Luca: Gallery spaceMature

"Gemme, I... I lo-" I swallowed uncomfortably and closed my eyes for a second. Opening them again, I looked at her. "I l-love you," I stuttered with a nervous smile.

Why was that so fucking hard to say?

I can't tell if I want to laugh or cry, to be honest. Either way, I feel kinda shaky still, and I don't say anything, I just hug her closer and close my eyes, trying to keep Emily out of my head.

Brilliant. I finally manage to say what I should have said ages ago and instead of thinking about Gemme, I'm thinking about Emily. Fuck off and get out of my head, please.

"Good night, Luca," Gemme says, reaching up to kiss me. I somehow manage to kiss her back, but I can't sleep, too busy closing off the unwanted memories.

Why now? It's been over a year, just go away.

I close my eyes, and the next thing I know, it's morning and Gemme's already awake, as usual.

"Hey," I mumble sleepily, smiling.

"Mmm," she groaned, sounding more tired than I do.

"Good sleep?" I ask, hoping she didn't hear my thoughts for once.

"Yeah... too good." Apparently she didn't. That's a good thing. I laugh slightly and roll onto my side to face her, slipping an arm around her waist, kissing her on the cheek. She smiles.

"Good luck trying to get me out of bed," she tells me and I laugh again.

"I wasn't gonna try. I can't be bothered to get up either."

"Good." She mumbles, curling up beside me again. "I enjoy staying here." I nod and hold her close.

"Me too," I murmur, enjoying the comfortable quiet between us. Neither of us says anything for a while and I feel myself beginning to drift off again.

"Post's here... but I can't be bothered," Gemme says after a while, jerking me out of my near sleep. I roll my eyes.

"I'll get it, you lazy-" I stop and smile, sitting up. She grins at me and I just shake my head, swinging my legs out of bed and pulling on a pair of jeans. "The things I do for you," I grumble as I zip up the fly.

"Well, I'll get it then," she says starting to sit up, but I push her back down into the pillows so that I'm on all fours over her. Again.

"No," I smile, "I'll get it." A flash of desire flickers in her eyes as she nods. I kiss her lightly and get up, walking downstairs and out to the mail box. A guy passes me and gives me a disapproving look as I pull the mail out of the box and flick the little flag thing down. It takes me a moment to realise that most people in this part of town probably wouldn't get their mail when they're half naked with sex hair. I just smile at him irritatingly, in too good a mood to be bothered to get aggressive.

I jog back up the stairs and run into Gemme's room leaping at the bed with a playful growl, stopping myself in mid air over her so I'm floating a few inches above her. She flinches slightly before opening her eyes when I don't land on her.

 "That was evil. You scared the living daylights out of me!" I grin and hand her the mail, rolling out of the air onto the bed next to her. "Thank you." She mumbles, looking through the junk mail until she finds the letter she's looking for. She opens it with baited breath, reading it quickly. She lets out a faint squeal and I look at the mess of words on the page, trying to figure out why she's squealing.

I hate reading.

"Get the gallery space?" I ask. She nods and grins widely. I smile and hug her tightly. "Well done," I say, not knowing what else I could say. It's not like I had any doubts that she would get it.

"Thank you." She beams, hugging me back just as tight. "Looks like I'll be busy for a while." I nod.

"Mmm, so... seven deadly sins, eh? Any ideas of what you're gonna do for them?"

"Hmm, some. Lust is hard though." Don't paint me. That would be embarrassing.

"I'm sure you'll come up with something," I laugh and loosen my grip on her to roll onto my back.

"I should really get dressed, shouldn't I?" she mutters and I turn my head to look at her.

"If you really want. I won't complain either way," I grin crookedly.

"Well I'll be painting all day so I'll probably just be wandering around in a tee. Hmm..." She whispers, gracefully slipping out of bed. I watch interestedly as she puts a paint-splattered tee over her. It stops teasingly at her thighs. She slides a pair of panties up her legs and smiles at me as I gaze at her. I have to resist the urge to strip her off again and smile, instead sitting up and saying I'm gonna go have a shower.

I take longer shaving than I do in the shower and when I get out, I remember my white top has blood on it and I look like a total emo kid in the black button down shirt on its own. So I just put my jeans back on and don't bother to wear a top at all. I ignore the mess that is my hair, just to prove my point that I'm not vain. Gemme smiles at me as I emerge from the bathroom.

"Well, I believe I shall start painting now. Feel free to sit with me if you wish." I shrug and smile, following her to one of the other rooms where she's already set up her easel and canvas.

The End

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