Gemme: I love youMature

"Should be, slave girl," he laughed, lifting my chin with a finger and ducking in to kiss me forcefully. I kissed him back with as much innocence as I could muster, which was quite a lot actually, it even allowed a blush to appear on my cheeks.

"There's no point playing coy with me," he smiled as he pulled away.

"Sorry master... I've just not done this many times before." I mumbled; heh... I should become an actor.

"Oh sir!" I mumbled, shocked.

"Problem, slave?"

I shook my head. "You caught me by surprise. That's all; I also promised I wouldn’t until I was married.” I giggled.

He smiled and kissed me again. "Well, then, you've been very naughty. Perhaps you should be punished," he chuckled.

"Oh no sir...!"

“Oh yes, slave,” his grin widened slightly. I shook my head against him and he hugged me close for a moment before pushing me onto my back so that he was on all fours above me. I looked at him in shock for a moment, tossing beneath him as if I didn't want it. I'm a bad liar. As I wriggled, he took both my wrists in one hand and held my arms above my head, his other hand sliding back under my shirt. "No...Sir!" I whined pathetically.

He took his hand away from my arms, but I couldn't move them; he was holding me down with telekinesis, "dirty tricks.”

"Playing dirty is what I'm good at," he whispered in my ear, his hands rougher on me than usual.

"No, sir let me go!" I whimpered, still as pathetic as ever.

Ignoring my pleas, he began to take my top off, slowly and torturously, his nails dragging against my skin a little as he pulled the material away. I shuddered slightly, but tried to deny the desire growing in me. His hands moved underneath me and I was lifted for a moment off the floor as he unhooked my bra. I shivered, commenting that his hands were cold before I lowered by body back onto the floor.

"I didn't say you could lie back down," he smiled, this time lifting me completely off the floor by a few inches without touching me. I reached my arms and legs down so I touched the floor with something, but I still arched toward him. I really dislike floating.

"Do you not trust me?" he asked as I touched the floor.

"No, I trust you. It just feels un-natural." I mumbled, taking a deep breath before I took my hands and feet off the floor again.

"Good," he smiled and left me in the air for a few more moments before laying me back down on the floor. He moved back over me and put his hands between my legs, rubbing slowly through my jeans. "Ooh, aren't I mean," he laughed. I moaned, moving my hands down to my trouser buttons.

"No," he growled, forcing my hands back above my head. "Bad girl," he smiled crookedly, kissing me. I whined, writhing beneath him. But I still kissed him back.

He teased my upper body for what felt like an age, completely ignoring the part of me that was most desperate. "God Luca!" I growled, unable to reach my hands down to satisfy myself.

"Hmm, I was beginning to like being called 'sir'," he winked, moving one hand down to the waistband of my jeans and then bringing it back up with a laugh. I whined again as I arched my body toward him, "please!"

"Please what?" he asked, cupping my face in one hand keeping my eyes on his.

"Please... sir?"

Grinning, he kissed me and unfastened my jeans, sliding them down slowly. I breathed a breath of relief and started smiling beneath him.

"Maybe," he muttered, his hand slipping between my legs teasingly, stroking the skin on my thighs but never reaching what needed to be touched. "Oh God!" I cried, moving against his hand so he would touch me.

He moved his hand away swiftly, slapping it down on my sternum as he bore down on me growling playfully. "Not yet," he whispered.

"When, then?"

He moved away from me, letting me sit up as he took a step back. He tugged his shirt off, slowly followed by his jeans and boxers. Sitting on the sofa, he beckoned me over. I nodded, doing as he wished, what other choice did I have? I couldn’t leave myself like this. 

He pulled me on top of him and guided me over him, groaning happily as our bodies met. "About time..." I murmured happily. After a couple of minutes, he paused and shifted our position so he was once again on top. I looked up at him, the smile still on my face as he moved. He kissed me roughly and pulled away from me, just as I was reaching the climax. I looked at him, a half-upset, half-confused look on my face.

He just grinned, waited a moment and then pushed his fingers into me. The sudden sensation after the denied climax was a shock. "Luca." I moaned as I moved back into the sofa. With a smile, he leant into me, brushing my lips with his. It was hard to bite back the words as well as the feeling but I managed it. I wanted him to give in first.

"Enjoying being my slave girl?" He asked with a slight laugh. I shook my head.

"Hmm, what could I do to make it better, then?"

"Don't torture me next time." I whined, finding it hard to keep my breaths controlled enough for me to talk.

"The torture's half the fun," he chuckled in between light kisses.

"For you."

"Caught me out," he smiled. "I dread to think what you're gonna do to me when I guess wrong next time you flip the coin."

"Mmm." I smiled... "How... can you talk..?" I asked with a gasp as I lost my breath again.

"Because I've not got a hand between my legs." I closed my eyes and moaned once more, allowing myself to let go, well I let go, I didn’t want to. He brushed his lips down my body as I shuddered. I wrapped my arms around him, kissing him softly, but I pulled away. The close contact only made me want to say the words even more.

A small frown flickered across his face as I moved away, but he didn't say anything, instead putting his hand between my legs again. I closed my eyes again, laying my hands by my side. His free hand strayed away from me, moving between his own legs. I opened one eye to see what he was doing but I didn't stop him, I just watched. As one hand moved faster, so did the other one, until he took both hands away, sinking back into me with a hungry growl.

I let out a quick moan before closing my eyes again, more focused on telling myself that I would not say it, that I wouldn’t. I just hoped that it wouldn’t ruin the moment. His movements were quick and he groaned above me as he got closer to his own climax. I didn't even notice that much as I began to tremble again. He moaned and pulsed desperately within me as he came to a finish, but I barely heard it over my own ecstatic groans.

I smiled, looking up at him, enjoying the afterglow. "That's a lucky coin."

"Mmm, very lucky," he grinned.

"I'm going to bed." I mumbled; standing up I wobbled slightly, my legs still trembling.

"Oh, okay," I held out a hand for him and he took it and smiled.

"Come on. We'll go to bed." He nodded and stood up and I led him upstairs, quickly moving from the landing when we got there, I realised now how uncomfortable that made him. “Let’s not ruin this moment this time hmm?” I was determined not to say the ‘l’ word. "Yeah," he muttered, hugging me.

I took the moment to hug him back, careful not to fall asleep in his arms. I looked over the banister and looked at the drop to the bottom floor and convinced myself Luca would never do that, even though it shuts women up...

He mumbled something too quiet to hear, squeezing me gently. "Come on, I'm afraid I'll fall asleep on you if we stay here.”

"If you're tired then sleep," he smiled, kissing me softly.

"I will, just not on you here." I smiled, tugging him into the bedroom with me. The sheets pulled themselves back as we neared the bed and he climbed in after me, tugging them back over us. I brought myself as close to him as I could, my arms around him as I rested my head on his chest.

He kissed the top of my head, relaxing into the bed.

"I shan't say it." I murmured to myself as I closed my eyes, using a hand to tug the duvet around us.

"Why not?"

"Because it upsets you. I don’t want to upset you." I mumbled my eyes were still closed. He was quiet for a moment, then sighed and kissed me again. He lifted my head up and told me to open my eyes; I obeyed and opened them slowly, finding myself looking into his deep brown eyes.

"Gemme, I... I lo-" he swallowed uncomfortably and closed his eyes for a second. Opening them again, he looked at me. "I l-love you," he stuttered with a nervous smile.

A wide, soft smile appeared on my lips and a tear escaped my eye. "I love you too." I whispered this moment was too precious for me to truly explain. But a warm feeling flushed over me. I felt happy, more than that word can even mean.

"Not fair," he mumbled, his smile still a little shaky, "why's it so easy for you to say?"

"I haven't lost someone I loved like that before. To me the words mean nothing but happiness." I whispered, resting my head above his heart again.

“Yeah," he muttered, his arm tightening around me slightly.

"Thank you... so much." I smiled, kissing his chest softly, just where my head was laid.

"S'ok." he mumbled.

I laughed slightly, but then turned with all seriousness. "With those words my job is done." After all, I was only there to fix him. I had just done that.

"Job?" he asked, still a little surprised at his own words.

"You only asked me to help you. I did just that.” Although, I have no intentions of leaving him, not now.

"I've still got a way to go, I think," he murmured.

“I have no intention of losing, or leaving you Luca and although that may be true you made a big step today."

The End

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