Luca: Car crashMature

Fucking bastard! I growl wordlessly at the window and I scroll my window down, forcing his down too.

"Jeremy, you asshole!" I shout at him, catching a glimpse of my expression in the wing mirror as I yell. I don't look overly impressed. I think the right word might be ‘livid'. "You mother fucking bastard!" I want to reach across and strangle him, but he's too far away.

"Oh don't say you wouldn't do anything for the love of your life." He smiles and it only makes me want to hurt him more. I take a deep breath and make myself say something other than a bunch of swear words at him.

"What do you want?" I manage to spit out.

"Gemme," he replies, "forever." Well that's never gonna happen, is it, you sick, twisted, fuckfaced creep.

"Tough shit," I growl, "she ain't ever gonna be yours." Or anyone else's hopefully. 

"Oh? How so?" I'm beginning to wonder if this guy is more fucked up in the head than I am. I'm also seriously considering climbing into his car. Yes, at over a hundred miles an hour.

"What d'you mean ‘how so?'" I laugh slightly, "we love each other you fucking moron. Kidnapping a girl doesn't usually win her over, either."

"She'll have no choice, we'll be the only ones in the afterlife, we'll be with each other forever." Laughable. Really. That's why I'm laughing right now. Aside from what he just said being the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard - and remember I've lived with people that should be put in a padded cell - Gemme can't die. "What are you laughing at!?" he exclaims angrily.

"You," I gasp for air, I'm laughing so hard, "you're stupider than I thought. Kidnapping my girlfriend is one thing. But ‘we'll be the only ones in the afterlife, we'll be with each other forever'?" I have to keep the gas pedal down with telekinesis now, I'm laughing at him so much.

He jerks his steering wheel, steering his car into mine, knocking it slightly. "It's not stupid! At least she won't have to suffer with you anymore!" he yells. I force myself to stop laughing. Seriously. Classic. The knock to the BMW doesn't really bother me. The car isn't even mine. The only thing that bothers me is he's not afraid to hurt Gemme. I smile.

"Y'know I'm hardly forcing her to be with me. She chooses to stay," I tell him. She chooses to want me forever. I never forced her.

"She's just too kind; she doesn't want to break your heart!" huh. He has no idea, does he?

"Gemme's had plenty of opportunities to leave. If she really felt she was suffering, she would have left ages ago." I have to drop behind to avoid smashing into a car coming the other way, but I move back in line with him soon enough. "Look, why don't you just pull over and we can stop talking like this. One of us is gonna end up crashing if we stay like this, and it ain't gonna be me."

"If I carry on, I'll die, but Gemme will be with me. If I stop now you'll kill me." He growls, speeding up. I match his speed easily.

"If you pull over I won't fucking touch you. If you don't pull over, I will climb into your car and make you pull over."

"Right." He laughs manically, and another hit of adrenaline races around me as he pushes his car to its limits, pulling into the wrong lane ahead of me, right in the path of an oncoming car that I'd just been about to avoid.

Without hesitating, I force the steering wheel through Jeremy's hands, making him drive off the road. I spin my own wheel, trying to get out of the road too, but over-steer locks up the wheels and I spin right into the front of the other car.

First time for everything, eh?

The front of the other car slams into my side and the air bag slaps me in the face as we come to a screeching stop.

I was gonna return this car once we got back, as well...

Ow. Mega ow.

The End

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