Gemme: Three Worlds ApartMature

I glanced to the floor, trying to muffle my giggles. I’m sorry but it was so funny, I just wanted to wake him up a little, he seemed to drift off a bit lately. After a while the giggles stopped and I waited for my mind to come back into focus. I felt like a little kid for a while, that had just played a prank on someone. I looked to him, shaking my head softly to rid my mind of any loose thoughts.

“Luca can I ask you, in all seriousness, what is wrong? I don’t like to press the matter with you but you just don’t seem the same. In truthfulness I’m worried about you.”

“Wrong?” He asked, tilting his head in slight confusion. Then I realised how hard it may be, but I knew there was something upsetting him.

“Yes, you’ve been very distant.” I leant forward, uncrossed my legs and laid my hands on my lap.

“I did warn you that I don't do well with change.” Yes, he did, I know that. But now I just felt bad as if I had torn him away from everything he knew and I know that I had. I had been selfish, keeping him with me. I didn’t even think twice about asking him what he wanted.

"Then would you like to go back? I'm sure I could convince Ben to give you your drug den back." This may sound snappy at first glance, but my tone was soft showing that I was genuinely concerned about what he thought.

He hesitated a little before he spoke; "I don't know. I mean I miss what I know, but... This is too different. This house, this part of town where people just look at me like something on the bottom of their shoe..."

"I'm sorry; the people here are so stuck up. I grew up like this though, so I'm used to them. I'm sorry I never asked you if you want to go, I never thought twice I just..." I took a deep breath and shook my head slightly, still not looking up at him. "I was selfish. I kept you to myself and close to me, I'm sorry." I couldn’t apologise enough, I felt like there was a knot in my stomach. I hated it.

"Huh, well I’m glad you at least don't treat me like something like a bad smell."

“I’m sorry.” Right now, they were the only words I got, the only words I seemed to comprehend and the only ones I wanted to say. I don’t know why.

He sighed, “S’ok.” I shook my head roughly and he asked me what was wrong.

“It’s not OK.”

"It's not like I was forced here y'know." I know, it’s just I felt like I’ve been bias.

"But I should have given you a free choice. I threatened to leave; I shouldn't have put you there in the first place."

"You did say we could go to Burton. I could have made you go there instead." I felt a weight on my heart, I had to tell him.

"Damn it, I lied. I've been here before. I took art classes here. I know this town, but I like it here, I never thought for a moment that you wouldn't like it here. We are like three worlds apart." Three world, solar systems, galaxies...universes, we are so different in every single way.

"The outskirts of town are okay, y'know where the Wal-Mart 'n' stuff like that are. I guess I can just go hang out there more," he shrugged.

"Watch out for the bikers." I noted a slight smile appearing on my face as I lifted my head, brushing my hair behind my ears.

"Those benders won't do anything to me. Even if they did, I haven't been in a fight in ages. They won't know what hit 'em," he laughed, tapping on his leg again.

"I wasn't on about fighting." I giggled.

"Oh?" he raised an eyebrow questioningly.

"You said it yourself. They're 'benders' they may attack you with their designer leather."

"Designer?" he snorted with laughter. "Good one."

I grinned, laughing with him before trying a more serious tone; which was really hard. "Just stay safe, okay?"

"Oh you know me. There's a picture of me next to the word 'safe' in the dictionary."

"Yeah, next to the antonym," I shook my head. "But I'm sure you'll live."

“You have so little faith in me," he grinned.

"Oh no, I believe you'll be safe. But as for others..."

Luca just laughed. "They'll live too. Well... most of them."

"Oh, Luca," I laughed, amazed at how quickly the atmosphere had changed. As soon as he put his cigarette out I moved to sit next to him. Smiling, he twisted to face me better, pulling his feet back up on the sofa. I laid back into the sofa, but kept my gaze on Luca. "Three worlds apart and we still haven't killed each other. It's a wonder."

"Hmm, where'd you get the three worlds bit from?"

"Well name one thing that we think the same on, that we agree on."

"Sex, mostly..."

I froze for a moment, sitting forward a little. "I wasn't expecting that... what do you mean mostly?"

"If I remember right, our views differed a little on our first time together."

"Well it was my first... ever. I was nervous."

"Heh, you didn't act it."

"Oh well... anyway! I've changed now."

“I noticed,” he smiled. I wondered how the conversation had changed from me feeling bad about how I had led him to come here, to us laughing, to me being embarrassed about sex. Great, well maybe we’re two worlds apart.

The End

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