Gemme: BoredomMature

I saw Ike concentrating, then I realised what he was concentrating on. “Be careful what you’re doing Luca...” He says to him and I growl, trying not to shout. Fail. “Damn it you said you would just butt out! I’m sure you and your buddies are done here now go before I lock your powers like I did when we were 10.” Why couldn’t he just let go of his powers, just for a while and keep his promise? “OUT!” I shouted, pointing to the door. He huffed and walked outside. I thanked the football team as they left, after all I was angry at my brother, not them. As for Luca. Meh, he was my problem; not Ike’s.

 Luca walked downstairs and then looked at me. “What’s all the shouting for?”

I breathed slowly, “Ike promised he wouldn’t use his powers.” I spoke rather calmly, which was quite spooky.

“Powers? I wasn’t doing anything.”

“He thought you were going to. He’s faithless.”

"It's okay. He's gone. Anyway..." I flopped down on the new leather couch. "How did your day go?"

"It was alright. Went to the gym, got harassed by a trainer, then I went and had a look for the dealer and got harassed by the bikers. I don't think they were all that impressed when I remembered what you said about their 'designer' leather and just started laughing at them," he chuckled.

"What about the dealer, what's she like?" I realise I said she, I just hope he didn’t pick up on that.

"She called me eye-candy," he raised an eyebrow incredulously at the memory.

I let out a wordless growl. "Well you are."

"Don't worry, if she steps out of line, I'll just... throw her down the stairs, that seems to shut girls up pretty quick," he half smiled awkwardly.

... Well what am I meant to say to that? "Yeah..."

"I can already tell it's gonna be a good working relationship. She's hitting on me and I already feel like punching her," he grinned. "Have fun doing the house over?"

"Yeah, there's a bunch of stuff out back if you feel like burning something."

"Nothing wrong with having bonfire night early, eh?"

"I thought you'd like that."

"More interesting than watching a film with... what's his name? Keanu Reeves, does his face ever change?"

I giggled shaking my head. "Matches are on the mantel piece."

"Matches? Pfft. I’ve got a bottle of lighter fluid in my room. That's much more fun."

"Just don't set the whole garden alight or write your name in the grass."

“Damn," he grinned.

"Luca," I smiled and shook my head.

“I'm joking... mostly."


"I can't guarantee that the garden won't catch fire."

"Can't you use your telekinesis?”

"Can't say I've ever tried to make fire do what I want with telekinesis, but I can always try."

I sighed, lying down on the couch. "Ugh, do what you want. I'm too bored to care."

"You're always bored," he smiled. "What does it take to stop you being bored?"

"I'm not bored 100% of the time."

"No, I know. I was exaggerating."

"Pfft." I sighed, turning my attention back to the ceiling.

He stands so that his face replaces the ceiling in my line of vision. "You didn't answer my question."

"Fine... I don't know."

"Isn't there anything you like doing aside from art and sex? I’ve noticed those two seem to entertain you quite a bit," he smiles and moves out of sight, sitting heavily on the floor beside the sofa.

"Not really. My life's pretty boring."

"Well, I'm in a randomly good mood. I suggest you take advantage of it," he said.

"I will." I nodded, closing my eyes. What was I meant to do? There's nothing I wanted to do. "What do you wanna do?"

"Dunno. I might play my guitar."

"Go for it." He disappeared to go get his guitar, then reappeared and began to play. I yawned and he looked at me, an eyebrow raised. Don’t get me wrong though, he wasn’t boring me, his playing was rather good, I was just bored before he started playing. "Sorry."

He stopped playing and laid the guitar beside him carefully, "what for?"

"For yawning, it's rude."

"Not really. I'd say being boring is just as rude, only I dunno how I'm supposed to be less boring," he grumbled.

"I'm sorry, I am. I'm just a boring person myself. I never did get away from the rich person stereotype."

"Go live in a trailer park and live out of a charity shop for a few weeks, that'll get you away from it alright."

"I'll pass thanks. Don't think it would make me any better of a person though.”

He said nothing and I realised what I had just said. "Oh I'm sorry.”

"What for now?"

"I didn't mean you're a bad person! I'm just gonna go upstairs and shut up."

"If you say so."

I kissed him roughly and randomly. "Yeah."

He kissed me back."Then there's no hope for me, is there. If your life isn't going anywhere, where's mine going?"

"You have a drug baroness to impress. I have... nothing."

"Go find something then. I mean, we've gone through this before and obviously what I came up with last time wasn't impressive enough to make you cheer up a bit, was it, so y'know. Go make something for yourself."

"What you came up with last time?"

“Your art and me," he muttered quietly.

"Oh but my art does mean the world to me and you so much more. Just right now, I'm waiting."

"What for?"

"A letter, telling me if I got the gallery or not."

"Well it's not exactly gonna take too long for that, is it?"

"Nah I still have the rest of today though. Oh you're free to do whatever you want with me though.

“Hmm, what to do, what to do?" He smiled, kissing me again, gently.

I shrugged. "How’s about we flip a coin? You get it right you get to decide whose slave and whose master." He’s never seen cruel intentions. I’m telling you he won’t have seen it.

"Slave and master?" He mused with a smile. "Go on then."

 "So, heads or tails?"


“Tails it is, so who’s who?”

He grinned and looked at me. "Have a guess."

I bowed my head to him. “Sorry...master." I smiled; a playful glint in my eye.

The End

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