Luca: Need a trainer?Mature

Why does that word do such weird things to me? I felt as awkward this morning as I did the first time she said it to me. Gemme didn't argue when I left. We both knew there was no point.

As I walk through town, I see the gym. I'm sure working out would be seen as better than getting into a fight. Which I guess is why I find myself back at the charity shop, buying a gym bag and some joggers to work out in.

Hiding my knife in the gym bag in the changing room, I change into the joggers and walk out into the gym. Gemme calls me vain? She should see this lot. One of the trainers watches as I go over to tone of the treadmills and wanders over to me. He stands in front of me and folds his arms across his chest, still watching. As I work up to running speed, I finally get annoyed with him just watching me.

"What're you looking at?" I ask irritably as the treadmill tilts slightly so it's like I'm running up hill. He frowns slightly.

"You're not even breaking a sweat," he notes. I shrug. I'm not about to tell him I'm healing the ache out of my muscles, am I? "I'm impressed. You new around here?" he asks and I just nod, wondering why he's bothering talking to me. I run for a little longer and then jab the button that slows it back down. This fat guy next to me is having trouble with his treadmill and as the trainer guy goes over to help him, I take the opportunity to jump off the treadmill and go over to the other side of the room, looking for something else to do.

Because the rowing machines are too close to the treadmills. And that trainer was annoying me.

It'd be a bad idea to get banned from the gym first time I use it, eh?

I end up over at the weights. It's so tempting to use telekinesis to lift them and make it look like I'm lifting them. But that won't really help me. So I lift them myself.

Which is when the trainer comes over to me again. I try to ignore him, but he keeps positioning my hands on the bar because apparently I'm holding it wrong. I drop the weight back on the rack and sit up.

"Why are you picking on me?" I snap and he smiles.

"You look like you need a trainer. You're doing it all wrong," he says and I just shake my head.

"I don't need a trainer, and it doesn't matter if I'm doing it wrong. Go away before you piss me off," I grumble, standing up. He's a bit taller than me, but this doesn't put me off as I push past him. He smiles and slips a card into my hand. Some people just don't get the message do they?

I decide I've had enough, and go back to the changing room before I end up hitting him. I get changed, put the joggers in the bag, leave them in the locker and lock it again, walking out with the key in my pocket. Surprisingly, no, I don't give a shit about what they might have to say about that.

Eventually, I find myself on the outskirts of the town. Trailers, mobile homes and rundown houses litter the streets and I suddenly feel much more at home. My walking is not aimless. Even though that guy pissed me off, I still left the gym in a better mood that I was in when I went in.

All I have to do now is find the town's local dealer. It's not hard. Ask the right questions in the right places and you can go straight to them.

Apparently the dealer here is a girl. Izzy. I was told she doesn't like being fucked over. They also had the terrible manners to tell me that I looked like I was here to fuck her over. I came very close to stabbing him.

I didn't, though. Hell's Angels decided to come in at that point and they recognised me from when I first came here. Seems they remembered me calling them all benders. I remembered what Gemme said about them attacking me with their designer leather and I just burst out laughing in the middle of them yelling at me.

"Sorry, boys, I have somewhere else to be," I grin, pushing past them. They look a bit stunned and are too surprised to follow me. I try not to think of Gemme as I walk halfway around the edge of the town. But it's almost impossible.

The End

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