Gemme: JamesMature

When I woke up my head was killing me, as soon as I sat up it weighed a ton. Bastard, why did he have to do that to me? Oh well... I shook it off and went to get a bowl of cereal and a glass of water. I collapsed onto the sofa again and flicked the TV on; the news instantly came on and it was all about a local drugs apartment that had been found. Great, well. The news could have been better but hey it’s better than Katie Price’s new boyfriend or whatever.

I sighed, I need something to do. “Hey, do you think we could have the same body at the same time?”  Nigh asked, right I forgot about you. Sorry. No, I don’t think we could I mean we are too different but saying that we are the same conscious and mind. So I suppose we already are; you’re like a voice in my head. “How do you know you’re not the voice?” Because I was here first, plus I’m the one controlling this body, I suppose you could just tell me what to do; advise me. “Sure, now I advise you to answer your door.” What? Knock, knock. Okay that is kinda scary, well not really.

I got up to answer the door; I was still fully dressed so there was no need to worry about that. I opened the door to see a man, a really tall man but quite skinny too. He had ruffled choppy jet black hair and was wearing contacts. “Hey, I saw you at the tattoo place yesterday and the guy said you designed your own tattoos.” I nodded; his eyes were weirder than mine. He had one deep crimson and one white-blue. “I was wondering if you could draw one for me.” I nodded again. “Wait, how did you get my home address?” He smiled revealing rather long canines. He was a Goth, or possibly an Emo. He had black skinnies on and a black vest top that had “green day, American idiot” scrawled across it.

“Dave gave it to me.” I rolled my eyes, he was nothing to worry about his intentions were genuine. “Okay, come in. Tell me what you want.” He smiled, he had a cute smile. I offered him a seat and picked up my bowl and glass, putting them in the kitchen. “Okay, what’s your name?” I asked; best to know the basics.


“Nice to meet you, I’m Gemme.”

“You’re an amazing artist.” He smiled. “Who’s that?” He wondered pointing to the paintings in the back.

“Luca, he’s my... friend.” I nodded, grabbing my A4 note book. “So, you want an arm piece?” I asked, oh. I just used my powers, bugger.

“Uh, yeah, how’d you know?”

“Dave.” I smiled. Damn it, I have to be more in control but it was hard when Nigh was in my head saying how hot he was and how she wanted to ‘hit that.’ Nigh if you don’t shut up I am going to collar you. Anyway, James allowed me to draw out his design it wasn’t too hard. He wanted a female pin-up vampire. It wasn’t an original idea but I tried my best. He grinned as he saw my design and hugged me. He hugged me. I had known him all of two hours and he hugged me. I froze.

He pulled away and smiled awkwardly. “Thank you, how much do I owe you?” I was taken aback. “Owe me? You owe me nothing. All I did was draw.”

He smiled, well. He was still smiling. “Luca is just a friend did you say?”

I nodded, where was he going with this? I had an idea but I hoped I was wrong. Just go please. “Yeah he is.” I smiled as best I could then I walked to the front door. I ushered him out but he stopped.

“Thanks again; would you mind having coffee with me sometime?” I shook my head.

“No, I’ll see you next week on Tuesday? Then you can show me your tattoo.” He nodded, his brow furrowed slightly. “Oh well, thanks again. See you!” I nodded, “See you.” I waved before closing the door. Then I realised he never actually told me when he was going to have his tattoo done. I was starting to get careless. I needed to take control. “Now I advise you to never do that again,” Nigh said. Shut up Nigh.

The End

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