Luca: Nothing to live for?Mature

I'm sure ribs aren't supposed to be that squishy. I force the other car back, out of my door, push the door roughly back into a door shape and begin to repair my ribs. Hearing Jeremy's car driving off into the distance, I groan and start driving again. My head keeps going foggy from the pain and I really don't have enough energy to make the car move and heal myself.

So obviously, I ignore the agony that is my side and chase after Jeremy again.

I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be bleeding that much, too.

Closing my eyes, I take a deep breath, hold down the gas pedal and make the car steer itself as I pull my knees up to my chest, ignoring the pain. I have to get Gemme back. I have to. I can't let something like this stop me from getting her back.

I pull on my last reserves of strength as the car speeds up, tailing Jeremy closely, and begin to heal myself. Gotta get Gemme back. Gotta... I look up at the road and really, really wish I hadn't.

The world spins and it takes a lot of effort to stop from throwing up. I close up eyes again and focus on Jeremy. Biology was the only lesson I ever paid attention in, simply because it helped me grasp my healing ability better. I follow the energy around Jeremy's body and steal it, making it mine. I feel better almost instantly and my ribs snap back into shape.

Looking up this time doesn't make me want to throw up; it just makes me angry that Jeremy is further ahead of me than I thought.

It takes me a while to realise we're nearly back in Newberry by the time I catch up with him again. Racing up beside Jeremy again, I force his window back down. I light a cigarette and take my hands off the wheel, relaxing back into my chair.

"Hey, it's me again," I smile at him through the open window, blowing smoke into his car.

"What the... but you..?" he looks over at me, incredulous. I just smile and take another drag on my cigarette.

"Yeah, well... my ribs ache a bit, but I'm alright." He shakes his head, disbelievingly.

 "You still can't stop me!" he yells and I make a ‘hmm' noise, blowing another lungful of smoke in his face.

"Don't be so sure, Jeremy," I say, still wondering how I can stop him without putting Gemme in danger.

"I can't die.... do it." Gemme whispers feebly into my mind. I smile slightly at the sound of her voice in my mind and glance over at her on the back seat.

"Just try it!" Jeremy screams and I flick my cigarette into his lap while I talk to Gemme.

"I don't want to hurt you, though," I murmur in her mind as Jeremy freaks out, trying to get the burning cigarette away from him. She lets out a faint growl; "Do it!" she urges me. I grit my teeth and take advantage of Jeremy's distraction burning a hole in his pants to drop back and move to the other side of his car and ram him, slamming into the driver's side of his car.

"What're you doing? You want to kill Gemme?" he asks stupidly as the driver window scrolls down. I shake my head with a grim smile and ram him again. As I straighten put again, I reach back and pull my knife out of my bag, making sure Jeremy can't see. His control of the wheel slips a little and he whimpers pathetically, though he speeds up slightly. I once again match his speed, not holding onto the wheel as I edge the cars closer together. As the body work of the two cars bumps lightly, a shower of sparks lift up into the air, racing away behind us.

"No, no I'm not trying to kill Gemme; I'm trying to get you to stop. I don't think you counted on the rose's thorns being quite this big, did you?" I ask, crawling over onto the passenger seat, keeping my car going with telekinesis, sticking my head into his car, threateningly close to his. I put the knife to his throat. "Pull over! NOW!" I yell in his ear.

"No! I have nothing to live for, try it!" he shouts, but I have a better idea. I tell him this and grab his shirt, pulling him out of his seat and into my car. I make his car pull over to the side of the road and stop.

"There. Now Gemme is safe, and I can do whatever the fuck I like with you," I smile. "Sorry, Gemme," I mutter in her mind as I drive away with Jeremy.

The End

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