Gemme: Fear of FirearmsMature

Okay, granted he didn’t quite look the same as when I first met him but he was still hot. Hehe, I couldn’t help but giggle like a little kid when I thought of it. Grow up, Gemme. I got up, brushing through my hair as Luca finally found his gel and began running it through his hair. Heh, I was done before he was. I smiled, stuffing my purse into my pocket as I walked out of my room. Note to self, wash sheets when we get back, wash jeans and Ben’s shirt. Keep it for when, if we meet again.

“Right, so where do you wanna go first?” I asked as I looked over the landing. The bedrooms were nice, so was the landing, it was downstairs that seemed garish and old. When you walked down the stairs it was like stepping back into the Victorian era.

"Well, I should probably get some clothes, first..."

"Okay. Then we'll go to the gym, then...” I took a moment to gather my thoughts, comprising a list of what I was going to do. “I'll treat you to dinner before I go gallery hunting."

He smiled and nodded, then paused, almost freezing. "Not going back to that other gallery, are you?"

"No. I want an empty one. Plus that guy sort of freaked me out." I shuddered.

"You never did say what was wrong with him...”

"Well. He spoke like a poet, describing me as a rose and such; but what scared me was his mind. It was blood, gore, mutilated bodies and... Well I dread to think about it."

"Weird," he muttered.

"You should have seen the images I mean. If I looked further I would have said he was a murderer. But I've never seen it this bad before."

"Maybe he is, but then he can't have a mind much worse than mine, can he? I mean, I'm a murderer too." Yeah, but the images I saw, the moments he showed me. The vibes I got from the pictures and...I shuddered again.

"Yours is nothing compared. You don't umm... you know what let's just leave that there."

"Yeah, sorry,"

"No it's okay. It's just scary as hell... well worse." I shuddered again. "Come on, let's go." He nodded and we set off, I grabbed the keys and stuffed them in my pocket after locking the door. I knew the town well, I spent a while wandering round before I saw the gallery. But I wasn’t going that way again. I grabbed Luca’s hand and walked with him to the charity shop. Well, the only one I knew anyway. "So, I'll stay here, you go pick what you want." This may seem weird, but I hate shopping. I just can’t deal with it. I get bored easily.

"Yeah, okay." He wandered off into the shop and I sighed, glancing down the street and then watching the traffic as it passes. It seemed forever until he emerged again.

"So, to the gym, why do you care so much about your muscles and such anyway?" I asked as we set off again.

"I was always a weedy little kid when I was younger. After my arm got broken in a local brawl when I was ten, I figured I should do something about being such a scrawny little shit. After that it became habit, or something to do when I was skipping school."

"Hmm, I suppose I never had to do anything like that. Although it shows; I'm as helpless as anything."

"You didn't look it when you beat up Benny," he laughed, that wasn’t me. Plus,

"He couldn't fight back." I noted.

"I won't hold him down next time, then." What? What kind of a stupid idea was that?

"Hopefully there won't be a next time and if there would be, I would be beaten up so badly! Seriously, without my power I'm useless."

"No you're not," he smiled, grabbing my hand.

I nodded, "I mean if you weren't there for me I would be dead so many times by now."

"Yeah, well I think it's pretty even, to be honest. If you weren't there for me, I'd be... well, either still in jail, or I'd have ended up on a come down like last night's but it'd have turned out worse."

"Eugh, even the thought," I shuddered once more.

"I think if anyone else had tried to get me out of the wardrobe I'd have shot them," he laughed weakly.

"Well, I'm glad kinda." I laughed, "Here we are."

He walked inside and I followed him, "only kinda?"

"Well I am really glad that you didn't shoot me and that you like me so much, but I don't want that gun around anymore." Not if he would shoot people... well duh, how else do you use a gun?

"What's wrong with the gun? I haven't shot anyone yet, have I?"

"Well, as long as you don't get any urge to shoot me," wait that came out wrong.

"I won't," he muttered, sounding a little stung.

"I'm sorry but after getting shot, one, two, three; four times I sort of got to dislike guns."

"Well sure I can understand that, but there's no need to just assume I'm gonna shoot you!"

"No, it's not that I think you would it's just easy to have an accident."

"Huh." He shrugged.

"Sorry I'll umm wait outside." I murmured, turning round; trying my best to ignore the bare flesh on display. I walked outside and waited a few more minutes that felt like hours. I just didn’t feel right with a gun around. When he emerged again I hesitated a while before I joined him again, Luca was capable of handling a gun. I’m sure of it.

"What's wrong?"

"Just me being stupid, don't worry about it." I shrugged it off, he shot me a questioning look and I sighed. “Forgive me for being a little scared of guns right now.” I grasped his hand again as we walked toward the cafe I found earlier.

He sighed and looked at me, "You can have it then, if it makes you that uncomfortable. Just don't get rid of it. Those trigger happy retards are still after us," he said.

"No!" I waved my hands in front of me. "I don't want it. I trust you, I do." I grasped his hand again. "You keep it; we're both probably safer that way." I breathed, making myself believe it. Returning my grip, he nodded silently. For a moment I stopped, looking at him. "Can I ask you something?"


I felt stupid for asking but... “Can I hug you?”

"Oh. Uh... yeah..."

"You don't seem so sure about that." I didn’t want him to be so awkward, but I didn’t want him to freeze up on me either.

"Question just took me by surprise, that's all." Of course, you know, you would have thought he would have learnt by now.

"It’s better than me hugging you and you freezing up because I surprised you."

"Yeah, I guess so," he muttered, wrapping me in his arms, it felt nice.

I folded my arms around him. "Thank you, Luca." I only then realised how big he was compared to me. I was so thin, his arms nearly wrapped around me twice.

“S’ok.” He replied and I smiled, pressing my head against his chest; listening to his steady heartbeat.

The End

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