Gemme: Mirrored WorldsMature

I sigh; I had already gotten a shower and changed before he even woke up. So when he walked downstairs I wasn’t quite sure he noticed that I was already downstairs, eating toast. Not that you needed to know that but hey. I sigh as I hear packets rustling and Luca’s heavy breathing so I finish eating, grab my coat from one of the chairs in the hallway and put it on. "Hey, Luca I'm going out. Try not to get any of that stuff on the floor please." I really wasn’t bothered about his addictions anymore, heck whatever.

"Sorry." I had no idea why he was apologising, so I let out a simple, questioning, "Hmm?"

"The drugs... Never mind, I'll see you later."

"I don't care; it's your life. Just don't make a mess. I'll be back later. See you.” I grabbed my key and placed it in the door, deciding to lock it after me. Sure Luca could defend himself but... after being drugged up? I stopped, suddenly remembering my manners. “Wait. Do you want anything?"

"I'm not gonna make a mess," he muttered, "and no, not really."

"Ok, see you."

“Bye.” I heard his lighter click and I sighed, leaving the house. I wasn’t exactly going anywhere, no purpose, no idea. Just travelling, anywhere, I smiled and walked. I saw a tattoo shop, then a pizzeria and soon I found a gallery. I wasn’t sure how far I had walked or even which way I had gone but the art was so... intriguing. I pushed open the door and walked into the wide open space. Upon each wall was a new mystery hidden within the canvas. Dark secrets, blood and horrors adorned each picture and I smiled, it was amazing. “Yes?” I heard, I mean I heard the voice but I couldn’t see who had said it. I walked around for a bit before a door swung open.

The door revealed a man sat at an easel with a paintbrush behind his ear and one in his hand. A desk was beside him that held his paints, but also a range of papers. But what really caught my eye was the canvas on the back wall. It had a gold frame around it but the picture was familiar, the bloody woman on the floor, the kid with the knife in her hand with her long blonde hair and blue and green eyes.

“That... that is my favourite piece. It cost a bit but when I saw it I just fell in love. The realism, the horror the...” he looked up from his canvas and smiled. “You look like the kid in this.”

I nodded. “Yes. I am. I mean, I was meant to be.” He looked at me strangely and I realised I must explain. “I painted this.” His eyes widened and I blushed.

“But you are so young and to have mastered the brush, the visions the colours dancing in front of your eyes.”

I was taken aback. “But you are not old.” I looked at him strangely and he laughed.

“I am 22. You are 18 it is still quite a gap.” I nodded. Wait, how did he know that? As if he knew what I was thinking he continued, “I paint the differences between ages from the simplest second to the longest of years. Before you ask, the only reason I know is because people ask me that too much.” Okay, seeing as I was supposed to be the mind reader, this is scary. He laughed and took my hand, kissing it softly. “So, what brings such a beautiful and talented lady to my shop? If it is destiny then I believe I believe I owe the God’s some giant favour.”

I blushed harder and he smiled at my hesitation, suddenly my mousey nature reappeared. “Well, I was just walking and my feet took me here. I must save your work is unique and very nice.” I smiled awkwardly.

“Thank you, why are you so nervous?”

“I...I’m sorry this is... I’m not a people person. I find it hard to socialise.” I stuttered and he got up, revealing his true height, which was quite tall, I came to his shoulders and I had to look up just a little to see him. “You are beautiful, each little piece of you. Your eyes are unique, your hair a beautiful glowing spool of gold.” He took my face his hand, his thumb on my chin, tilting my head side to side. “Your lips the colour of deepest blood, your skin is so soft and so beautifully pale in its iridescence.” I took my face from him, looking to the floor. “I can’t do this, I’m sorry.”

He looked at me with a warm smile. “Can I not describe the beauty that has been placed before me?”

“Please...stop.” I took one look at the painting of the ghostly prodigy that stared back at me and I stepped back. “I have to go.”

He followed my gaze and nodded. His thoughts wondered what the intention of that painting was, why it was so horrific and why I detested it so. He followed me out of the gallery; locking it behind him and I sighed. Why won’t people leave me alone? I remembered the scenario before but I searched his head and came to the conclusion that he would do me no harm I smiled to myself. “Wait, I didn’t mean anything by it. Please allow me to buy you coffee, or dinner.” I shook my head. “No, I have to go. I do.”

He took my arm and twisted me round and I stared defiantly into his eyes. “You are already going. Please, radiant muse. Stay.”

I took a deep breath and used my free hand to slap his arm away. “No. You know nothing of me and you shan’t. Don’t think of me again, don’t try to follow me. Leave.” I used my power weakly to convince him to leave, but he followed still. His mind is too strong; his connection with me is overpowering my ‘gift.’ No he can’t...

“Please, sweet rose. You cannot allow me to sample your perfection and not continue. I cannot let you leave my life so soon.” He pleaded and I sighed, my heart skipped a beat at his words. His beautiful words, his view of me and his lack of lust toward me it was all so wonderful. He looked at me expectantly as I turned to him. “I have...” what do I have? I have a drugged up lover waiting for me to return coiled up on the floor. “I have... nothing.” I finished, I hadn’t even thought of saying the word; it just rolled off my tongue and I knew it was true.

He looked at me in confusion, sympathy and sadness. Do not misunderstand me; I don’t want anything from you. I shook my head and turned again, walking swiftly from him. He followed me of course, constantly shouting my name. You may think how does he know? Well, he bought my painting, remember? It had begun to get to late afternoon and I realised Luca would be on his come down or finished by now. I sighed and looked up at my house in tiredness. I wanted something new; I hoped this would be it. But how I deluded myself, this is not different. This is just a mirror!

I sighed, forgetting that the man was stood behind me. I began to cry. The nothingness I felt inside spilled out into my tears and I cried. I had... nothing.

The End

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