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I smiled as we walked over to the house, 1220 Calhoun Street. It was a wonderful place, a light blue wood panelled house with bright windows and “Oh and it has four bedrooms and two bathrooms.” I smiled.

“Four bedrooms!?”

Yeah, although seeing as we will only be using two of them I was gonna turn them into art rooms."

"Fair enough."


"That's not big, that's huge."

"Hmm... well, go on in." He walked in and I shrugged, looking around with him. "We could change the decor it is a little old."

"Yeah, just a bit."

"Nice place, nice location and rather soft beds too."

He nodded and smiled awkwardly,"yeah."

"Why so awkward?"

"These are the kinda houses I was always told not to stare at 'cause I'd never be allowed anywhere near," he glanced at me with a half smile, "raised in a trailer."

"Well get used to it. You're living in one; this was just from the forest series of paintings. I still have to sell my house."


"Perks of being an artist I guess." I shrugged, collapsing into one of the armchairs.

"Yeah," he sat down too, just beside me.

"So how do you feel about me?"

He seemed a little taken aback by my question."Huh?"

"Wondered if you umm would like to Uhm...” I shook my head and Nigh nudged me to ask him. "Christen the beds?" God that sounded so childish.

He laughed, "why not? Nigh can show me what she knows," he winked

"Yeah, after all, it was you who suggested I practice."

"I do believe it was."

I grinned. "I look forward to it."

"C'mon then. No point beating around the bush, eh?"

"Mmm," I mumbled, I've never been this blunt with it before.

"Heh, want me to carry you up the stairs?"

"I wouldn't want to be a bother." I grinned standing up again.

"I still haven't showed you why floating is fun," he laughed.

"Oh... go on then." I giggled. He concentrated hard as he made me float, "Ahh! It feels so funny...” He chuckled and moves me around and I let out a small scream, I didn’t like it. I liked being in control of my feet.

"Ahh! Put me down." I shook my head, hating the feeling that there was no ground beneath me. I felt so vulnerable up there.

"Suit yourself," he put me down slowly and I smiled at him.

I instantly wrapped my arms around his neck, quivering slightly. "Not fun."

"It is, after you get used to it." He hugged me back for a moment before making himself float, my arms slipping from his neck.

"I think I'll walk." I laughed, running away from him and up the stairs. He ran and used his telekinesis to jump onto the landing before doing a back flip to show his victory.  

"Show off." I mumbled, placing my hands on my hips, pouting slightly.

He stopped floating and laughed."You love it really."

I couldn't help the slight smile that appeared on my lips. "Hmm. I guess." I said with all the seriousness I could muster.

He half smiled, "which bed are we christening, then?"

"Pick one." I shrugged.

"That one," he pointed and bounded into it, pulling me with him

"Okay... strip." I commanded.

"Ooh, bossy," he grinned taking his clothes off.

"You love it really." I laughed.

"We'll see," he said, dumping his jeans on the floor, pulling me closer to him. His lips met mine as his hands slid up under my shirt, pulling it off as he broke the kiss.

I pulled off my trousers, stepping out of them I crouched to my knees, I repeated the action Nigh had done to Ben a few nights before. Even though I hated what was happening then I still committed it to memory. A happy growl rumbled in the back of his throat as I moved and he grinned down at me before pulling away. "No point wearing me out just yet, eh?"

"Mmm, good to know I'm learning though." I smiled, kissing him slightly.

"You are, but I think you need to teach me, now," he said, pulling me onto the bed.

"What you do is entirely up to you." I mumbled, throwing off my bra.

"So far I've made lucky guesses. Teach me what makes you feel good," he murmured, kissing me hotly.

"Just keep doing what you have been. You'll learn soon enough."

"Like this?" he asked, putting his hand between my legs.

I gasped, his touch taking me by surprise. "Yeah."

The strong fingers he had slipped between my legs teased my skin while his other hand had moved around behind me, holding me close to him. I kissed him deeply; my arms were wrapped around him, my hands in the small of his back. He returned the kiss as his fingers slid inside of me.

"This must have been one really lucky guess." I smiled.

"Must be, hope I stay lucky, eh?" he grinned, moving his fingers slowly, tantalisingly.

"Oh yes." I nodded, arching my hips off the bed, moving my body even closer to his. His fingers moved a little faster and he smiled, kissing down my chest as he pushed me down so I collapsed into the pillows. "Oh Luca, still lucky." I gasped as I kissed him, my lips sealed on his as he moved. He just simply smiled and moved a little faster. I tightened my embrace as I trembled beneath him, a smile on my face.

"So that's lucky guess number one. Want number two?"

"Number... two?"

"Well unless you don't want it?" He grinned slyly.

"Oh no... I want it." I smiled, "just curious to find out what it is."

He rolled us over so that I was on top and tugged me down over him, grinning up at me.

I raised an eyebrow but smiled, "really lucky." His hands roamed my body, igniting little trails of heat all over my body as we moved together, his happy growl returning. I grinned, moving quickly against him, my lips locking with his.

The kiss he returned was hot with desire and his brown eyes smiled while his lips were busy. I looked into his sparkling eyes and I couldn't help but wonder if mine were the same. But then I stopped, pulling myself from him.

His eyes widened and he sat up, frowning. "Don't stop," he complained laughing

I shook my head, bringing the act full circle as I moved my lips down his chest to between his legs again. "Mmm," he hummed, pushing his hips forward a little, hungry for more. I looked up at him for a moment before making my movements faster.

"Oh yeah," he groaned. My hands strayed to between my legs as I listened to his moans. I alternated my speed, taunting him with slower movements. Opening his eyes, he looked down at me with a smile and slipped his hand underneath mine, massaging the sensitive nerves that craved a touch - any touch. I became faster, now using my free hands in the act as well; a low moan began to rumble in the back of my throat.

His hips twitched again, the happy growl I had gotten out of him before becoming hungered, his own movements getting quicker, impatient. I trembled again which made me move even quicker. With a grunt, Luca's release took him quickly, but his hand just about stayed where it was, still moving against me.

"Luca..." I shivered, the pleasure still controlling my body. He moved so he could kiss me, his free arm wrapping around me and keeping me close. I kissed him back with as much passion as I had and I moved closer to him, my eyes looking up into his. My body began to tire as I started running on pure ecstasy.

"I think that was a pretty good bed christening," he laughed softly, gazing back at me.

"You're telling me." I breathed softly, smiling. "So, you like my new talents?"

"I like them a lot," he grinned, lying back down on the bed, his eyes dulling sleepily.

I cuddled up close to him, "well if you ever want to discover them again... we have three other beds." I laughed, resting my head on his chest.

"That's a lot of christening to do," he murmured, his arm around me.

"Mmm, but we have a while yet. We only just got here." He nodded and I answered with yawn "If I fall asleep, you won't run off on me will you?"

"No. I'll probably be asleep first anyways."

"Good." I smiled, listening to the gentle thudding of his heart. I looked silently into his chocolate brown eyes.

He smiled back and pulled the covers over us. His eyes began to droop and it didn't take long for him to fall asleep. Once he was asleep, his arm tightened around me a little and the smile on his lips, though slack, stayed put. I watched him for a while until the soft lull of his heart sent me to sleep.

The End

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