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I nod, placing a hand over the part of my neck that he had just kissed. I tried not to think about where we would go next, what we would do. Every time I think like that something bad always happens to me. But I can’t help it, while Luca was in the kitchen cooking another pizza, (That wasn’t all we had in the house but it has always been the quickest and easiest thing to make.) I flicked the TV off and walked upstairs to grab a book. When I came down there was a knock at the door. I opened it and stared out at the man absently.

“Why won’t you leave me alone?” I growled desperately, I just want peace, serenity.  Not Jeremy following me everywhere. Luca must have heard the door as well because he had walked into the hall as if to open it.

“I couldn’t, I saw you on the beach, your beautiful body laid next to his and I wanted you. I wanted you to spend a moment like that with me. Just once, then I’ll leave you alone.” He replied, I was in shock, he was watching me? The Sicko! I took a step back, but it wasn’t an invitation into the house and he knew it, so he lingered in the doorway. For a brief moment his eyes met mine and I immediately looked away, just the image of those chocolate brown eyes on the beach being his sickened me. I recoiled further into the house.

"I don't think so, buddy," Luca growled, grabbing the front of Jeremy's shirt, forcing him to walk backwards down the path.

I watched from the doorway as Jeremy shrugged off Luca's contact. "Then kill me now, I know you're not human. I'll tell the government and then they'll have the army conduct tests on you!" Or the anti-zodiac men would come and kill us... no, I couldn’t let that happen to Luca again.

"You are astoundingly stupid, Jeremy," Luca muttered. "There're already people after us and we've escaped so many times it's not even funny." Except once, when he couldn’t escape by himself but I wasn’t sure if he’d forgotten or if he just plain didn’t want Jeremy to know about it, that I had helped him escape.

"Fine," he growled, slamming the gate behind him as he stormed off. I didn’t expect him to give up so easily, he must have been planning something and I made sure he did. When he got home he would commit suicide. I made sure of it.

Luca watched him go dubiously. "Fuck's sake," he grumbled, walking back up the path towards me. I sighed and was looking at the floor when he returned; leave me alone world... why won’t you leave me alone?

He glanced at me and stopped. "Sorry," he sighed too, "I shouldn't have butted in,"

"Its fine, I sorta expected you to."

"Sounds like we're gonna get another visit from those trigger happy goons, then."

"Not really." I wish he hadn’t mentioned it.

Luca shrugged. "He sounded like he was pretty much gonna show them where we live. But I've been wrong before," he sighed, moving back to the kitchen

"Yeah," I muttered, turning round. But I didn't even get to take a step before there was another knock at the door, I growled, throwing it open. "Oh, hello," I smiled, my disposition suddenly changing as I saw Ben stood there holding a black cat, Cosmo. Luca took one look at the cat and didn't stop, disappearing into the kitchen. I smiled, inviting him in. He smiled, stepping in.

“I saw this guy on your doorstep, figured he was yours, that cat you were going to feed...” He smiled and placed the cat down who immediately jumped onto my lap.

“Thanks.” I murmured, telling Cosmo to go upstairs into one of the empty bedrooms, away from Luca. He did so immediately.  “That the only reason you came here?”

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna try anything. Town's bee quiet with you and Cancer gone, though."

I looked at him, slightly shocked, “Really? I didn't think I made much a difference."

He shrugged and smiled, "I guess not in the same way Cancer did, but you were always there, y'know?"

"Yeah, how's your girlfriend and umm... that guy."

"Oh he'll live. She broke up with me though. Apparently I wasn't giving her quite enough freedom." He rolled his eyes.

"Pfft, women huh?" I laughed.

"Yeah, you could say that. How are you guys doing anyways?"

"Great, actually," I smiled, turning to the kitchen. "The cat's gone Luca.”

"I'm eating," Luca said through a full mouth.

"Cancer's behaving himself?" Ben laughed slightly.

I giggled and nodded, "Yeah." I leaned closer to Ben, "I got an ‘I love you’ outta him." I whispered.

His eyebrows lifted in surprise. "You're kidding?" he laughed, "from him?"

I shook my head, "nope."

"You must be something real special to him," he smiled.

Luca wandered back to us. "Stop talking about me already," he grumbled.

"Sorry." I muttered, gazing at the floor ashamed, I never was one to normally gossip.

"S'ok. I'll get over it one day," he laughed.

"One day?" I shook my head, turning back to Ben. "I guess I do." Luca nodded a wordless greeting at Ben, who returned it; trying to hide a smile at the fact Luca had finally said 'I love you'. "Ben be nice."

“I'm sorry. It's just hard to imagine!" he chuckled, earning himself a glare from Luca. "The best, most ruthless dealer in town turned a total softie!" He grinned and Luca resisted the urge to hit him.

I sighed, gazing at the floor; I remembered what I did, why he changed so suddenly... "Yeah, I guess I do that to people."

"It's probably not such a bad thing. Give the coroners a break at any rate," Ben smiled.


"I wasn't that bad..." Luca protested and then paused. "No, wait. Yeah, yeah I was. Oops," he grinned.

"You guys should probably catch up." I mumbled, using it as an excuse to leave the room.

"Beer?" Luca offers and Ben accepts. Their voices grow muffled as they walk off to the kitchen. I walk upstairs casually before running into my room. I had forced him into this; he was only in love with me because I practically made him! I cried in my head, flopping onto the bed.

The End

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