Gemme: A New LifeMature

I place a hand on my neck, I have no idea what just happened, why I didn’t use my powers to stop him? Because I knew it would make him worse. I felt no. I heard what Luca was saying and I knew how to make it easier for him. I just needed to find him, but with his mind so confused I had no idea where to start. I grabbed my jacket and quickly followed him out of my door; I locked it quickly and left.

Outside I looked around, his mind was still fiercely connected to mine and I could hear a faint murmur from his sub-conscious. The faint murmur was all I needed to find out where he was. I ran wildly down the streets, round corners. I ran as fast as I could, even ignoring the burning in my legs. Then I found him walking down the quiet street, “Luca.” I whispered softly, I didn’t want to anger him further.

“What?” He said, not even bothering to turn round and face me.

“Please, turn round and hear me out.” He shook his head, even through my pleading and carried on walking. "Luca. I wanted to say good bye, please just turn round to face me."

"Goodbye?" He asked, then stopped and finally turned to face me.

"Yeah, Goodbye,” I smiled weakly. “That's all, thank you." I turned away from him, still smiling.

“Bye.” He shrugged, turning away from me. He only lingered for a moment before he left.

"Oh! I'll leave your guitar at your apartment."

"If you want."

"Thank you for your music Luca." This was a big step, I didn’t want to let go. But when he didn’t reply I simply left. I rang up the agency as soon as I got back. “Yeah, hello, I’d like to put a house up for sale as soon as possible... Yes that’s right... Of course... 19 Rosedale Crescent...thank you... yes I would like a ‘for sale’ sign as soon as possible too... right now, of course!” I grinned then hung up the phone. Next I rang the last artist to buy my work and sold the tree paintings.

The last thing I did was I packed up all my artist equipment into a bag. Then I put some food and clothes in a bag and placed it on my shoulder. I picked up my equipment and shoved my wallet in my bag. The next thing I did was re-wrap the paintings and tied them to my backpack securely. I then picked up Luca’s guitars and headed out. I didn’t care about locking the door; I just left the key laying around and sighed.

“Good bye.” I muttered as I closed the gate. I just hope this new life worked out better than my last two.

The End

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