Gemme: Coming HomeMature

Ugh, he hit me. That bastard hit me, now I was out cold in the back of his car, well, I was. I swung my legs round, attempting to regain my mind again. I opened the door and looked around; I’m in the middle of the road, in the middle of nowhere; well, this is nice. I sigh, moving into the driver’s seat I smile and drive home. I hardly even realised that I had tears running down my face and then it registered what had just happened.

I had just been knocked out and thrown in the back of Jeremy’s car that was going to kill me, Luca has just raced off with him and now I was driving home, alone. That was terrifying! No wonder I was crying. I straighten myself up and check the mirror to check myself; I had nothing wrong with me. I still had sand in my hair though and I felt a little queasy from where Jeremy had hit me in the stomach though. I search for Luca using my connection with him and use a soft voice so I could concentrate more on driving. “Hey, Luca, could you please explain to me what the hell just happened?” His mind grumbles quietly, but doesn't say anything and my face contorted into one of puzzlement, never had that before. I persisted though till at least I got some answer, “Luca?”

He finally managed a grumble of a reply in a sleep-laden tone; "Urgh, I'm trying to sleep, hush."

"Fine, I'll meet you at home, whatever." I sigh, I dunno how I was so agitated and well I do. I shouldn’t have snapped like that though, not at Luca, it was Jeremy I wanted to shout at.

He woke up a little more and I sighed as he replied, I wish I had never said anything, he needed his sleep. "Sorry. What was what? You asked me something, right?"

"No, I didn't. Go back to sleep." I denied and he let out a slight yawn, even in his mind.

"Sorry," he mumbled tiredly.

"Sleep," I commanded as I pulled into Newberry.

"Mmm," he hummed as he slept again. I sung to him softly all the way to our house, it was good because there was a garage where I could hide the car. I got out, still singing to Luca and immediately ran to the bathroom to get a shower and finally get a clean set of clothes. I then stuck a pizza in the oven and it was then as I flicked on the TV to eat it Luca awoke.

"Hey," he murmured a small smile in his voice, I’m glad he had finally got enough rest.

"Hey,” I replied, happy that I didn’t have to stop eating as I wolfed down my food.

"You okay?"

"Now I've had something to eat and a shower yes. What about you? How’re you holding up?"

"I'm fine. The car ran out of gas though. I'm stuck on the edge of the highway with an unconscious creep in the passenger seat."

I mentally slapped Jeremy and he woke up with a grunt, "not no more."

"Oh joy." I saw Luca through Jeremy’s eyes as he glared at him; if looks could kill.

"Be nice." I giggled, "no but really, don't do anything stupid... tie him to a tree or something."

"I don't have anything to tie him with. I'm just gonna steal another car and leave him here."

"Well, I'll see you at home then."

"Yeah, I dunno how long I'll be. I don't even know where I am," he laughed slightly, looking around at the blank dusty road, "I love you."

"I love you so much too. Thank you, for yesterday, Luca." I only realised that it was about midday.

He smiled. "Thank you to you too. It was good till the creep showed up," he glowered at Jeremy again, throwing verbal abuse at the artist as he collected his bag from the back of the car.

"You're not too far away, that chase must have guzzled most of the fuel. You’re just about an hour away from Newberry."

"An hour driving, I take it?"

"Umm, no, an hour’s walk about thirty, forty-five minutes drive.”

"Hmm... I was gonna walk but... Jeremy might follow. I'll get a car. See ya later."

"I could knock him out if you want me to."

"Go nuts."

"I will." I tried to allow my grin to penetrate my voice and I felt Luca smile. This guy was going to get hell. I basically though, sent him to sleep and made him re-live all his bad memories. Which were horrific, including the mass murder of three women, four cases of attempted suicide, self-harming and him being bullied as a kid. No wonder his mind was so fucked up, not screwed up, seriously fucked up.

I washed up my plate and sat watching the TV for a bit, some random movie channel and I tried my best to drown out my thoughts. I was really good at forgetting things on purpose, that’s how I get over things so quickly.

The End

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