Gemme: RuinedMature

I nod and run upstairs to slip my shoes on and finish my hair. I hate having to rush out the door late minute so I always try to get ready at least an hour before. When I’m done I walk back downstairs, checking once more in the mirror that I look okay. My hair is tied up in a bun, with a small amount of hair hanging in it. I have a necklace on, nothing important and my dress. I smile and stand at the door, “come on Luca, let’s go.” Oh, did I mention I hired a taxi? He appeared soon enough and I slipped out the door, waiting for him to follow before I locked it. I smiled again as I entered the taxi.

I avoided conversation with the taxi driver as best I could before we got there. I was not in the business of telling random people what I was doing, how I was or why I was going where I was. Nosey people are taxi drivers. Anyway, we pulled up outside the giant mansion, walking up the drive I looked in awe at the beautiful hedge-sculptures and the expensive cars. I don’t know much about cars but it was shiny and looked expensive. To my surprise I was instantly recognised at the door, I introduced Luca and with a pseudo-smile the guy welcomed us. I didn’t see anybody I knew but soon I was being introduced to everyone. Mainly people that were stood admiring my forest pieces, although I had been to parties like this before I was always nervous about meeting new people, you remember how shy I was with Luca.

So, knowing how scared I was I always kept close to him. At one point, when someone was admiring... my looks I grasped his hand tightly, kissing his cheek. That however was more of a ‘stay away from me, I’m taken,’ sort of signal. I looked to Luca and smiled. “How’re you holding up?”

“Oh, I'm... fine," he nodded glaring at the guy looking at me and returning the grip on my hand.

"I told you, you wouldn't have to say a word." I reminded, hardly noticing as Jeremy muttered a hello behind me, making me jump a mile.

"No," he muttered turning to face Jeremy, "but I might have a few things to say to him if he doesn't get lost in ten seconds." I didn’t hush him, I didn’t have time to but I didn’t let go of his hand either.

"Why so hostile? I've done nothing to you.” He stated, not waiting for Luca to reply before he turned, muttering another poetic line to me. “I see every rose has its thorns."

"No, no you haven't, but trust me, you never had to. I've not had a fight in weeks and I'm all worked up as it is. All I need is an excuse, and if you have a brain, you won't give me one. So get lost."

"Now, now, all I wanted to do was congratulate Gemme for getting into the artists 'inner circle' may I ask what you do for a living?" I butted in quickly. "He's a guitarist for his own band. It's fairly new."

"On the other hand, I've been told I'd be better suited to cage fighting," he growled in a low voice.

"Seriously, what have I done to upset you so? Unless it was to gaze upon your fair rose but I do believe that a rose that blooms in the wild belongs to none and can be gazed upon by many." He dropped to a whisper, explaining his words; for, by his mind, he didn't think he Luca knew what he was on about. "She doesn't belong to you."

"And what makes ya say that?" Luca challenged, his hand tightening around mine a little. I kept my hand firmly around his too. I didn’t want him to start a fight although by the look on Jeremy’s face he wasn’t about to leave. “Perhaps we could-” I got cut off by Jeremy, seems I had no choice even though Jeremy thought I did. That blasted hypocrite.

"She is not yours; it is her choice what she does." He paused, a slight smirk appearing on his face. "Or who she does it with, you are but a boyfriend; a friend who happens to be a boy." Oh no...

"I'm beginning to wonder if you're suicidal, Jeremy," Luca smiled and let go of my hand, grabbing the front of Jeremy's shirt and pulling the artist in threateningly. "It doesn't matter whether she's mine or not. It doesn't matter if we're just friends or if I proposed to her last night, what matters is you're pissing me off and you don't seem to be getting the message that this is a really bad idea."

"Damn it, Jeremy will you just go, please..." I pleaded, but he didn't listen, instead he leant in; whispering into Luca's ear. I wouldn't have heard, but mind powers and all. "I have killed more dangerous people than you." He hissed. I was right... murderer. But no doubt Luca could still kick his butt.

"Then this should be much more fun than I thought it would be to start with," Luca said brightly, bringing his knee up into Jeremy's groin sharply and throwing him to the floor.

I brought a hand to my forehead, shaking it softly. The whole room had paused to look at us and I felt a blush creep onto my cheeks. "Luca, let's go." I mumbled.

Rolling Jeremy onto his back with his foot, Luca grinned down at the man, though he spoke to me; "Oh, but I'm just beginning to have fun!"

"Luca, please," I pleaded, "another time... not here." I realised how much it sounded like I was grovelling but I really wanted to go.

He looked at me and then around at the paintings that were beginning to shake. Glancing back at Jeremy, the paintings stopped shaking and he stepped away, bending down. "How can you say I'm not dangerous, when I can hold you down effortlessly without lifting a finger?" He murmured quietly

"You haven't seen me on a good day yet." He replied and I grabbed Luca's hand, tugging at it with a whine. "Luca... please..."

"No, you're right. I haven't," he glanced up at me again and smiled, "how’s about you let me know when you're having a good day, and we can meet up somewhere out of town, yeah?" Standing up again, Luca returned the grip on my hand and looked around. "Oops." He grinned. Oops? He just disgraced me in front of all these people, important people, and all he can say is oops!?

"Damn straight oops!" I growled, dragging him out of the house; which was quite a task considering how weak I am compared to him.

"I was provoked!" He protested loudly, pulling away from me.

"By what, you hit him first. You threatened him first! You started it!" I shouted, not believing what had just happened.

"He was trying to get a rise out of me. Oh, and I think you'll find I did warn him not to irritate me."

Right, Luca and of course and wolves have to protect their territory and rights." I sighed. I wasn't going to argue. I'd had enough. I slipped off my heels and began to walk out of the mansion’s yard.

He sighed and shoved his hands in his pockets. "Sorry," he said, following me.

I stopped, turning to him, I forced back the tears but my voice was still shaky. "If I didn't have my power you would have ruined everything. I understand why you did what you did but right now, why right now?" All he had to offer was a shrug and another muttered sorry. I breathed solely, remembering what Ben had said. “All you need is patience.” Yeah. Patience. I nodded to myself, taking another deep breath.

The End

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