Luca: feeling good.Mature

It's funny. I don't remember our relationship being this easy before. There was always something in the way. I don't know - or remember - what it was, but it must have been taken away, because it's easy to tell her I love her, it's easy to kiss her. I push the thought from my mind, focusing on holding Gemme close.

As for the sex in the park? Definitely have to do that again some time. That was the best. I grin into the top of Gemme's head as I kiss her hair, smoothing it down again. Sex hair is fine, but I dunno if she would appreciate the stares on the way back to the house.

"So what now, sex kitty?" I ask, still grinning as I pull away just enough to see her face. Don't ask where ‘sex kitty' came from.

"Home, unless you would like to stay out for a bit." I shrug. She gives me an odd look and then asks " kitty?" incredulously, like she only just realised what I said. I shrug again, smiling crookedly as I brush my lips on hers for a moment. She closes her eyes for a moment before opening them again, her beautifully mismatched eyes shimmering up at me as she speaks again. "Home, then?" I nod and stand up, lifting her again, holding her up with my arms, rather than cheating and using telekinesis to hold her up. "You really don't have to," she mutters, smiling up at me softly as I carry her to the edge of the park.

"I know. I want to. There's a difference."

"You... want to?" She asks, looking at me curiously for a moment, before nodding, resting her head on my chest. I don't say anything. I don't need to. I just walk back towards the house, her weight comfortable in my arms. She says nothing as I wander down our road. I don't even have to put her down to open the door, manipulating the lock open just by thinking about it, closing it again the same way.

"You can put me down now... if you want to," Gemme says as I walk into the living room. I say nothing; just sit down on one of the sofas, kissing her as I settle with her on my lap.  She wriggles slightly, making herself comfortable before resting against me; she brushes her lips against mine, returning my kiss.

"When you were a kid did you ever give thought what you wanted to be, when you were older?" Gemme asks thoughtfully after a while. The question takes me by surprise. I think back, and shake my head.

"No. I never really thought about it. You?"

"Not really, I always had a fear of dying alone but, hey... can't die." I nod. I wonder what I used to think, as a kid. I don't think I thought much. Only reason I went to school or round Rayn's when I was a kid was because it kept me out of the trailer for longer. I shudder slightly and blink the thoughts away. "What's up?" Gemme asks, noticing my shudder. I look at her and smile.

"Nothing. Just thinking," I mutter.

"Don't, it's bad for you... I know." I nod again, clearing my mind.

"No I didn't mean that literally, I just meant be careful." she shook her head and sighs, "never mind." I look at her curiously.

"What's wrong with doing that? I do it all the time... What am I supposed to be careful about in my own mind anyways?"

"I dunno, I normally end up upsetting myself when I think too much," she tells me and I wonder if that's what she really means. I can't be bothered to argue, though. I just tighten my hug a little. She smiles and nestles into me even more. My cleared mind lets images of my childhood reappear, leaking into the blankness like ink over wet paper and I blink as the images slowly take over.

I'd never really realized that being in a good mood brought out memories that I didn't even know existed. Like playing some stupid kiddy game with Rayn in his back garden, or the occasions that my parents weren't arguing. A memory of sending Rayn flying down the garden, crashing into the fence at the end of the huge expanse of grass and then laughing about it as I patched him up better than his mother could with her band aids and soda.

I feel like I'm floating in the good memories, keeping the bad ones out as I just enjoy moments of my own life that I'd forgotten about.

For the first time in years, I'm finally beginning to feel good about something.

The End

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