Gemme: I'm Late!Mature

I left Luca to his own devices, I knew what he would do and I had already accepted it. So I stopped by the florist and picked up the bouquet. I had one ordered for the same day every year. I loved these flowers; I suppose it probably came from seeing them all the time when I was younger. I tried my best to forget about what Luca was doing right now and instead I walk to the cemetery. Ike is waiting for me outside, an identical bunch of flowers in his hands. “Hello brother.” I mumble and he nods, I know he’s going to talk to me about leaving.

“You left town, you’ve become quite a famous artist and you bought a giant mansion and didn’t even bother to invite me over. I’m not angry with you; I’m just annoyed that you didn’t tell me.” I nod, “I’m sorry Ike, perhaps another day we haven’t settled in yet.” He nodded, we do that a lot. Then we both nodded together. “It’s mother’s death-day.” We paused. “Let’s go.” He grabbed my hand and we traced the familiar path to mother’s mausoleum.

It was a giant building, upon which sat a bird, an owl. Mother loved owls, said they were wise creatures. The grave was built especially for her, we were rich and it was the least we could do. We walked in, Ike took a lighter out of his pocket and lit the candles that were sat upon the stone coffin while I wiped away the dead flowers and placed the new ones in the middle of the candle ark.

For the next hour we sat in silence in the gloomy room, contemplating mother. When I started crying because of the fact I killed her and the way she died we had no body to remember her by Ike hugged me tightly, but still we said not a word to each other. Silence was only broken when we heard footsteps behind us. “Hello, Gemme.” Richard spoke, he really was dumb. Picking on me, while my brother was here, while we were both emotionally unstable, on the place where our mother was tribute to? I turned sharply and gave Ike an introduction to Richard in my head. Ike growled and I placed a hand on his chest to steady him.

“Richard, what are you doing here?” I hissed, wiping away the tears.

"Oh, just... passing by," he smiled, what a liar.

"Not here. You shouldn't be here. This is private land." Okay, the cemetery could be visited by anyone but this mausoleum was ours.

 "And you think I care about laws like that?"

"Well you should. Now tell me. What are you doing here?" I stood in front of Ike, making sure he didn’t do anything rash.

"Your boyfriend, Cancer, has upset me. Now, if you help me out here, no one needs get hurt, hmm?"

"Help you?" I asked, I really didn’t believe that.

"Yes, help. Tell me where the little shit went with my money."

"No." I said defiantly, staring into his eyes. He looked away, humph; he couldn’t even hold my gaze.

He took a deep breath, calming himself. "C'mon kid, don't be stupid. Tell me where he is." Kid? Stupid?

"Stupid? You're the stupid one here. What you gonna do seriously?"

He pulled out a gun. "Don't make me do anything I'll regret, Gemme. Just tell me where Cancer is, and I'll leave you be."

I tapped easily into his mind, Ike helping me as we made him turn the gun on himself. "Oh yeah, you're really gonna regret doing that."

His eyes widened but he still persisted. "Just tell me where he is!"

"Or what, you'll shoot yourself?" I laughed as I made him cock the gun, placing it next to his head. He swallowed nervously.

"Bang," I smiled, as I made him pull the trigger. However he didn't die. I only made an illusion of him turning the safety off. He closed his eyes and trembled a moment before recovering. God this guy was insistent.

"Listen, all I want is my money. It's Cancer's debt; he has to pay it off. Just tell me where he is."

"And if he doesn't give you that money you'll hurt him. I can't let you do that."

His eyes narrowed slightly. "This was just going to be a warning visit, a week from now, $50,000. It's not exactly hard."

I sighed, making him flick off the safety this time I made him move the gun to his mouth, shoving the barrel down his throat. "I'm sorry, Richard." I mumbled as I made him pull the trigger. He fell to the floor, blood soaking us and extinguishing the candles. I sighed. “Ike I am so sorry about this. I have to go, Luca’s waiting for me.” He nodded, “I’ll cover this.” I kissed him briefly on the cheek and thanked him as I ran to the station, great. Now I was late.

The End

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