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Ben traipses into the kitchen with me and I throw a beer over to him, flipping the top off without touching it. I flip the top off mine too and ask him how he's doing. He tells me about how his girl broke it off, but he brushed it off, telling me he was gonna dump her anyways. I give him a disbelieving look and laugh and he grumbles some insult at me that I don't hear.

So I make his beer fizz up and it spills all over his top and the floor. He curses me loudly and throws the empty bottle at me, but I make it stop in the air with a grin. As I put his bottle in the sink, Gemme walks in. She doesn't say anything about the beer on the floor, or the fact it's all over Ben.

"Hey, Gemme," I smile, pushing myself up on the counter.

"Hey," she replies.

"You okay?" I ask, not expecting an honest answer. She didn't look so happy when she walked off earlier.

"I'll tell you later." She whispers in my head before nodding. "Yeah." I smile again and beckon Gemme over to me. She walks over and I wrap my arms around her, turning her so she's facing out and my hands are linked over her stomach. Ben tries to hide his surprise.

"Softie," he grins.  Gemme leans back into me and smiles.

"I was going to offer if you wanted to stay in our spare room but... I'm not cleaning up constantly after you animals," she says and my eyes widen. Ben looks pretty surprised, too.

"We're not animals," I mutter. Ben doesn't look like he knows what to say.

"Well, what would you say to Ben living with us?" she gazes up at me. I have a feeling my face is set in a mask of total disbelief. "What?"

"Benny has the apartment in Cameron... why d'ya want him to stay?" I somehow make my words make sense.

"Dunno, I just want to fill the spare rooms. This house seems rather empty with just two people living in it." I consider it for a moment.

"If he can cope with not being allowed to touch Gemme," I squeeze her a little and grin up at Ben. He laughs slightly, still not sure what to say.

"So, what about it, Ben?" Gemme asks, looking back at Ben.

"Are you sure it's such a good idea having two users under one roof?" he wondered aloud. I scowled at him.

"Hey!" I snap, "I've not had anything for... five days. Screw you," I finish in a grumble, still glowering at him.

"I thought you said you weren't a frequent user?" Gemme queries with a slight frown. He nods.

"I'm not, but I'm still a user," he shrugs. "but if you guys don't mind having me around, I wouldn't mind getting out of Cameron." He glances at me. I'm still scowling. "Cancer?" he asks uncertainly. I take one hand away from Gemme and light a cigarette.

"Fine," I mutter. First a cat and now Benny? Joy.

"You shouldn't lie." She murmurs and breaks away from me, "Come on, Ben, I'll show you your room." They wander off upstairs and I sigh. And then I have an idea.

"Hey Benny!" I call, jogging up the stairs. He turns to me and gives me a questioning glace. "I know the perfect way to keep you entertained. She'll keep you busy," I grin. "Her name's Izzy." It'll get her off my back and keep Ben from getting frustrated about living in a house with a gorgeous girl that is strictly off limits.

"Aww, so no walking around with nothing on anymore?" she giggles, turning to Ben. It's his turn to scowl, but I grin.

"You can wear as little as you want, Gemme, but if Ben touches what he can't have, he'll wish he'd never been born." And he knows I mean it.

"I'm sorry, I won't tease you." She smiles at Ben and points to the various rooms. "Your room, art room, our room, Cosmo's room." I do a double take.

"Wait, the cat gets its own room?" I yelp. It's a freakin' cat, not another person.

"Only so you don't have to see him, unless you want me to let him roam wherever." Okay, so she has a point. I nod and notice that Ben is trying not to laugh at my hatred of cats. "Shush you!" Gemme smiles and Ben's laughter bubbles out anyways. Except I end up laughing too. It is a ridiculous fear. Of cats, I mean. It happened years ago. You'd have thought I'd have gotten over it by now. I mean, I can still go in a car without freaking out about making it crash, and I've been in two car crashes now.

So Benny's moving in with us. This could be... interesting.

The End

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