Gemme: Never Gonna Let GoMature

I would have blamed his telekinesis but there was no point, heck. I don’t even have to ask him if I’m slave or master. I look up at him, “so, guess we’re heading home then?” I smile; I hope we’re going home. He nodded and grinned, "Well, I remember this onetime..." I giggled. He gave me a curious look and I continued, "one of my old boyfriends, we were sat in a park like this and he kissed me, like then started making out with me, then by impulse he just stripped and I giggled, leaving him there as these kids walked past.”

"Harsh," he laughed, "mind you, sounds like he deserved it. Even I wouldn't do something like that.”

"Never done it in anywhere besides the bedroom or living room?" Where did that question come from? I suppose I got curious.

"Well you know I've only screwed one other girl. Technically it was a bed, but it wasn't in the bedroom."

"Want to?" I replied quickly, almost cutting him off.

He smiled, "sure."

 I giggled, "Any favourite positions?" I asked, not sure who was talking, me or Nigh, but I’m pretty sure it was me, in fact I hadn’t seen Nigh for a while, perhaps exerting all that energy earlier mad her poof?

He chuckled, almost embarrassed. "Dunno."

"Let’s keep it simple. Stood up, sat down, or laid down?"

"Lay down."

"Hmm, home... or away?"

"Not tried away before."  He laughed.

"And you’ve tried standing up?" I giggled. "Well, I am your slave, so you pick."

He put his arms loosely around my waist and kissed me hotly, slipping his fingers under my shirt slightly, gently tickling the skin just above my jean's waistband, my stomach tightened as he caught me off guard but I relaxed soon enough, allowing him to take over. His hands moved up to my chest, under my bra, massaging my skin teasingly. I closed my eyes, asking him what he wanted me to do.  He bent forward a little to whisper in my ear, asking me to kneel down and use my mouth for something other than talking.

"Luca..." I muttered, thinking a moment, before dropping to my knees. I pulled his trousers down; exposing his belly I kissed it softly, moving my kisses down his body as I moved his trousers down too. His fingers knotted into my hair as he let out that familiar happy growl. I smiled, finally moving my hands to his boxers and tearing them down to his ankles. "This want you want... master?"

"Yeah," he muttered, looking down at me. I smiled, doing as he commanded; I felt dirty... real dirty, his hips twitched forward, slightly impatient as I taunted him. I nodded, as best I could, and sped up my movements further.

His contented growl returned and we remained like that for a few more moments, before he pulled away, wrapping his hands around my arms and tugging me back to my feet. He kissed me hungrily as he slipped a hand between my legs, pushing me backwards into the bars of the swings, the cold metal made a shudder run down my spine and I gasped, his sudden movements taking me off guard. When did he become so quick?

Unbuttoning my jeans, he slid them down my legs to my ankles, my pants following soon after. His fingers pushed inside of me, not breaking the kiss. I took another sharp intake of breath, moaning his name every time I broke his kiss. When he finally broke the kiss, he smiled, feeling my muscles tighten slightly as I neared the edge. Pulling his fingers away, he renewed the kiss and pushed into me with a groan, moving our bodies as one.

As he entered me I felt myself gasp, again, "God!" I cried I wished he would stop catching me off guard... Lie. His thrusts were powerful, for the first time betraying his real strength, "oh God Luca!" I moaned, this time I really felt weak and powerless. I'm glad he was on my side though...

He held me up with one hand, his other back on my chest. Our eyes met for a moment, the passion in his chocolate orbs burning bright. I cried his name once more; I knew his passion, not just from his eyes... I could feel it. He in turn growled my name, but I barely heard it as my body spasmed its way into a blissful oblivion.

I was still breathing hard, even as my body began to relax, God that was tiring, though I wasn't the only one breathing hard. Luca's heavy breaths matched mine as he grinned at me, kissing me once more, softly this time.

"I'm so glad I'm not on your bad sighed." I breathed, pulling up my pants, followed by my trousers.

“Why’s that?” He asked, mirroring my movements.

"Mmm," he nodded, "you have the gym back in Cameron to thank for that."

"I will." I giggled, "I feel so weak compared."

"Diddums," he grinned. "Short and weak. But I love you anyways," he winked. I narrowed my eyes slightly and huffed. He smiled and wrapped his arms around me, linking his hands together behind my back.

My eyes softened as he wrapped his arms around me and I hugged him back. "I love you too."

"Well someone has to," he smiled, laughing slightly. "So was it better being my slave girl this time?" he whispered in my ear.

I moved back slightly so he could see my face and I nodded, before reaching up on my tiptoes and resting my head on his shoulder. He bent a little, making it easier for me to reach and I thanked him with a smile, before falling back on my feet again. I closed my eyes, my breath soft on his neck.

"S'ok." He replied and I kissed his neck softly, before rearranging my hands to wrap them around his neck instead, clinging to him firmly. "Someone's in a huggy mood today," he chuckled gently, his arms tight around me.

I nodded again, "I may not let go, either."

"Hmm, now, while I don't mind that, I would kinda like to sit down somewhere," he smiled.

"There's a bench over there." He glanced over at it and then back at me. The smile widened a little as he picked me up, taking me over to the bench. “That was unnecessary.”

 "Well you weren't gonna let go of me any time soon, so I figured I might as well. It's quicker than shuffling over there with you clinging to me and easier than ripping the bench out of the concrete." he grinned

"You could have asked me to let go..."

"Didn't really want to,” he replied and I smiled, kissing him again as I brought my legs onto the bench. He kissed me back easily, his smile not on his lips, but in his eyes.

One, last, test, "I love you."

“I love you too,” he smiled happily, without hesitation. My hands were not moved from round him... I didn’t want to let go either.

The End

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