Gemme: Four WordsMature

I didn’t release my grip on him; I was kinda relieved that he had finally calmed down. I shouldn’t have left him; I should have stayed with him till I knew he was going to be okay. “Hush.” I shushed, trying to keep my tone as soft as possible; it wasn’t hard as I had always looked after my brother. “I shouldn’t have left you Luca. I’m sorry.” I then realised I was still wearing Ben’s top, eugh. I’ll change later.

“It was my fault. I’ll be fine. I’ll be fine.” He muttered quietly, I just hope I didn’t hurt him when I tried to quiet his mind.

“One thing for sure,” I muttered, shaking my head slightly. “I’m not leaving you alone again.”

“No, no!” He tried to push me off and I released him instantly. “You can’t just babysit me.”

“I won’t be babysitting you! I just don’t want you to hurt yourself. But, I got your guitar back.” I smiled, attempting to lighten the conversation a little.

Slumping a little, he smiled shakily back. "I got the note. Thank you."

"No problem, but if you don't mind I want a shower and to get changed." He nodded and I paused, looking back at him, "Umm, oh! Ben took over your drug business and apparently that drug guy wants his money." I wouldn’t mention the top. He didn’t seem to notice. Or he was too tired to care.

"Also, if you're gonna sleep. Not in the wardrobe. It'll hurt your back."

He looked around him, suddenly confused. "Why am I in here?" he half whispered.

"I don't know." I smiled, holding out my hands to pick him up. Taking them weakly he half pushed himself up, half let me pull him up.

"Come on, you can sleep in my bed. I'll get a shower and lay with you for a while." I smiled, leading him to my room.

"I'll sleep in mine... I'm all sweaty..."

"I don't care. Sleep." I mumbled, tapping my bed. Too tired to argue anymore, Luca clambered into bed fully clothed and curled up, wincing. I sat next to him, ignoring what I said earlier and wrapped my arms around him, lying down at the same time. "Sorry," he whispered, not pushing me away, or opening his eyes.

"You have no need to be." I whispered, holding him close to me.

Sniffing, he finally opened his eyes and looked at me. "I do. You went... all the way to Cameron to get a guitar for me, and you come back to find me hiding in a wardrobe with a gun. It's not fair on you..."

"I don't mind, I have patience and the knowledge that I know you will overcome this." I smiled.

"I don't deserve you," he muttered, putting an arm over me, pulling me close.

"I'm nothing special." I shrugged, "but just sleep hmm?"

"You are." He murmured in his mind, closing his eyes and drifting off.

“Thank you,” I whispered, kissing his cheek softly, I knew he wouldn’t reply but I took happiness in knowing what he thought of me. I lay for a while with him, just gazing on his sleeping form; a smile plastered on my face as I lay, my head a few inches from his from where he had pulled me close.

After about half an hour I decided to wriggle out of his grasp, he stirred but did not wake. I opened my bag, taking out my spare top and went for a shower. I relished the feeling of the cool water running over my body, ridding it of any sweat that may have clung to her from earlier. I then quickly dried my hair with the towel and changed into the spare clothes. I would have to go shopping some time. I left my old, torn clothes on the floor and returned to the bedroom, taking a spare throw-over from the cupboard I placed it over him and laid on top of it.

This time however I gazed at the ceiling, absently thinking about everything. I was happy, okay. I needed some clothes, re-stock the cupboards and fridge and re-decorate but I was happy. Four simple words hmm? Heh.

The End

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