Luca: trouble finds me first.Mature

Well the train station in Newberry isn't really anything to look at. A lot like the one we just left, to be honest. So to say I got out of the train and looked around at this new start is a bit of a joke, really. A new start that looks almost identical to the old one.

I just hope I can find a new way to control my temper that doesn't involve dope. That said, I'm not gonna be giving up the drugs thing any time soon. I know it's the cause of a lot of problems, but remembering that craving from before still makes me shudder - it felt like my head was going to implode and I knew it was nothing to do with Gemme.

"Where now?" I ask as we leave the station and look around at the dusty town.

"Forest Ridge Drive. There's a house up for sale down there." I nod and wonder how the hell she expects me to just be able to go there. Not like I know the town, is it?

"Y'know what, since you're choosing the house, there's not much point me going. I'm gonna explore, ‘kay?"

"Okay." She nods, kissing me somewhat awkwardly. I don't kiss back, I just tell her I'll catch up with her later and walk off. There isn't much to see here, really. It's an average town. Kinda dusty. Just sun and dust everywhere and little houses dotted around.

Trouble usually finds me first, which is probably why I stumble across all the kinda places I would hang around if I lived here. Well. You know what I mean. There's a tattoo place that has some hairy biker guys hanging around outside it and one guy walking in like he owns the place, yelling about something or other, and when they caught me looking at them, they asked me if I wanted a fight.

"Not with a bunch of benders, no. I'll find some real men, if I want a punch up, thanks," I laugh and one of them pulls out a shot gun, looking all pissed off. I just grin and keep walking. They don't follow me. Thought so.


Next up, I find what is clearly the bender bar, full of old men wearing leather motor bike outfits and braiding their beards or whatever it is they do in there. If the whole town is like this, I'm going to end up shooting myself before the bikers ever get there. I think I'll keep away from those places for a while. I don't like being raped all that much. It's not fun.

"Luca, I bought us a house stop aggravating people," Gemme's voice says inside my head.

"I wasn't aggravating them on purpose. I happened to be passing and they were shouting and then they caught me looking. Things were bound to be said," I protest. For once, it really wasn't my fault.

"Well, I'll come meet you then. It's quite... big." Big? Should I be worried?

"By the Wal-Mart? I passed that earlier. Didn't seem to be anyone that wanted to shoot me there..." I mutter, looking around. No one getting ready to shoot me here, either, but y'know. I'm hungry. Going to the Wal-Mart makes more sense than meeting her in the middle of a road.

"Good. I don't want you to have to use your powers when we have only just got here."

"No one's gonna think it was me if I accidentally give a fat old guy trying to shoot me a heart attack." I reply coolly, turning around and going back in the direction of the Wal-Mart.

"Oh yeah, I hate that power..." she mutters at the back of my head. Wow, it's not like I meant to do it to you, Gemme.

"But useful when you're being held down by those anti-zodiac creeps," I say brightly as the Wal-Mart comes into view.

"Yeah, I guess," I can almost hear her rolling her eyes.

"Anyways, I'm at the Wal-Mart now. I'll meet you outside, I'm just gonna get some smokes and something to eat." I say, walking in and looking around at what may or may not be edible. It's hard to tell, sometimes.


I don't take long. I grab a BLT and a pack of smokes and head outside. By the time Gemme gets there, I've finished the BLT, the plastic packet blowing around... somewhere - I dunno where, I dropped it - and I've already got through five cigarettes. Christ, how long does it take to find a Wal-Mart?

"Hey," I say, standing up and stepping on my cigarette butt as Gemme comes into view.

"You ready to go?" she asks and I nod, walking over to her, closing the distance between us. The physical one, at least.

"Sure. Explain ‘big' to me on the way." I say, wondering if she went for a house in the rich part of town. Please don't have gone for a poncy manor house imitation. Please.

The End

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