Gemme: Road TripMature

I sat my head on his chest, his arms around me. I was happy, I had drowned out my own thoughts and his and I had raised my guard so I didn’t catch anybodies thoughts or Ike talking to me. Before long the serenity that enclosed around me sent me into a peaceful sleep, I still felt Luca brush hair from my face and kiss my forehead softly before rising and carrying me into my bed, at least I think it was. I stirred ever so slightly, but I did not wake, I was in a sort of trance.

But I still felt Luca’s arm around me as he lay with me for a while, it must have been a few hours before he got up and walked downstairs, a moment later when he returned I felt him next to me as the sweet lullaby lilted in the air. I wasn’t sure what songs he was playing, but they sounded beautiful. I smiled as he began to play the same songs over again, his repertoire was not very large, but it still made me smile.  After that my sleep deepened, I wasn’t sure what he did next, I just knew that when I awoke Luca was lying next to me, half asleep. His guitar was laid on the floor beside the bed and my smile widened. I gently laid myself closer to him, wrapping an arm around him as I planted a soft kiss on his bare chest. He had gotten changed into his tracksuit bottoms before he crawled beside me. He blinked a couple of times and lifted his head slightly to look at me. "Hi," he mumbled.

"I didn't wake you did I?"

"I wasn't really asleep."

"Oh, well... morning," I smiled, reaching back to kiss him.

"Mmm." he looked tired.

"Why didn't you sleep?"

"I didn't really feel tired," he half shrugged.

"What about now?"

"I can heal it away. It doesn't matter."

"No! Sleep, Luca."

He pulled a face. "I tried to sleep already. I'll sleep later when I'm tired."

 I nodded, "okay." I kissed him softly, turning so my back was to his chest I pulled his arms around me, kissing them before I placed them round my waist. "Just don't hurt yourself by lack of sleep, okay?"

"I'm not gonna hurt myself by not sleeping for a few hours," he sighed, stifling a yawn.

"Hmm, well, perhaps we'll go to the beach tomorrow then."

"No, we can go today," he smiled, healing himself awake.

"No, Luca, I don't want you to be tired, I want you to enjoy it!"

He sighed again. "Okay. Give me a couple of hours to sleep and wake me up before midday, yeah? I'll have to get us a fast car from somewhere. Shouldn't be too hard in this part of town," he said the last few words through a yawn as he snuggled into my back a little more.

"Okay,” he had a pretty tight grip on me and I had no idea what I was going to do for two, three hours in bed. So, softly I tapped into his head, using his telekinesis to bring a canvas board and her easel to her, she then used her own mind to paint a picture with it, it was envy. Obviously the background was a deep green and the woman in the foreground was clad in old Victorian clothes and she had deep brunette hair. Her eyes were emerald green and the look that she gave you was one of pure jealousy, perhaps with a slight mix of anger. This way the time went so quickly, I smiled as he woke, but it soon fell when he complained of a headache. I apologised and he shrugged it off, said he was going to get a shower and went.

I took this opportunity to pick up his guitar, you don’t spend so long in someone’s mind without picking up a few things... it was strange at first but I soon picked it up. It helped pass the time till he got out of the shower.  When he walked back in, he smiled at me and didn't interrupt as he brushed some gel through his hair with his fingers and picked up his bag, tipping the drugs out and replacing them with a spare pair of boxers and a towel. "Having fun?" he asked as he scooped up the drugs and put them on the bedside cabinet.

"Umm, I didn't see you... yeah." I jumped, placing his guitar back on the floor.

"Not bad. Your fingers are a bit flat, but it's not buzzing too much." He pulled on his hoodie and picked up his bag. Tugging back his sleeve, he strapped on his knife and covered it up again. "I'm gonna go get us a car. Be out the front when I get back, okay? Oh, and bring the guitar."

"Why, do you need the guitar... never mind? I'll see you later."

"To play," he grinned as he disappeared out of the bedroom door. A moment later, the front door slammed shut and he jogged off up the road. I smiled and got up, getting changed. Then I picked up his guitar, flinging it over my back. I then picked up his bag and headed downstairs; I checked my hair again and opened the door, locking it I placed the key in my pocket and smiled, waiting for him to return.

I saw the car pull up outside and Luca leant his head out the window, it was a flashy, red car and I didn’t want to know how much it probably cost, he called me over and I looked at him in disbelief. “What the... Where'd you!? Never mind," I mumbled as I jumped in the car.

"It's a BMW. There're a lot of them around this part of town," he muttered, turning around and shooting out of the road.

"Don't tell me you're an erratic driver." I sighed as I pulled my knees up to my chest and I checked to make sure my seat belt was firmly around my chest.

"It's not erratic. Just fast," he glanced at me with a smile. "And we'll never crash, because I can stop it without using brakes." I nodded, still clutching my knees to my chest.

“I trust you,” I guess...

"Good," he smiled, racing out of the town onto the highway. I let out a small whine; well I was still a little iffy about his driving. "This is usually the part where I crawl into the back and have a joint, but for the sake of your sanity, I won't even let go of the steering wheel," he laughed.

"That's not helping!"

"Just chill out, I wanna make it there in less than two hours and we won't do that by keeping to the limits."

"I can't!" I whined, burying my head in my knees.

"You can. I've never crashed before. Not even come close." He put out a hand to change gear, but didn't put it back on the wheel, instead, putting it over one of my hands. When I glanced up, the scenery was passing at a less dizzying speed.

I still let out a short whine but I nodded. "Still..."

"Still what?" he asked, not taking his hand back. His logic was that it's a straight stretch of road and he didn't need that hand apart from changing gears.

"I still don't like cars, going fast, they lead to hospitals..."

"We're not gonna end up in hospital, Gemme. Look, let me get through the next couple of towns at top speed and then I'll slow down a bit for the rest of the journey, okay?" He checked his rear-view mirror. "Rich neighbourhoods are prone to having police on their side a lot of the time."

"Are you sure you won't crash?"

"I know they say there's a first time for everything, but if it was going to happen, it would have happened a while ago. Like... when I was fourteen."

"Well, I'll cover us, like an invisible shield, just be safe. I'll need to concentrate." I mumbled, resting my head in my knees again.

"Mhmm," he mumbled, not wanting to distract me. He didn't slow down much, though.

"Feel free to go at whatever speed you want.” I didn’t look up, I was still concentrating but it just didn’t need as much concentration as we left the rich parts of town.

"I am," he muttered, fiddling with the stereo. The glove compartment opened itself and the CDs inside floated out. He flicked through them irritably. "I had to get a car whose owners have a shit taste in music, didn't I?"


"C'mon, this is useless," he grumbled, looking through the radio stations.

"I could sing if you want, I mean, I dunno how good I would be compared to a radio." The stereo flicked off again and he smiled at me. I grabbed the guitar out the back of the car and tried my best, using the notes from Luca and the music I knew to try and play a new song, "any band in particular... any type of music?"

"Any, I don't mind. As long as it's not rap or some shit like that," he said, glaring at the CDs stuffed back into the glove compartment. I giggled and nodded, sticking at first to three doors down. I didn't like singing, I still had no confidence in myself but... here, with Luca, it didn't seem so bad.

"What's that one?" He asked as I finished the song, "I don't recognise it..."

"Pages, 3 doors down."

"3 doors down?"


"Never heard of them, they sound good, though."

"What, you never heard this?" I began singing kryptonite, then stopped, "or this?" I began to sing be like that.

He shook his head. "No. Should I have?"

"Do you remember how we first met?"

"At school."

"What about the time when you played guitar for me and I was laid on the sofa?"

He shrugged, "I remember thinking you have a good voice, but I didn't commit the song to memory or anything." He glanced at me sideways, "are you okay?"

The End

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