Gemme: Black holeMature

I smiled by default, looking at him after he said that it just lights up on my face and I don’t want to let go, but I remember where he got the duvet from and I sigh, “I should really get a new duvet for Ben.”

"He can do it himself. He shouldn't have made such a mess," he laughed.

"So did you..." I mumble.

"Shh," he smiled.

"Not forgetting me..." I reply, I mean if anything I made the most mess; eugh.

He kissed me firmly, "You make the best mess out all of us," he chuckles. I blushed, how was I supposed to reply to that? So I didn't, I get up from the bed and move to the cupboard where a fresh duvet had been stored for my room, but seeing as he missed it I might as well give this one to Ben. He lit another cigarette and mixed with the smell of the smoke I soon began to taste it on my lips from where he kissed me, eww.

Anyway, I walk to Ben’s room and hand him the clean duvet. “Here, Ben, because if anything I made the most mess,” I smiled awkwardly.

"Heh, thanks. I could have changed the sheets myself, though. I'm more house trained than Cancer is," he mutters, stripping the duvet cover off the one Luca had dumped on the end of his bed.

"I wouldn't want you to get killed by the mess he made of the landing cupboard."

"I'll tidy it up," Luca grumbled, passing the doorway to the cupboard.

"It's fine! I'll do it." I murmured, walking toward Luca and shooing him away. Although, I instantly regretted making that offer when I opened the cupboard and a barrage of sheets attacked me.

Luca froze them in the air as they were about to land on me, and forced them back up onto the shelf in a semi-neat order.

"Ahh, Luca!


"That's it; I'm always cleaning up in here."

"I put them back, didn't I?" He muttered defensively.

"Yeah, using your power, I don't even get a useful power like that!" I turned to Ben and cursed, crap.

"It's alright, he already knows about mine," Luca shrugs.

"Yeah, doesn't mean he has to know about mine and how it fucks everyone over."

"Then don't say that bit out loud," Luca rolled his eyes.

I shrugged, "I could just make him forget it anyway." I turned to Ben and grinned. "My names Gemme and I'll be your Psychic for this evening."

"Don't do anything rash, Gemme," Luca says warningly, a slight growl entering his voice.

"I wasn't going to! You know I don't mess with my friend's minds... I'm sorry." She whimpered.

"What are you sorry for now?

"Your mind," I mumbled.

“Don’t.” He warned and I looked at him confused.


"Don't be sorry. I asked for it, and I'm happier without whatever it was you erased, so just don't worry about it."

I sighed and turned to Ben again, "don't worry you’re safe. I won't make you do or forget anything. I'm not as mean as my brother."

"Uhm thanks," he muttered uncertainly.

"Great another person that doesn't trust me," I sighed, looking at him once more before disappearing downstairs. Christ, he didn’t need to know. But I can’t bring myself to wipe his memory in case I do what I did to Luca.

"Gemme!" Ben called.

"Oh God," I muttered, but did not stop. "What?"

"I trust you, but forgive me for being a little bit freaked out by the whole memory erasing thing. And i forgive you for lying, by the way. You said Cancer didn’t know,"

"Damn straight! I could make your head explode if I wanted to!" I growled, slamming the front door behind me as I left. The last human to find out about my powers went the same way... I was too accident prone, I shouldn’t have invited him.

Luca followed me out. "Christ, Gemme, what's your problem?"

"Damn it, why are you following me if all you're gonna do is shout at me?"

"I'm not shouting, I’m talking loudly," he said, trying to lower his voice.


“Gemme, I wouldn't have followed you out here if I didn't care, but you know what my temper is like," he was still straining to keep his tone even.

"Then stop following me if it's so bad."

"If it was that bad, I'd have hit you about five minutes ago." he paused and tried to clear his mind, "why did you storm out like that?" he asked, finally managing to control his voice.

"I need some air."

"But you were upset about wiping my memory again, even when I told you its okay... why? I don't get why you're so upset about it when it's clearly made me happier."

"Because it's not what you are, it's not the fate that was meant for you."

"What, so you'd rather I was miserable and unable to bear being sober for five minutes, than being happy?"

"No, I just, this isn't you!" I don’t know why I was arguing, that wasn’t even the reason I left.

"This is me! This is just me being happy and not an angry junkie wanting to go around stabbing anyone that so much as looks at me funny!"

"Damn it, I just need to breathe."

"Fine, whatever," he stopped walking and turned around, "I'll see you later. I'll leave you to 'breathe.’”


"What now?" he snapped

"Fine, leave me! I didn't love you anyway!" I cried.

"Of course not! Why would anyone give a flying fuck about me?" he yelled, stalking back to the house.

"Damn right!" I sobbed, shouting after him. There was one thing I wanted to do, he thought no one gave a damn about him? Well I knew for a fact no one did about me. I would secure some rope and a tree, now have you figured out why I’m so good at climbing trees?

I didn’t want to subject anyone to the pain I can put them through. I did it with father, mother, Ike and now Luca. He just didn’t know it yet; his mind could just be a black hole waiting to cave in on itself with me around. I can’t control my power. So, I’ll make myself dead to the world then run away.

The End

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