Luca: Don't remember THAT tattoo....Mature

I still can't remember getting from the shower to the bed. And I'm sure I went somewhere else, but it doesn't really matter, I guess. There are loads of holes in my memory. Guess drugs have fucked me over more than I thought.

"You okay?" I ask after a while. She's being really quiet, and the silence was getting kinda awkward.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just missed you." She whispers under her breath.

"Missed me?"

"Yeah, you were only gone for less than a day, when I left, but I missed you." I squeeze her hand gently and smile.

"Well, I'm back now," I say, glancing at her. I don't really know where we're going, we're just walking for the sake of walking, I guess. We're kinda going in the direction of the park, but I don't think it's a set destination.  As the kid's playground comes into view, Gemme stops and flings her arms around me randomly. I stop walking, surprised and hug her back. "Sure you're okay?" I laugh slightly. She nods silently against my chest and we stand there like that for a while longer. Smiling, I kiss the top of her head and pull away. "Wanna keep walking?" I ask. Sniffing, she nods again, reclaiming her grip on my hand.

I'm not entirely convinced there's nothing wrong, but I don't really want to push it. After all, I'm not the only one with a temper on me.

The kid's playground is empty when we get there, and I swing myself up onto the top of the climbing frame, smiling at the childishness of it. As I clamber up, I catch sight of a tattoo on my wrist. One of those Japanese symbols, y'know. A kanji. I don't remember getting it done.


"It means ‘warrior', right Luca?" Gemme smiles, sitting down on one of the swings. Huh, guess she heard that in my thoughts. I look down at her from the top of the frame where I'm standing, holding myself up with telekinesis. Turning my gaze from her to the tattoo.

"Dunno. Don't remember it," I laugh, staring at the symbol. I shrug. The movement unbalances me and my foot slips on the bar I'm standing on. For a second, I fall. But I stop myself and bend over backwards, putting my hands on the bar behind me; I flip myself up and stand on my hands, ignoring my shirt as it slips down, revealing my belly.

"You show off," Gemme mutters and I grin at her, walking on my hands over to the edge of the frame. She sighs, shaking her head slightly. "What about your other tattoos?"

"I remember those. How could I not? The tribal one across my shoulders and the wolf one took hours," one like the small kanji could be done in just fifteen minutes. Though it is kinda odd that I haven't noticed it til now. She nods.

"What about mine?" Well that's easy. I put one hand out into the air and support my weight on it, keeping myself in the air. No one's around to notice, apart from Gemme. I walk over to her on my hands, standing upside down in the air so that our faces are level, a few inches apart.

"Two dragons and a phoenix. Easy." I smile.

"Humph. So, whose are better?" I shrug and then realise that must look really weird upside down. I flip myself the right way and put myself back on the ground. Sitting next to her, I think about it for a moment.

"Yours have more meaning than mine. I mean my wolf one was designed by you, but that's the only one that has any real meaning to me. I got the others ‘cause I was bored, "I look at the one on my wrist again, "or stoned."

"Hmm," she mutters, lying on the floor. "I'm bored." I roll my eyes and look down at her once again.

"Always bored," I murmur, wondering how I can stop her being bored.

"Sorry. Perhaps we could go to the beach tomorrow?" The beach? It takes near enough an hour just to get to Cameron. The beach is hours away now.

"It's ages away," I laugh slightly, "I guess we could, though. I mean, we'd have to leave at like five in the morning, but we could."

"So? I haven't been in years," she smiles slightly and I shrug again.

"Sure. I'll warn you now," I grin, "I don't do early mornings."

"It will take about two and a half hours if we steal a car. Dunno if you can drive." I chuckle. Two and a half hours if you stick to limits, yeah.

"I hotwire them, too. Pick up all sorts of useful things when you're a dealer," I wink.

"I don't even have to do that." She smiles and I nod. I guess you wouldn't, if you can see into people's heads how to do things. I consider warning her about my driving for a moment, before I realise I don't have a licence anymore. I never lost it to the law, I just ‘misplaced' the card. In other words, someone probably stole it.


"Hmm, well that covers tomorrow, but how am I s'posed to entertain you today?" I ask.

"I dunno. Be creative," she tells me. Nice one. Talking to one of the least creative people ever.

"Flip a coin?" I laugh after a moment.

"What're we flipping for?"

"Same as last time, I guess," I shrug. She asks me if I'm sure and I nod. I wouldn't have suggested it if I wasn't.

"Okay, heads or tails?" I tell her heads and she sits up, pulling a coin out of her pocket. She flicks it into the air and I squint as it catches the sun. Catching it, she slaps it onto the back of her hand and looks at it for a second before flipping it again. And again.

"Heads," she announces. I grin.

The End

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