Gemme: Cosmic ConfusionMature

Well, I just wanted to hold him; I liked seeing him so human. But seeing him so open to me now, almost in tears it somewhat scared me. I returned wearing jeans, truthfully I just wanted to collect myself and coldness had nothing to do with it. I looked at him and smiled, sitting beside him. “I’ll practice, just for you. I’ll work with my powers and I will find out a way to lock up those memories.”  I promised, bringing my knees up to my chest and leaning them on slightly.

He was quiet for a moment before he thanked me. I absently looked across the room. “I will.” I nodded, in agreement with the words. “I must.”

 "Well, you don't have to; it'll just take a hell of a lot longer otherwise."

"I want you, how you want to be, but I'm not going to risk anything." I flicked my gaze to the clock and realised how late it had gotten. We had been sat on the floor talking for over an hour.

"So how are you gonna practice it, exactly?"

"Like I did last time, I'll search my own mind." I’m not going to erase anything, last time I simply looked into a mirror and lost myself. Which is a lot harder than looking at someone else’s mind as I have myself, looking at myself, loosing myself, in my own mind, I know, confusing hmm?

He shot me a questioning look and I elaborated. “When I first got my power, I looked into my own eyes using a mirror and lost myself in my own head. If I can find out how to do it like that, I can help you."

"Don't hurt yourself just to help me, Gemme," he said warningly.

"I won't, don't worry." He hugged me and as my head was positioned next to his ear I whispered, "Not that I wouldn't give my life for you." I whispered.

“Don’t say that,” he muttered unhappily and I was shocked, but I didn’t let it show.

 I tried to keep my tone light, “why not?” I asked, still holding my head on his shoulder.

 "Because it's stupid; I'm not worth your life."

"No, you're worth more than that to me." I replied and I instantly got a wave of confusing thoughts hitting me. So I thought I would try and explain it to him, in the only way I knew how, “what do I mean to you?”

"I hate when you spring random questions on me," he grumbled, stopping to think. "Christ, I dunno. To be honest you still confuse me. I find myself saying I l-love you, but even I don't know when you became more than a best friend..."

"Hmm, well perhaps later on I could explain what I mean. It's hard to explain..." I mumbled. "For now, I believe I need to sleep. It is midnight after all."

"Yeah," he got up. "Sorry."

"No need. Feel free to sleep in my bed again.” He nodded and followed me into my room. I wriggled out of my jeans and slipped off my top. Crap, I forgot I wasn’t wearing a bra... I placed an arm across my bust and shimmied over to my draws. “Sorry...”

"Does it really matter? I've already seen everything anyways," he said, exchanging his jeans for a pair of jogging trousers.

"Mmm, still feels a little funny." I muttered as I pulled a lace night gown out of my draws, slipping it on. Luca clambered into the bed and curled up on his side. She slipped into the bed, looking at him with a smile. He smiled back half heartedly. I closed my eyes, dropping the smile from my face as I tucked my head into my chest, I didn’t want to argue with him, or for him to apologise. I just need to rest.

His arm slid around my waist and he pulled himself a little closer. I hummed a little "mmm" as I felt my body get warmer as he got closer; I opened my blue eye and looked at him for a minute before opening both of them. “What?"

I smiled widely. "Nothing."

“Why are you staring at me then?”

“I’m not staring!”

"Looking at me, then," he laughed slightly.

"There's nothing wrong with looking at you. You look at me."

"Yeah, because you're worth looking at," he grinned.

"So are you or else I wouldn't be looking."


"Humph." I mirrored I smiled and wrapped my arm around him, pulling me closer so our faces were inches from each other and I could stare into his deep brown eyes. So they weren’t two different colours, they were still interesting to look at.

He smiled warmly. "Gemme?"


"I know you hate me apologising, but I really am sorry about earlier. I didn't mean to lose it so bad."

I sighed, closing my eyes for a moment, shaking my head against the pillow. "It's fine." I smiled back, looking into his eyes again.

“Thank you,” he muttered.

“Luca?” I asked.

 “Yeah?” He replied I had no answer I simply leant forward so our lips almost touched and I kissed his cheek instead.

He returned the smile and hesitantly kissed me back, but on the lips, not on my cheek.

I half smiled, "I knew you couldn't resist."

“I’m just trying to be less of a retard,” he mumbled.

Way to ruin a moment... “Nice,” I replied, trying to keep the disappointment out of my voice as the moment was lost.

“Apparently I'm failing," he sighed.

I shook my head. "No, I'm just tired." I sighed as I crushed my body against his, slowly tracing the tattoo on his shoulder. "You're not failing."

"Then sleep," he muttered.

"Yeah," I mumbled, resting my head down on the pillows. He kissed my forehead softly and I smiled softly, mumbling I love you’s and other things beneath my breath before I kissed him back.

"I lo-love you too," he stammered and then cursed himself.

My smile faltered slightly, but it stuck, "yeah." Sighing he grimaced and fell silent.

"Good night, Luca." I whispered, kissing his forehead softly, closing my eyes.

“Yeah, night.” He mumbled.

I waited for him to fall asleep before I snuck out of bed, sneaking downstairs and out of the house. I didn’t take a key and I just walked to the park. No one gave me a weird look; to them I would be wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I walked to the park, climbing to the top of the tallest tree I sat gazing at the moon. My mind was too confused, I looked up, gazing at the stars and the moon and I smiled.

The End

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