Luca: Missed you.Mature

Jeremy collapses back in his chair again as I slam my door closed. I eye the damage in the car door and sigh. I really had intended to just give it back.

As I walk away, Jeremy starts twitching and yelping. Guess Gemme's having a bit of fun with him, then. My top is really annoying me. Before it was because the blood had been all sticky. Now, it's because it's all dry and stiff and it feels weird. Ugh. I take my top off and shove it in my bag, enjoying the sun as I walk back to the house back home.

The walk passes me by fairly quickly, my mind drifting off into its quiet place as I walk down the side of the road back into Newberry.

When I open the door to the house, the smell of pizza hits me and my stomach growls loudly at me.

"I'm back," I call dropping my bag by the bottom of the stairs.  

"Luca!" she yelled happily, running from the living room at me. She practically leaps at me, her arms open. I catch her in a warm hug, smiling into her hair.

"Oh man, I missed you," I laugh slightly. Sleeping in the car with a suicidal maniac who tried to steal my girlfriend isn't quite the same as sharing a bed with my girlfriend.

"I missed you too!" she cries, choking back tears. I smile happily and kiss her firmly. She kisses me back lovingly, closing her eyes as she tightens her grip on me slightly, her head resting on my shoulder. We stay like that for a while longer, til I pull away slightly.

"I need a shower. There's sand in my pants and it's kinda uncomfortable after an hour of walking," I laugh, dropping my arms back to my sides. She giggles and nods, telling me to hurry. I kiss her on the cheek and grab my bag again, walking back upstairs to find some clean clothes and have a shower.

While I'm in there, I shave and consider shaving my hair off too - it's getting a bit long. I decide I can't really be bothered, though, and get dressed and go back downstairs. I wander into the living room and smile at Gemme laid down on the sofa.

"Was that quick enough for you?" I ask, sitting down on the arm of the sofa, looking at her. She nods and sits up.

"Yeah," she says as I slide off the arm into the cushions, pulling her close and kissing her.

"Good," I smile.

"So what happened? When I blacked out I mean," she wonders aloud. It had been kinda funny at the time, but I think that might have been the adrenaline, because it didn't seem so funny now.

"Jeremy decided that he wanted you, forever, and that you would have no choice about being with him because you would be together forever in the afterlife with him," I tell her. She nods.

"What about you? I felt sick for a moment, as if heart was breaking almost... what happened to you?"

"I managed to keep him from hurting you," I mutter with a shrug. But she persists, asking me what happened.

"He was about to crash his car into another car on the road. I made him get off the road."

"And you got hurt... I know you did," she says and I sigh.

"Yeah, it ended up being me crashing into the other car, but why does it matter? I'm okay now." Might as well just say it. She didn't sound like she was gonna drop it otherwise.

"Yeah, you're right." She smiles weakly. "And I am so glad."

"I'm more glad I got him out of the car without hurting you, to be honest," I murmur, hugging her tightly again. I know she can't die, but still... It was like when she went into hospital, I couldn't bear her being hurt. Her smile widens as I pull away so I can see her again.

"God, I was so worried. So, so worried. Why can't people just leave me alone!?" She cries. I run a hand through her hair and pull a face as I shrug again.

"I dunno, I wish I did," I sigh.


"I wish I knew why people won't leave you alone," I mutter, realising I should have been clearer. I'd made it sound like I wish I would leave her alone. If that even makes sense...

"Oh, yeah... I'm just a bad omen."

"Don't be stupid." I say, keeping my voice even, though I'd wanted to snap at her for being such an idiot.

"It's true. The amount of trouble I've attracted, the amount of times I've died or injured myself."

"You're still the best thing in my life," I mumble, embarrassed.

"Thank you, you're mine too. I guess we're stuck with each other." She laughs awkwardly.

"You make it sound like that's a bad thing, 'Stuck'," like we have no choice, or something.

"Well you are stuck with me, always have been." I dunno what to say to that, so I just hug her.  She hugs me back "I love you just doesn't seem strong enough right now," she half whispers into my shoulder. I smile slightly.

"Then how would you put it?"

"I would put it that, everything I am, that I ever could be is yours, body, soul, mind, everything. And nobody, not Jeremy, not Ben, no one can take that away from you." ... I don't know what to say to that. How are you supposed to come up with something to say to that?! "Don't worry about it," she says after a while.

"Sorry," I mutter, feeling bad that I didn't have anything to say to that. "I love you too, but you know I'm not what you would call the most literate person in the world," I rest my head on her shoulder, hiding the embarrassed blush that flushes my face. I never thought I'd regret going to school so much.

"Really, don't worry about it." She smiles, kissing my head softly. I hum an ‘mmm' into her shoulder and kiss the skin there gently as I squeeze her slightly. Hmm, I really did miss her while she was in the back of Jeremy's car. "I really missed you," she says. Almost like she read my mind [!]

"You were unconscious. How much worrying and missing a person can you do when you're passed out?" I ask jokingly, lifting my head to brush my lips against hers, smiling.

"You know my mind is unlike anyone else's. I'm an empath too." She points out again and I nod.

"I know. I was just joking." I smile and she sticks her tongue out at me. The childish action from someone who acts way more adult than the average eighteen year old makes me burst out laughing. She closes her eyes and rests her head back on the sofa so that her face is pointed up at the ceiling. I kiss her neck and let go of her.

"I love you," I say, getting up, "but I really need to eat."

The End

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