Luca: KidnapMature

Forever? Gemme wants to be with me forever? Okay, I'll admit that thought freaks me out just a little bit. I've never been great at commitment. Unless you count commitment to drugs. And I don't think you do.

Eventually, I got dressed again and we wandered back to the car. The walk from the sand to the car woke me up again, so I took to the driver's seat, reversing out of the space and driving through the empty car lot.

When we get back to the highway, I don't speed up too much, instead, content to cruise along through the night, smoking and talking to Gemme. Oh, and being annoyed by all the sand in my hair.

"I can't wait to get home now." She smiles, dusting off the sand that had dried to her skin.

"I'll drive faster after I've filled up the tank again," I say, smiling too as I turn into a gas station. "If you want me to go faster that is," I laugh slightly, remembering how terrified of my driving she was when I was going at a decent speed.

"I don't mind, as long as you don't crash," she tells me and I nod. I'll admit it's a miracle I have a driver's licence at all, I barely remember getting it. I do my best not to think about what Gemme had said on the way to the beach earlier. I still can't believe that the things I can't remember are because I asked her to wipe my memory...

It's just too impossible.

When I finish filling up the tank, Gemme hands me some money again and I go up to the shop thing and wander inside, looking for something to eat. I pick up a red bull and some random candy things, figuring the sugar and caffeine will keep me awake longer before I go up and pay. As the woman at the til counts out my change, I glance out of the window, bored.

Except that what I see really makes me wish I'd paid at the pump. Some guy is dragging Gemme across the forecourt, her screams barely audible inside the shop, muffled by his hand over her mouth.

I tell the cashier to forget it and race out of the shop, trying to catch up with the guy, but he's already got Gemme in the car. He's about to get in and drive off, but I make the door slam itself on his head as he climbs inside the car. He cries out and falters, but I don't reach him in time. He recovers quickly and drives off.

I don't need the caffeine anymore. Adrenaline pumps through my veins as I sprint back to the BMW and speed off after them. My first thought is to make the guy's car tires explode, or to run it off the road, but I don't want to hurt Gemme. Same reason why I don't reach inside of the guy and choke him or give him a heart attack.

I bite my lower lip slightly, following them. Glancing at the speed dial, I see the needle hovering past a hundred and I turn my eyes back to the car in front, making sure the guy doesn't suddenly turn off and try to lose me.

The road is totally deserted, so I pull into the wrong side of the road and floor the gas pedal so that I'm in line with the guy. As I pass the back seat window, I look over and see Gemme passed out on the back seat. In the driver's seat, I can see the guy concentrating on the road, his face illuminated really weirdly by the lights in his dashboard. He shoots a quick look over at me and I almost lose control of my hands on the wheel as I see who it is.


The End

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