Luca: On displayMature

Gemme's dress is... interesting, let's put it that way. She turns about so I can see all of it. Or the lack of it. Whatever. The dress shows off her tattoos and her cleavage perfectly, and I'm sure usually I'd be more enthusiastic, but the first thing to slip out of my mouth is: "You'll get a lot of stares." That sounds possessive. Oops. I'm about to try and back track a bit but she cuts me off before I can even finish the thought, let alone open my mouth and say it.

"Hmm, perhaps I should wear a coat?" she asks. I shake my head.

"No, I like it. It'll give me something to look at all evening anyways," I laugh and finish my smoke, lighting another almost immediately after.

"Okay. I didn't know my tattoo was so interesting." She giggles and I smile, nodding for no real reason. When it's just us, inside, even in a place big enough to make into a hotel, it's not so bad. I still feel a bit weird and I think the smoking is as much something to do to keep my hands busy than anything else.

"It's a great tattoo," I agree with a crooked smile. That's not all that's great, but even for someone with mood swings like mine, I'm still not in the mood.

"I think I've had all of my ink done for now," she says, sitting down across from me. Not next to me as usual. I can't tell if it's the smoke or the fact I've been in a weird mood since she found me in the wardrobe. I still can't believe I was in the wardrobe. Embarrassing much?

I nod and my mind drifts. Not to tattoos, but to art. I'm wondering about this art "gathering" thing. "Who's gonna be at this thing tomorrow?" I ask after a while, wondering if that Jeremy guy will be there.

"Dunno, that was the whole point of going. Make contacts. I hope, however, that he doesn't." I don't need to ask who "he" is. I nod slowly and finish that cigarette, too, but don't light another one.

"Well, even if he does, I'll be there, so if he tries anything..." I shrug, not really needing to finish that sentence.

"Thank you...I do hope you'll enjoy yourself as much as you can." What will there be for someone like me to do at a place like that?

"Mmm," I hum, tapping my leg. "I wonder if I'll get kicked out for selling weed?" I wonder aloud. C'mon, Alice in Wonderland was only possible because of acid. Ben's art obsession started because of hallucinations, too. The deduction that weed is good for art is a reasonable one. Gemme stares at me in disbelief for a moment, then shakes her head, sighing.

"Yes, you probably would." Damn. What about smoking it? I don't have to ask. The look Gemme gives me says it all, really.

"Shame," I smile, "just as well I asked first then, eh?"

"Yes." She sighs again. "Well, still doesn't help... oh! I have an idea for my paintings. Luca! Thank you! Genius!" She exclaims and the sudden rise in her voice makes me jump. I look at her warily.

"What idea?" I ask dubiously.

"Sins. The seven deadly sins. My new collection." Her tone is all excited, but I can't help wondering if I'm going to be dragged into this. Gemme glances at me. "Not necessarily. I'm sorry I find you interesting." Get out of my head. I miss my privacy.

"Sorry," I mutter. But she did thank me for something - giving her the idea? I'm not sure how I gave her the idea at all, but y'know. She does like painting me; you can't blame me for wondering.

"Perhaps I may even paint you naked... from memory," Gemme mutters. My eyes widen and my feet slip off the sofa from the surprise. "Thought that would wake you up." She smiles.

"You're not being serious," I say. "You just said that to get me to sit up and listen. I was listening."

"Oh, but I am," Gemme smirks slightly and I feel my jaw slacken slightly in shock.

"No." The word slips out stubbornly, the tone of my voice not matching the expression on my face.

"Not for the gallery!" she protests. "Don't be stupid." Stupid? How is it stupid to not want a picture of you naked? I just shake my head. She giggles, quickly letting it become pure laughter. I can feel my temper slipping as I get more confused and irritated. "Oh I'm sorry. I can't lie anymore." She stutters between laughs.

"What?" I ask in a low tone.

"Why would I need a painting? I have the real thing," she laughs and I arch an eyebrow, sitting back and suddenly feeling very stupid for getting pissed off.

"You're evil," I growl, glowering at her from across the room. "Totally evil."

The End

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