "Don't worry, I never planned on dying of old age, if that's what you're worried about."


"The idea of living past fifty or so has never appealed, put it that way."

"You're gonna commit suicide?"

"Pfft, no. I was thinking more along the lines of getting in a fight intending to lose one day, when I’ve had enough," he shrugged.

"Oh, Ben!" I moaned, wrapping my arms around him. "I'll make it a good life, I promise you."

He hugged back hesitantly, surprised by the random hug. "You don't have to," he laughed. "I was planning to make it good for myself. I've been saving up to travel around the world. Nearly got enough now," he smiled.

"Then, I'll pay! I insist."

"No, it's fine. I wanna do it all under my own steam. Honest, you don't need to give me a dime."

"But... fine, but you have to come back here when you finish."

"Okay," he smiled.

"I'm sorry for earlier, no idea what came over me."

"S'alright. You okay?"

"No." I sight bluntly.

"Wanna rant?"

"It's better if I don't, for your sake."

"C'mon. Listening is what I'm good at. Apart from tattoos."

"Okay, screw it I have nothing left to lose. My power, has two personalities. I have me and Nigh." I sigh, "crazy, I know. I, Gemme, love Cancer. Nigh loves you."

He grimaced slightly. "Why didn't she go for Cancer?"

"I don't know! She was the one that slept with you that beat you up, she thinks you're amazing and you mean the world to her."

"Well what's so amazing about me?" he asked incredulously, "I'm not as fucked up as Cancer, sure, but..."

I sighed, swapping again! "You're wonderful, you're kind, there for me, a good artist and a large heart. You can defend yourself and those that love you and my word was your ex-girlfriend blind."

"Cancer can be all of those things, too. Apart from the artist bit... he was never into art. Look, as much as I like you, you just have to give him time, he's learning."

"Damn it, screw Gemme and screw Cancer!"

He took a deep breath. "No. I'm not gonna fuck him up again."

"It wasn't your fault the first time! Ben, wake up!"

"Does it matter whether it was my fault or not? I'm glad he's finally beginning to sort his life out; I don't want him to screw it up again! I don't give a shit if he's immortal or not!"

"Fine! You don't know what you're losing!"

He closed his eyes for a moment. "I have a rough idea. I think maybe me staying here is a bad idea."

"Wait here." I disappeared and reappeared with a wad of cash, at least $2,000, "take it and damn it if you say no."

"What's this for?" he asked dubiously

"World trip, you don't just need a ticket you'll need different currencies and what not. I just want one thing in return."

He sighed, "what's that, then?" I leant in, kissing him lovingly, sorrowfully, passionately, everything rolled into one. Luca walked into the door and I sighed.

"Ah! Ben, I hope you have fun on your trip," I mumbled, reluctantly breaking the kiss and grabbing the canvas again, tears streaming down my face as I ran across the landing.

"What did you do?!" Luca yelled as he saw me disappear. Ben denied doing anything, but Luca didn't believe him.

"He didn't do anything." I mumbled, returning to grab my easel, my head looking down at the floor.

"Then why are you upset?" Luca growled, trying to stop things around him from shaking violently.

"Because I ruined my painting."

"I don't believe you, either."

"Come look then." He growled again, wordlessly this time, casting Ben a doubtful, angry glance

"Benn will be leaving anyway; he's going around the world."

"He's still saving up for that."

"No, he's not. I gave him a helping hand."

"I'm still not being told something," he muttered accusingly.

"I'll tell you later, just not now, my heart's already in pieces." His mind raged with questions and unvoiced accusations, but he pressed his lips together irritably, not saying anything more.

The End

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