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I don’t know why I invited Benny in, but I was so god damn confused about Luca right now. I mean, I wanted to hold him, kiss him but strangely more than any of them I wanted to... screw him. Heh, I looked to Luca and dragged him into our room, excusing us from Ben. I just told him to go grab something from downstairs. He looked at me, confused for a moment and I decided to get straight to the point. “Do you think if I hadn’t wiped your memory you would still love me?”

He nodded, then said something which I had overlooked, "I told you I love you before then, didn't I? It's not like I go throwing those words around without meaning them."

"Yeah... no you're right. I'm still confused though." I sighed, sitting down on the bed.


"Well, when I see you I'm not sure if I want to kiss you, hug you or..."


 "Fuck you." I mumbled.

He laughed slightly. "And this is confusing how?"

 "Because I don't know which I want more... well I do, but still!" He grinned and I huffed, "Stop grinning." I mumble, falling back into the bed.

He crawled over me, his eyes looking into mine and my stomach taughtened. "I apologise. I shall refrain from looking happy," he said, pulling a grim face, trying not to smile. I narrowed my eyes at him slightly and he leant in to kiss me. I pulled away from him, turning my head to one side, "I don't want to give in so easily."

"Give in to what? It's just a kiss; I wasn't suggesting we do anything else."

 I closed my eyes, he was right but... "I'm too confused." I growled, mainly cursing myself.

He settled down on the bed next to me and put his arm around me. "Can I not help somehow?"

 "I don't know I don't even know how I can help myself." I sigh.

"Hmm, well let me know if you think of anything.

 "Well, I will. Till then," I whimpered and attacked him with a strong hug. He smiled and hugged me comfortingly. We remained in silence for a while before I broke it, "So, what's your big peeve with Ben living with us?"

"He's alright, I guess. We just fight about as much as we get on," he half smiled.

 "I hope never over me... again."

 "We met in a fight. I think that says it all."

 "Yeah," I nodded in agreement, it sorta did.

"Ben's nice to you 'cause he knows I'll hurt him if he's not," he laughed slightly.

 I sighed and rose so I sat up again. "Screw... or kiss...Argh!" He grinned, "What now?"

"You're hornier than me. And I'm the guy, here," he winked.

"That's the point! With two..." hot "guys around I'm afraid I'll be the one to make the wrong move." I muttered.

"Heh, you wouldn't actually screw him again... would you?"

I shook my head, "not without you..." I mumbled then slapped my hand over my mouth... what the hell was that?

His eyebrow jerked up for a moment before he began to laugh, "After a threesome now?" I paused for a moment, seriously thinking about it before I shrugged. What is with me?

"Hmm, maybe some time," he chuckled again, kissing me. "You're my kinky little sex kitty," he grinned.

"Mmm..." I nodded, cursing myself in my head. "It's that painting, perhaps I am a slave under Lust after all."

"Well I'm not complaining. I'll only complain if you screw Benny and it's not part of a threesome," he muttered.

"I would never... I don't even know where that fantasy came from." But the more I thought about it the worse I became until it took most of my strength not to allow my hand to stray anywhere near my legs. He smiled and kissed me and I stood up, balling my hands into fists.

"What's wrong?"

"Trying to fight back," well that wasn’t the way I should have put it but still... being in the bedroom wasn’t the best idea, but then again most of the time it has been outside the bedroom anyway. I mean, couch, floor, beach, park. Oh my God, I’m a slut.

"Mmm," he mumbled, lying back down on the bed, not even bothering to hide the lump in his jeans.

"You're just as bad I see."

“Of course,” he laughed. I sighed and in order to find something to distract myself I moved over him, lowering myself over his waist, teasing him through the material of his jeans.

He looked up at me. "Thought you were 'fighting back'?" he smiled.

"Maybe I don't want to." I sighed, shaking my head slightly, but not ceasing my movements.

He bit back a groan as I ground against him, pushing himself up to kiss me hotly.

I smiled, jumping off him; I must have made quite a noise because the next thing I knew Ben was racing up the stairs, "is everything okay? I heard a bang...Gemme?"

Luca laughed and pulled me back towards him, kissing me on the cheek. "We're good," he smiled crookedly.

"Yeah we're perfect." I grinned, kissing him on his lips. He pulled me backwards down onto the bed, his hands roaming my body unashamedly. "Then what was that bang?" He persisted and I couldn't answer I just hummed an erotic "mmm."

"That was the sound of the headboard banging against the wall my friend," Luca growled, slipping his hands under my shirt.

I smiled, lifting the top over my head, Ben walked in with a scowl on his face and I looked at Luca, "Luca you...!"

"Luca you what?" he asked innocently. "I think I should leave you guys to it," Ben muttered, turning to go.

I looked at Luca, then to the door, then back again. "Wait." He turned back to face me and I looked at Luca before turning back to him again, "Come here." He walked over to the bed and I pulled his trousers down, reminiscing in memories for a moment, before I turned back to Luca, kissing him firmly.

As Luca kissed back, Ben kicked his jeans away and knelt on the bed, needing no more encouragement. He unclipped my bra and slid it down my arms.

"Is this okay..?" I whispered to Luca as I pulled the top over his head, using it as a reason to get close to him to ask without Ben knowing. He laughed slightly and kissed me hotly in answer. I smiled; finally releasing him as I pulled down Luca's trousers, then rested my hands on the waist band to his boxers.

"Just you wait, Benny boy," Luca smirked as Ben's hands moved over my body, trailing down to the button on my jeans. "I'll show you how you really fuck a girl," he grinned, kissing me again and sliding a hand down under my jeans as Ben pulled them down, teasing between my legs.

"Sure, sure, if ya say so," Ben laughed.

"And I just have to be caught in the middle..." I murmured, fidgeting slightly, hardly able to keep on my knees as they became weak.

"Hmm, just don't bite me this time," Ben whispered in my ear as he pulled his top off.

I giggled and shook my head. "I won't, I'm sorry." I lay down on the bed to wriggle out of my jeans. Luca moved to stretch my arms out above me, holding me down as Ben removed my jeans completely. My stomach taughtened as I was pinned down on the bed, I wriggled slightly as Ben pulled down my thin material pants, his fingers tickling my skin slightly.

Ben spread my legs and ducked his head between them, poking his tongue out against the sensitive flesh there as Luca kept me stretched out, kissing me passionately, and one hand rubbing my breasts. My muscles tightened as I kissed him back, desire in my eyes as I gazed into his I began to smile and I mouthed an 'I love you.'

"I love you too," he whispered in my ear, moving his hand down under Ben's chin to push a long finger inside of me. I closed my eyes, letting out a moan as I turned my head to the side, kissing him again. "God..." I thrashed around on the bed, clutching at the covers. Ben's hands clamped around my hips, holding me still as the two of them brought me to an explosive climax.

I gasped my breathing heavy. "My word..." I murmured. I was pulled up onto all fours, by whose hands I'm not sure, and Ben moved behind me, throwing his boxers aside. Luca lifted my head up and kissed me roughly as Ben pushed inside of me. I attempted to kiss him back but I gasped instead, my arms trembling slightly as I lifted my head again to kiss Luca back.

Tossing his own boxers aside, Luca knelt in front of me, wordlessly demanding some pleasure of his own. I obliged, after smiling at him. /"Of course, Master."/ I whispered into his head as we began to move as one.

His fingers once again tangled in my hair and he groaned happily. Ben's thrusts weren't as powerful as Luca's, but they still had the ability to make me tremble slightly as his hands massaged my body. My arms shook as I tried to stop myself from giving, I moved faster, then, holding myself up with one hand I used the other to massage the skin between Luca's legs.

As Ben grunted, nearing his finish, Luca pulled away, lifting my head to kiss me again. I moved my arm back down to steady myself again as Ben let go and it made my kiss twice as hot.

Ben pulled away, and Luca broke our kiss, taking his place behind me. He pushed into me, releasing his built up energy in fast, powerful thrusts that rocked my whole body. I groaned, collapsing, my arms giving way beneath me. "So-rry..." I gasped.

Luca growled, flipping me over onto my back, not waiting for me to recover. "Oh Luca!" I groaned, gripping the covers again, my head pushed into the bed. He grinned, his hands firm on my chest. Ben turned my head and crushed his lips against mine, muffling my moans.

I reluctantly kissed him back, with passion, nothing else and my arm moved to Luca’s, loosely gripping his wrists.

Ben pulled away, his hands still on my body as Luca pushed me to the edge and sent us both toppling into bliss. My limbs ached as I pushed myself back away from Luca, splaying out across the bed, still gasping for air as my breathing became heavy.

Luca crawled onto the bed beside me smiling as Ben grinned, pulling his jeans back on. "I'll leave you two alone," he muttered, thanking me on the way out.

"Why're you thanking me?" I mumbled, not sure if he heard.

"For letting me fuck you again," he smiled and closed the door. Luca's arm snaked across me as his lips brushed mine.

I closed my eyes, kissing him back just a little harder. "I'm a slut..." I mumbled.

"No... Just a sex goddess," he murmured.

"Then that makes you my God." I smiled. A grin pulled his lips into a wide curve.  "I did call for you after all." I smiled wider, hugging closer to him.

"Mmm," he hummed happily, strengthening his hug on me.

"Do you think you taught him?”

"Heh, I dunno. Since you called out my name and not his, I'll go with yes, yes I did."

I grinned. "For your own knowledge..." I leaned closer, so my lips were close to his ear. "You're better.”

"Good," he grinned too, moving his head to the side he caught my lips and began kissing me passionately. I kissed him back and smiled. “Luca, my muse and my God.” I smiled.

The End

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